Saturday, January 22, 2011

BAJA and Baja Safari Announce Class 11 2011 Baja Racing Series Plans

Los Angeles, Southern California USA-

To celebrate the 102nd Year of Desert Off-Road Racing in the West, BAJA TruckZ and Baja Safari held a press conference at the Los Angeles Athletic Center today to announce big racing plans.

The team builder
BAJA and race sponsor Baja Safari announced earlier today, their plans to desert off-road race the entire Baja Racing Series year of 2011.

The classic Volkswagen Class 11 Race Car is built by BAJA

The team sponsor, Baja Safari, also sponsored the 2006 40th Anniversary BAJA 1000 Class 11 Baja Desert Off-Road Racing Series, with one race car driving the United States desert off-road racing events and another dedicated to the Baja Mexico events.

Baja Safari has also sponsored various extreme sporting events and lifestyle oriented activities throughout California and the West.

Among the many Baja Safari supported groups have been the 'Dust To Glory' Los Angeles, San Diego and Cabo Mexico film releases, 'Wind 'N' Sea' Surf Club Events in the San Diego area and the original ESPN 'X Games', that launched in the San Diego area over ten years ago.

In Baja Mexico, Baja Safari has supported the charter Cabo Pulmo National Reef Park with the late Baja Legend, Sr. Bob Van Wormer, the CABO Convention Center and Historic Association, "Friends of Old Cabo".

The annual 'Red Race', the CABO 500 Desert Off-Road Race, called the "The Greatest Escape in Racing" and the planned 2001 "Xtreme Adventure" have all been promoted by Baja Safari, in close association with its friends south of the border.

Here's a photo of the Baja Safari Class 11 for the 2006 desert racing season, swinging through the "Red Zone" of Tijuana, on a promotional junket.

Pictured here, Baja Safari Racing Rosarito 200 in the 2007 Racing Season