Sunday, June 05, 2011 Calls On Bob Steinberger To Step Down voluntarily calls on Bob Steinberger To Retire

The events of yesterdays BAJA 500 medical rescue failures causes Editorial staff to call on Bob Steinberger to step down voluntarily, after the fiasco yesterday at the 43rd Baja 500, desert off-road race.

A racer was left without medical rescue and personal favoritism impacted the medical rescue protocols of the series of lamentable driving incidents, involving race participants and the general public.

Gary Newsome, Editor of the Ensenada office of the publication announced the call shortly after the awards ceremony, here in Baja Mexico.

Bob Steinberger serves as a radio dispatcher for the race events held in Mexico for SCORE International. He has been photographed asleep in several bars at race events. During the 2006 Baja 1000, when calls for medical assistance went unanswered, it was found that Bob was sleeping during the race.

Oscar Ramos, legal representative to SCORE in Mexico, said to a reporter this morning, "we have accidents all the time, people die all the time, I don't see why this situation is any different".

"We call on Bob Steinberger to step down immediately", said editor Newsome this morning. will continue to follow this story.