Saturday, October 01, 2011

Bob Bowers is a Pompous Ass and the Off Road Hall Of Fame is a Joke, Ron Bishop and Rob MacCachren and rest of the ORMHOF inductees deserve better.

Baja Racing Videos of the recent induction ceremonies into Off-Roads Joke of a Hall of Fame. Bob Bowers is the pompous ass with the stupid beard and garden gnome shoved up his keester. Ron Bishop and Rob MacCachren and the rest of the inductees and many more in off-road deserve better. Enjoy

A bunch of 'invited only' 'exclusives', people in monkey suits, gathered to giggle at the inductees gaining entry into a hall with so few 'inductees', no one even knows about the tiny, insignificant piss-hole, off-road has for its greats.

Nevertheless, the longer the Off-Road Nation puts up with this joke of a hall, the longer "off-Road" will continue to be ignored by major sports around the globe.

Gary Newsome

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