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Baja Racing Adventures & BajaLite, Pistol Pete Sohren Wins The War of The Off-Road Racing Program as TrophyLite chokes on Pete's Schlong of Truth

Pete Sohren's BajaLite & Baja Racing Adventures program WINNING

December 17, 2012 UPDATE!

Pete Slams TrophyLite:

"SIX TROPHYLITES for sale!...everyone BAILING before they are totally worthless to re-sell......donkeylite going DOWN THE DRAIN!!!"
January 2012:
After the failed TrophyLite owners bailed on their original covered up sham this week, Pete Sohren commented on the situation: “damage control......funny , latest press release states the new owners "bought" it.......always smoke and mirrors from these clowns...”. Mentioning the failed Scaroni-Foutz now, Rick L. Johnson operation.

Then one of Pete’s failed loser detractors said: “Look forward to running a TL in the Baja 500 against your truck in 7200. YEa i know last year we DNF'd. (Did Not Finish the race) thanks. BajaLite damage control would be someone hitting you in your fucking mouth.” He continued, “you constantly stir shit up, talk shit and insult your competition like you do. Not even just TL but Mason, Predators, etc. It shows because you only have one truck out there running for all this 40k in contingency money. So if your jaw was wired shut you might sell trucks.”

Pete slammed the discussion shut, describing how his program is WINNING: “its only jan. 23rd and the bajalite has already won 3 races, laughlin 1, laughlin 2 and last weekends MORE 200... my (business/racing) model was to EXTENSIVELY test the truck and parts before selling to the public and letting them be the test mules.....the bajalite prototype has won 14 or 15 races in less then 2 years WITH RENTAL CUSTOMERS driving it.....yes the bajalite wins the baja 1000 while ALL 4 trophylites DNF, do you see the difference? 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 will be done soon, dont worry... sold bajalite number 4 today...”

Todd from El Cajon, is still trying to understand desert off-road racing has any

“a : participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs
b : having a particular profession as a permanent career

c : engaged in by persons receiving financial return

I think the use of the word Professional in off-road racing is just an ego thing. Who do you know that makes their living (takes a salary and pay's their bills) racing off-road? I'm not talking about owning or working in a fab shop or parts store. I would have to guess Robby Gordon would be the closest as he had sponsors paying him to race. But even now the majority of his payment comes from himself as he is Speed Energy. Bottom line is 99% of the people in the sport have other means of income. We use our disposable income to pay for our racing. This would make us all Sportsman. Thus the Pro classes should be called Sportsman classes.”

Retarded logic rules many in this recreation across the west, where racers drink and do drugs and the racing events owners allow no testing or licensing of the contestants, whatsoever. Call Pete now and you can race this weekend in Baja Mexico!

You can find Pete Sohren and his BajaLite & Baja Racing Adventures here:

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