Friday, June 29, 2012

Desert Racing Community Embraces, Accepts and Promotes Racer Brett Sloppy Who Killed 8 People with No Regrets! After the event, bitch goes into hiding!

Desert Racing in the southwest United States, Loves Brett Sloppy!

Brett Sloppy and the desert racers drove their hillbilly racing trucks at the "Tuff-Trucks" competition at the fair. This isn't the first time the 'Crushed People' Brett Sloppy has piloted a truck in competition since he killed 8 people. In April this year, HDRA High Desert Racing allowed This Sloppy racer to enter and drive in the Imperial Valley race. 

What race will 'Crushed People' race in?! Desert Racing obviously Loves
Brett Sloppy in their races! Who's Gonna Die?

Gary Newsome, Editor
Dan Novak, 'Fast-aid board member', pictured above partying with Brett Sloppy said about the 8 dead, "Too Bad, So Sad, Who Cares? Let's Party!"
The results from the first day at the Del Mar Fair HillBilly truck jumps
"APRIL 16TH, 2012
The race report from the Imperial 250: Nick Tonelli teamed up with Dan and Thomas Chamlee, along with Brett Sloppy at the Imperial County 250! A new race with a new organization, H.D.R.A. High Desert Racing Association. Roger Norman, a well known off road racer and hero in the sport, started this organization from scratch. This was a great event and a really fun race for the team. We also teamed up with Hero Off-Road to get a military Veteran in the Co-Drivers seat. Jason Tarango was the Vet and had a great time in his first expierience racing off-road. Nick Tonelli, the Chamlee’s and Brett Sloppy each drove a lap, which turned out to be a winning combination! Starting dead last in a feild of over 30 trucks, had some issues with a broken brake line." 


Beloved Brett Sloppy Desert Races Podium Finish HDRA Imperial 250


Anonymous said...

You make me fucking sick.. whoever wrote this. Obviously you don't understand anything about what happened in that race or know Brett or you would not be writing uninformed, damaging, and useless articles and using words like "No regrets." You are clueless as fuck. Get a fucking life and end your pointless quest to make a bad situation even worse- way to FEED off the drama of a devastating accident... fucking pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess the other person posting does not understand about freedom of speech and press. However, I do agree with the fact that this is pretty one sided. I mean there is definitely a "slant" to this article - no doubt - it is slanted towards -- umm the truth. I mean - If I was driving a car and killed 8 people I would be arrested and convicted of gross vehicular manslaughter. Now, I digress, I mean that would be me driving down the road with others that are encased in 3500 pound missiles.. I mean How dare these people be attending a fair and having FUN for gods sake. Who the heck are these people to actually come to a fair and have fun - I mean some even brought their family and kids. Bah I guess they deserved to get hit right -- You jack ass. There should have been serious sanctions and penalties placed on all involved. The folks that allowed those people that close to the track with out proper safety structures in place AND the driver that decided it would be a good idea to travel as fast as he could towards and through a crowd of people. He is a "professional" right???? And as so he is held to a higher standard than someone just "messing around". Hmmm so much for holding ourselves to a higher standard. My heart and sympathies still go out to the families and friends of those involved in this negligent homicide perpetrated by a negligent "professional" driver.