Saturday, August 25, 2012

CABO 1000 Announces New Competition Classes

For the first-time in Desert Off-Road Racing history, modern sport utility vehicles have a place to play!

The CABO 1000 is now inviting modern, factory production cars and trucks into desert off-road racing, twice every year. The event runs from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas, with a publicity parade from San Diego to the International border with Mexico. This years second event, the CABO 1000 'Blue'  runs from November 1-8, 2012.

The International Desert Racing Syndicate announced yesterday in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, Sport Utility Vehicles are now open to compete in the CABO 1000, starting this October 2012. Here are the open class categories:


Compact SUV

A Compact SUV is a class of smaller SUVs that are commonly built with less cargo and passenger space, achieve higher gas mileage and have lower MSRPs. They are also smaller and more maneuverable than their larger counterparts. These common models are currently sold in North America:
Acura RDX * Chevy Equinox * Ford Edge * Ford Escape * GMC Terrain * Honda CR-V * Toyota Rav4 * Saturn Vue * Hyundai Tucson * Hyundai Santa Fe * Kia Sportage * Lincoln MKX * VW Tiguan * Mitsubishi Outlander Sport * Jeep Compass * Range Rover Evoque * Audi Q5 * Volvo XC60 * Subaru Tribeca * SsangYong Korando * Mazda CX-5 * Mercedes-Benz GLK * Peugeot 3008

Midsize SUV

A Midsize SUV is a class of medium size SUVs that are usually smaller than full size SUVs but larger than compact SUVs. They have more cargo and passenger space but commonly achieve lower gas mileage and cost more to produce. They do however provide more power and durability than their smaller counterparts. Midsize SUVs are often considered a compromise between Compact SUVs and Full Size SUVs. These common models are currently sold in North America:
Acura MDX * BMW X5 * Buick Enclave * VW Touareg * Cadillac SRX Crossover * Chevrolet Tahoe * Chevrolet Traverse * GMC Yukon * GMC Acadia * Volvo XC90 * Landrover LR2 * Landrover LR4 * Range Rover Sport * Nissan Pathfinder * Nissan Xterra * Hyundai Veracruz * Subaru Forester * Mitsubishi Outlander * Mitsubishi Endeavor * Kia Sorento * Mazda CX-7 * Mazda CX-9 * Mazda Tribute * Ford Flex * Lincoln MKT * Dodge Durango * Ford Explorer * Infiniti JX * Toyota 4Runner

Full Size SUV

A Full Size SUV is a class of large size SUVs that are most often larger than Midsize SUVs and much larger than Compact SUVs. They feature expanded cargo and passenger space however usually achieve lower mileage and cost more to manufacture. Full Size SUVs are usually given higher safety ratings their small counterparts. They are also more durable and feature more power than both compact SUVs and Mid Size SUVs. These common models are currently sold in North America:
Nissan Armada * Toyota Sequoia * Audi Q7 * Ford Expedition * Ford Expedition EL * Lincoln Navigator * Lincoln Navigator L * Mercedes-Benz GL * Toyota Landcruiser * Lexus LX * Chevrolet Suburban * GMC Yukon XL * Cadillac Escalade * Cadillac Escalade ESV * Infiniti QX56

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