Tuesday, December 04, 2012

"BAJA Takeover" has a MONSTER CRASH

Originally published November 18, 2012 


The Desert Racing Community, "Baja Takeover" crashed over the [BAJA 1000 race] weekend, embarrassing sponsor BFGoodrich Tires and every desert racing fan in North America.

Millions if not Billions of dollars are spent in truck tires across the continent and the puny attempt by the nations largest domestic "supplement" drink, Monster meaning, too much caffeine even for an elephant and one of Frances largest corporations, Michelin, couldn't save the 'Baja Takeover'.

Red Bull sponsored athlete "Tavo" Vildosola of San Diego, California and his racing family Vildosola Racing, WON this weekends BAJA 1000.

Monster Energy had attempted to wage a war against RED BULL, but failed. The "Takeover" collapsed when their website crashed during the event, on numerous occasions and failed to reboot. Vildosola Racing crushed the Monster athlete BJ Baldwin to win the BAJA 1000 Desert Off-Road Race, after BJ Baldwin remained the only driver in his Las Vegas based Trophy Truck for the entire 1100 mile event. 

BFGoodrich public relations were stunned when they heard the news of the crashed "Baja Takeover" website. "We spent way too much money for this kind of failure", one BFGoodrich Tires rep said to Baja Racing News LIVE! late Friday, in La Paz, for the finish line promotions.

A case for MONSTERs BJ Baldwin could have been made, if he would have crossed the finish line first. Because of widespread Official race tracking failures and race radio relay network collapses, charges against the sanctioning body were made even before the first racer made it to San Felipe. 

UPDATE: December 6, 2012

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There was so much short-coursing in this years BAJA 1000, IRC is refusing to release any data to the public about the ACTUAL race tracks of the tracked racers, in this years event.  

UPDATE: December 5, 2012


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