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UPDATED! BULLETIN! BJ Baldwin Protests Alleged BAJA 1000 Desert Off-Road Race Cheating by Announced Overall Winner Vildosola Racing of San Diego


UPDATED!: December 12, 2012


Vildosola Racing Announces: 

""SCORE A few days ago decided to punish us with 90 minutes and put off the absolute first 2012 edition Baja 1000. We want to serve this statement as a clear and strong message that WE DO NOT AGREE with the sanction and with the way the situation was handled by SCORE, Sal Fish and Paul Fish. We believe that the penalty is unfair and not only that, but it transcends sports scheme affects our reputation and our name, which we have been proudly caring for generations. Needless to say, we are deeply disappointed by this situation. No run for trophies, cash, prizes, not our job. You run for prestige, run by the family, for our fans and for Mexico. For family run Vildosola Racing Baja California is proud. It is run at home. We thank all those who have supported us over the years and especially to those who continue to support us. Proudly say that if we have become a good team is because of you. We've been a tireless promoter of SCORE and off road racing in Mexico, especially in our state, Baja California and our sister state, Baja California Sur. SCORE is no longer for us that serious and impartial organization. We demand that failure to pursue its official SCORE, invalidating the protest because it was filed out of time according to their own rules. GP1 (B): In long course events protests must be filed in writing and delivered to the race director ... not later than the final posting of the unofficial results, Which is one (1) hour before the hearing of protests. "In long careers protests must be submitted in writing to the director of the race before it is publicized to unofficial results, which is one (1) hour before hearing protests".""

December 3, 2012

SCORE Sez It's Over! Maybe...

"SCORE Announces Ruling In Vildosola Against Baldwin Potest...SCORE has accepted a protest from #21 Gustavo Vildosola, Jr. against #97 BJ Baldwin for failure to stop at Checkpoint 7. A video does in fact indicate that #97 failed to stop at the checkpoint. This video also indicates that #21 failed to stop at the checkpoint. A different video taken at the checkpoint indicates that a Motorcycle and a third Trophy Truck also failed to stop, and four other Trophy Trucks made hard sliding sudden stops. The first twelve motorcycles and the first two Trophy Trucks came through the checkpoint in darkness between the hours of 12:00AM and 6:00AM. All of the eight 2012 SCORE Baja 1000 Stop Checkpoints were instructed to place the following large rectangular signage on the race course: CHECKPOINT 1/4 MILE - CHECKPOINT 200 YARDS - CHECKPOINT STOP. If the checkpoint crews did not have all of the required signage prior to their departure for the race, SCORE would make arrangements to provide the signs. To supplement this signage, the checkpoints were also instructed to hold a long or short reach stop sign and wave flags, preferably on opposite sides of the designated stopping point. SCORE has determined that due to a serious miscommunication between SCORE and the checkpoint captain, the checkpoint did not have any of the large rectangular signs or a handheld stop sign. The checkpoint captain believed that the signs would be delivered to the checkpoint location, while SCORE was under the impression that the checkpoint captain was in possession of the signs and would have his crew transport them to the checkpoint location. The checkpoint captain was traveling to Baja Sur via commercial airline and was therefore not in a position to transport the signs himself. The checkpoint crew did have two smaller square stop signs, yellow flags and flashlight wands. The flashlight wands were used during darkness and the yellow flags were used after sunrise. The small stop signs were placed on light stands at the designated stopping point. All of the checkpoint workers and their vehicles were located on the driver's left side near one of the light stands. The other light stand was placed across the course approximately 30 feet away from the checkpoint workers and surrounded by a group of spectators. The #97 and #21 were the only Trophy Trucks to come through the checkpoint during darkness, and as mentioned above, both of these vehicles failed to stop at the checkpoint. Even in daylight, a third Trophy Truck which failed to stop seemed to be under the impression that the checkpoint workers were pit flaggers waving him into his pit, so he failed to stop at the checkpoint, but immediately and smoothly turned left into his pit and stopped. This situation was further complicated by the fact that the designated stopping location of the checkpoint was approximately 700 feet before the location indicated on the course gps file. It is also important to note that the checkpoint captain did not file a protest against any of the race vehicles that failed to stop, and did not mention the checkpoint stopping situation to SCORE officials even though he had the opportunity to do so at race headquarters in La Paz.  

SCORE concludes that the checkpoint was not properly identified or made visible enough for #97 to be held accountable in darkness to the checkpoint stop rule, so the protest is hereby denied and dismissed. SCORE further deems that the time to file a competitor against competitor protest for issues arising from the 45th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 has expired, so no further protests will be accepted, reviewed or acknowledged." 

Jeff Cummings/BFGoodrich Tires:

On the SCORE manned checkpoint in question: "maybe their ability to operate a radio was similar to their ability to read & operate a GPS".

Interesting take from the Biggest sponsor of the event! Lets see how Jeff 'feeels' about the details of the JACKED BAJA 1000 2012 Medical Emergency details now OUTED! CLICK HERE JEFF!

As a result of your sponsored "Rules" or lack thereof, One of your events people is in a coma!

Robby Gordon jumps into the fray:

"BJ Baldwin will be DisQualified for not stopping at the checkpoint in the BAJA 1000, shown on the Vildosola video...Sal has no choice, rules are rules and they must live and die with the rules"

 Andy McMillin jumps in with both feet:

"Misclaimer: I am not writing this in support of BJ or Tavo. This is my view of the checkpoint issues at this race. As my cousin Daniel stated earlier, MOST Checkpoints at this race were in the WRONG spots. MOST were very difficult to see and didn't have proper signage warning you a checkpoint was coming up. I blew through Checkpoint 1 because it was on a fast straight away, I was in dust and the Checkpoint wasn't where the USUALLY place it. I tried to slow down, but when the Checkpoint worker realized I couldn't stop he waved me through. I slowed down to maybe 30mph. I mean really, Checkpoint on a 115mph straightaway? That doesn't seem like a smart decision to me. This is getting ugly. It's sad that this sport is going in the direction that it's currently going. Like stated before, the 2012 Baja 1000 is tarnished. Same as the 2009 Baja 500 when everyone was penalized and Rick D. Johnson won the TT class. It's a shame that this has turned into Tavo vs. BJ. And even worse than that, a USA vs Mexico finger pointing argument. This is getting SO ridiculous. The racial remarks need to stop, the bickering back and forth needs to stop. Everybody act like grown men, show that you are mature and have integrity, and let the Sanctioning Body (SCORE) do what they need to do. 

Let Tavo protest BJ, because BJ protested Tavo. It's only fair. Now it is up to SCORE to decide what they want to do, not us on the internet. If it's against the rules to not stop at a checkpoint no matter what, then give BJ a penalty. You guys are right that its only fair to enforce ALL rules that apply to our type of racing. I should get a penalty as well for not stopping at Checkpoint 1, but how will SCORE know that if nobody got it on video and the Checkpoint workers just waved me by and didn't report the incident to SCORE? We could go on forever, at some point we all need to put the past behind us and move on."

December 2, 2012 Asserts>>>


"Widespread rulebreaking in the Baja races now known by video verification."
 Gary Newsome, Editor

NOW! BFGoodrich Tires VS TOYO Tires goes public:

At 11:18 today, Jeff Cummings of BFGoodrich Tires representation, made an issue with the Vildosola mentioned video (just below) he made the video public and commented:

""it could happen if this stuff keeps cropping up, I can't remember exactly how the it's written but I believe it's "let those without sin be the 1st to cast a stone" might be something to think about""

Vildosola Racing Official Response To SCORE decision:
This Ain't Over!!

More Vid from the 'Cancun' checkpoint:

Vildosola Statement from Vildosola FB page:

"Hi everyone, I just got this video from a fan where we can clearly see BJ Baldwin DOES NOT STOP at checkpoint 6 of the Baja 1000. This is an infraction to SCORE'S rule GL11 that states all vehicles are required to come to a complete stop at the stop sign at physical checkpoints. Penalization is disqualification... should we protest???"

Baldwin Statement from their FB page:

"I am open to any questions SCORE or the Vildosolas have about this. I have nothing to hide and I welcome your protest as well as your controversy. Best of luck with this. Even if its purpose is to further tarnish the Baja 1000 and my effort in winning the race. No hard feelings."

November 30, 2012


"SCORE has completely reviewed all available evidence relevant to the Trophy Truck class protest submitted by #97 BJ Baldwin against #21 Gustavo Vildosola, Jr. 

The protest alleges that the #21 race vehicle performed a pit service on the highway in violation of SCORE rules within Speed Zone 4 on Highway 5 south of Puertecitos. 

A video indicates that a black pickup truck with two male occupants moved directly in front of the #21 race vehicle on the highway and one of the occupants crawled out the sliding rear window and into the open bed. This person reached out and made physical contact with the #21 race vehicle in order to manipulate the front lightbar by using both hands with the intention of adjusting it upward into the correct position. This person then attempted to adjust the lightbar upward with a metal leverage tool. 

The #21 Vildosola race team responded to these allegations by stating that the black truck and its occupants were not associated with Vildosola Racing, but could have been fans trying to help out. 

SCORE is unable to conclusively determine whether the black truck occupants were in fact associated with the pit support team of Vildosola Racing, but this issue is not relevant to a resolution of the protest. 

The issue to be resolved is whether the #21 race vehicle received a pit service from the black truck occupants by allowing and accepting their actions. Receiving assistance from spectators, fans, locals, and other pit teams has always been a part of SCORE Baja racing, but such assistance must be performed within the rules. 

SCORE believes the video provides sufficient evidence to conclude that the #21 race vehicle allowed, accepted and received a pit service on the highway. The SCORE rulebook defines a pit service as any service performed on the race vehicle. Therefore, attempting to adjust a lightbar is a pit service. The fact that the pit service in question may have been unsuccessful, and therefore accomplished nothing, is irrelevant. 

Since the 2009 SCORE Baja 500, three competitors have been penalized 90 minutes each for pitting on the highway, so in accordance with this past precedent the #21 race team will be penalized 90 minutes. 

The 2012 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Trophy Truck results will be adjusted and finalized as follows: 

1 - BJ Baldwin - 20:00:59 
2 - Mark Weyrich - 20:14:48 
3 - Ryan Arciero - 20:37:46 
4 - Dan McMillin - 20:38:25 
5 - Steve Strobel - 20:39:05 
6 - Andy McMillin - 20:43:41 
7 - Bryce Menzies - 21:08:03 
8 - Gustavo Vildosola, Jr. - 21:15:00 
9 - Nick Vanderway - 21:43:38 
10 - Sergio Salgado - 21:52:29 
11 - Pete Sohren - 22:37:20 
12 - Juan C.Lopez - 22:56:36 
13 - Tim Herbst - 23:32:23 
14 - Cameron Steele - 23:52:42 
15 - Jose Flores - 24:07:18 
16 - Rob MacCachren - 24:31:49 
17 - Jimmy Nuckles - 24:44:28 
18 - Armin Schwarz - 31:06:16 
19 - Mike Voudouris - 36:32:47 
20 - Jay Reichert - 38:16:24 
21 - Chris Kemp - 39:48:38 
22 - Glenn Greer - 43:21:28""

November 29, 2012 fan 'Steve' said this today: 

"What goes around comes around". I think BJ is a great guy and hard working racer and ambassador for our sport. Nothing would have topped an Iron Man overall win in the B1000 Peninsula run. But remember the race promoter politics when Steve Strobel should have won the BITD TT championship? Stobel was given a "weak" penalty by BITD after a dog fight of a race with BJ for the TT championship by going wide on a corner at the finish line at the last race of the BITD season? Who was one of the title sponsors of BITD at that time? Maybe a tire company BJ was sponsored by? Politics has helped BJ in the past also? Not sure what can be done to fix that aspect of business interests promoters need money to put on races. Vildosola will keep the win in my opinion."

[Editors Note: George Antill reported to OFF-Road LIVE from last years season ending Henderson race for BITD, mentioned in Steve's comments above, "the race official for BITD that reported Strobels race infraction that cost him the title, is a drunk a**hole who nobody likes", but Casey allowed the incident report to stand because General Tire ended up winning the season championship with the BJ Baldwin BITD "Gift" Henderson win.]    

Video of Vildosola Trophy Truck screaming through a fans campsite, on the way to the finish line at La Paz

What happens if the sanctioning body takes no public stand? what does their non-action teach?

November 27, 2012

No Decisions From Sanctioning Body

No surprise. The desert racers who have seen the videos and heard the explanation from Vildosola Racing, have levied the verdict.

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Reporter Jimmy 'the Beave' reported on the show:

"Tavo's story about the race fan fixing his truck on the road, moving, is crazy bad, stupid excuse, he's obviously not telling the truth".  He went on..."the race trackers (of IRC) are garbage and everybody knows it", "Vildosola got caught".

One moto racer vents on his Facebook page: 
"I am OVER SCORE... Over Baja... Speaking from experience, SCORE has repeatedly ignored major incidents, accidents, shootings, robberies, rule infractions... On and on. Vildosola did kick ass, great race team; I am actually happy to see a Mexican National team do so well, I think it's great for the sport and the great country of Mexico. That being said, SCORE, is to blame for creating an environment that allows for teams to get away with blatant cheating, endangering themselves, others and the well being of our sport. The difference between Tavo and BJ.. Tavo got caught. Not saying BJ cheats but in Mexico the door is wide open to "cut corners" and teams from the US and Mexico take advantage.. Not all get caught on tape. This isn't about an American team vs a Mexican team. Keep it in perspective peeps. This is my politically correct statement. Truth be told I hate getting caught cheating but when I do, I own it.. Otherwise I pin it and ride on.. Seriously though.. Shatterd my femur in 07' B1k. My team went to retrieve my 20k race bike, and had to have a "Mexican standoff" to get it back from a local that stole it near Santa Rita. The person who stole my bike said "f the gringo,this is my bike.. " so I choose to not go to Mexico...Sal and his crew are thinking profit first, politics second, and people and life.. LAST Mexico Race"

"I was in Mexico for the race and got ripped off for $700, ripped off at two ATM's by Ensenada locals", said George Antill, the "voice of off-road", "They are cheaters". Opines Antill on the Vildosola Cheating craze. Now its up to SCORE.

But, before we go there, the last time Baja racing was in such a turmoil, Roger Norman had almost killed a fellow racer, he slammed into a motorcycle rider in another, Baja 1000 desert off-road race event, put on by notorious, SCORE.

Remember what happened then? Click here to help out your memory.

November 24, 2012

Another allegation surfaced while SCORE confirms the Baldwin protest.

NEW ALLEGATION: "while the TT pack where (was) taking the highway section between Valle Trinidad and San Matias TT 21 was caught speeding on a dirt road and not on the highway as the others (were traveling)"

"SCORE STATEMENT On BJ Baldwin Protest
Against Gustavo Vildosola, Jr.

On the morning of Wednesday, November 21, SCORE received a formal written protest from #97 BJ Baldwin against #21 Gustavo Vildosola, Jr. The protest contained a video and stated that the Vildosola team violated SCORE rules by pitting on the paved highway surface while the race vehicle was in motion within Speed Zone 4. This was the first time that SCORE had been made aware of any accusations against the #21 Vildosola team. A complete tracking review of the #21 race vehicle at the La Paz Finish Line yielded no course or speeding penalties. However, this type of pitting violation accusation cannot be identified or resolved using IRC tracking data. SCORE has accepted the #97 protest and is currently conducting a full investigation using all available video, audio and still photo evidence. SCORE will announce a decision as soon as all available evidence has been completely reviewed."


BULLETIN: November 23, 2012

Baldwin Racing announces it has officially protested the Vildosola Racing win of the recent BAJA 1000. BJ Baldwin Calls for "Equal enforcement of the rules". 

Withering calls for changes in SCORE International rule enforcement now includes Baldwin Racing of Las Vegas, Nevada. "We have all been patiently awaiting for a response but still no word from SCORE. I've called other Trophy Truck drivers and we are all of the same opinion. Equal enforcement of the rules", said BJ Baldwin on Thursday, November 22, one week from the start of the now, heavily contested racing event.

* Calls on International Racing Consultants, the race data regulator for SCORE-International, to release the 'race data replay' of Vildosola Racing Trophy Truck course movement, in the 2012 BAJA 1000.

* Calls on SCORE-International, the race sanctioning body of the BAJA 1000, to release its contract with BFGoodrich Tires.

* Calls on BFGoodrich Tires, the tire sponsor of the race winning team, to release its contract with Vildosola Racing of San Diego.  

 The Vildosola Racing response to the "Cheating charges" and video tape of the alleged incident:

 Other charges against Vildosola include 'race tracker allegations' and the Trophy Truck in question, threatening the public in its screaming run to the finish line at La Paz. See video below:
Gary Newsome, Editor

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