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Perry McNeil KING OF BAJA 2012 Announced!

Perry McNeil KING OF BAJA 2012!

The ULTIMATE Desert Off-Road Racing Sportsman in BAJA, wins the ultimate respect!
(Announced December 3, 2012)

Perry McNeil was raised in a small colony in Chihuahua, Mexico. Off-Roading and the desire for competition began to take root in Perry as early as eight years old, where he could be found racing all over the desolate countryside.

As Perry grew older, the need for competition became more intense, in 1975 he got serious and entered the world of professional off-road racing. Today, Perry resides in Lemon Grove California, where his racing efforts are warmly supported by his wife and five children.

Perry's race crew is made up of a group of highly dedicated individuals. Each member is extremely talented in his own field and they are all committed to pursuing the highest levels of achievement as well as totally devoted to winning.

Perry McNeil operates Perry's Fab & Fiber, serving the needs of the world-wide racing community among others.

After we name Perry as the "KING", San Diegos Bill Center writes this piece: (December 12)

""The flagship of modern off-road racing is the Trophy Truck – the high-tech, 800-horsepower pickup prototypes that fly across the toughest terrain. But Trophy Trucks are not the foundation of desert racing. Long before there were one-of-a-kind pickups, enthusiasts were converting old VW Beetles into sand buggies in garages across Southern California. The air-cooled engine in the rear of the Beetle was the perfect starting point to hand craft a desert machine. The Baja Bug was there for the birth of off-road racing. Much has changed in four decades of off-road racing. But the Baja Bug lives on. Just ask San Diego’s Kevin Carr, who recently won SCORE’s Open Baja Bug title for the fifth straight season – hitting almost every rut of the season. “Racing a Baja Bug is like being a pebble inside a Coke can,” Carr joked earlier this week. “It hurts.” While the Trophy Trucks and open-class buggies fly over many obstacles, the short-wheelbase, 125-horsepower Baja Bugs bounce from rut to rut. The air conditioning found in the $100,000 Trophy Trucks is absent in the dust-filled cockpit of the Baja Bug. And the pounding absorbed by any off-road racer lasts twice as long for a Baja Bug driver. “That’s part of the attraction,” said Carr. “The Baja Bug excels in the technical areas of off-road racing. They can go anywhere. But there is a lot of bouncing along the way. Racing a Baja Bug is punishing, which is part of the attraction . . . the emotional attachment.” Since 2006, the 42-year-old Carr has teamed with off-road racing veteran Perry McNeil to form one of SCORE’s most successful teams, although Carr doesn’t really know how successful. Aside from winning the five season championships and three class wins in the Baja 1000, Carr has lost track of his wins. “I’ve got a wall of trophies, but I don’t really keep track of how many races I’ve won,” said Carr. “We race for the love of it.” In addition to winning his class title this season, Carr finished 15th in SCORE’s overall points rankings – the highest finisher by a San Diegan this season. And he picked up a Toyota Milestone Award for finishing every mile of the season. Plus, Carr and McNeil form one of the sport’s most popular teams south of the border. Carr, who spent much of his youth living in Tijuana, owns a small electronics factory in Tijuana. McNeil, of Lemon Grove, also owns businesses in Tijuana. Carr runs the season’s shorter races solo. He and McNeil team in the long-distance races. And Carr’s Amigo Tech Racing also fields buggies in two classes. Carr might switch from Baja Bugs to the less-punishing 1650cc buggies next season. “I love the Baja Bug,” said Carr. “But the idea of going faster and finishing sooner looks better as I get older. And it’s getting extremely hard to find parts for Baja Bugs.”"" 

CLICK HERE FOR Perry's Baja Videos!

Alongside the Monster's of Baja Desert Off-Road racing, like Mickey Thompson and Parnelli Jones, Perry McNeil has been immortalized by 'Mama' Espinosa. 

'Mama' claims Perry will grace the side of her famous lobster joint at El Rosario with Thompson and Jones in "Mama's Baja racing Hall of Fame"!

In this years BAJA 1000, like many other sportsmen racers, Perry's exploits were unrecognized. Perry co-drove Kevin Carr's Class 5 to a fourth place finish. Perry's race drive started at the green flag in Ensenada all the way to race mile 850 at Loreto, Baja South!

850 miles of 1121 total BAJA 1000 race miles, in the 45th running of the Legendary SCORE event!

The BAJA 1000 team racing performance, allowed the Carr's Class 5 to take the SCORE series season Championship and Milestone Award recognition! 

Stay Tuned for more... 

 Rally Open Day Details Reported Exclusively Here! Sign-Up! Via eMail: xsignup at live dot com is just starting to compile Perry's incredible record of racing:

Perry McNeil's Desert Racing Record


BAJA 1000                                         4th
Not Driver of Record(Kevin Carr) 
However, Perry drove from the Start to Loreto!
SCORE Class 5 Season Champions & Milestone Award!

Class 10 Laughlin & San Felipe & BAJA 500

CODE Series
Jacume Gran Prix                             4th


Raced Class 12 in CODE and SCORE

Raced Class 7 in the RECORD Series


CODE Series
VW Autopartes 250              4th 
Oasa 250                                1st 
Tersa 200                               1st 
Amados                                   3rd 
ORW Gran Prix                      1st 
Mexicana Logistics 300        1st
Race Ready 275                   8th
Class 7 Points Champions

Mexico National Off-Road Series

Juarez 350                              1st
Dos Mares                               1st
Loreto 300                              1st
Mazatlan 300                          1st
Class 7 Points Champions


CODE Season
VW Autopartes                       9th
Amados                                    1st
ORW Gran Prix                       3rd
Mexicana Logistics                 4th
Race Ready 275                     1st
Class 7 Points Championship 2nd

Mexico National Series

Juarez 350                             1st
Dos Mares                              1st
Loreto 300                             1st
Mazatlan 300                         1st
Class 7 Points Champions


CODE Season
VW Autopartes                       9th
Amados                                   1st
ORW Gran Prix                       2nd
Mangiamos 300                      11th
Race Ready 275                     3rd
Class 7 Points                         4th



VW Autopartes 250                8th
Tersa 200                                2nd
KC Hilites                                  9th
ORW Gran Prix                       12th
Botica Santa Maria 200         10th
Mangiamos 300                       5th
4rth Place in Class 7 Championship

Best In The Desert 

Baja Mex 300                           1st


San Felipe 250                          1st
BAJA 1000                                 1st


Mexicali 250                          1st
BAJA 1000                            4th
California 400                       3rd
Borrego Bash                       1st               


BAJA International               5th
BAJA 1000                             4th
Mickey Thompson/LA Col.   3rd


BAJA International               3rd


Mikes Sky Ranch                    1st
BAJA 1000                              3rd  

It'll take at least a week to compile Perry's complete race record! Incredible!

Perry is the Ultimate Sportsman Desert Off-Road Athlete. Baja Racing is proud to announce Perry McNeil as KING OF BAJA 2012. 

In this race video, Perry overalled in the four wheel competition classes and Sr. Septien, former KING OF BAJA, overalled the motos.

Baja Safari Sponsors the KING OF BAJA Award Every Year

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