Monday, January 21, 2013

Baja Racing News Announces LIVE COVERAGE of the 2013 Cabo San Lucas Racing Auto Club Series

Baja Racing News LIVE! Announces the EXCLUSIVE International Promotions of the Cabo San Lucas Automotive Club for the entire series of 2013.

The Famous Racing Club of Southern Baja, located in Cabo San Lucas has already announced their inclusion in the October El Tule Desert Racing Classic.

El Tule, the famous arroyo at El Tule Rancho, where the mortal remains, the final ashes of "Don Francisco", rest as his final wishes.
The 'Father' of the Baja Mil, the International racer organized the thousand mile peninsula run to Southern Baja. He treasured 'El Tule Rancho' so much, Michael Noval placed his uncles ashes on the property. A memorial invitational will be included in the weekend.

Baja Racing News LIVE! will provide LIVE! Event Coverage of the desert off-road race in October. CABO 500 has race vehicles available for rent during the event, scheduled for October 17-20.

Gary Newsome, Editor
Baja Racing

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