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Baja Racing News LIVE! BLAST FROM THE PAST, The Das Fail Story UPDATED, from an INSIDER, Our Reporting is DEAD ON and the Desert Off-Road Community Admits Utter Collapse

The INSIDER Confirmation of Baja Racing News LIVE! Das Fail Story

Danny Parsel, gives up the ghost to Baja Racing 

""The VW TT was run by Arciero Miller racing In Foothill Ranch CA. I was in charge of the Fab on the VW TT along with Brandon Chavez, Luke Sawer and Wade Weaver." 

The very first time the build video has now gone public EXCLUSIVELY for Baja Racing 

"We built two of everything along with four sets of suspension. We had 3 Audi ALMS V12 twin turbo Diesels. The torque & HP number are what Audi wants the Public to know, if you get my drift? We used a specially designed 6 speed XTrac Trans in a VDrive configuration with air paddle shift. It would have been a very dominating truck once we got the rear gear to live. The engine mapping was tuned way down due to crazy torque numbers that could explode ring and pinons at will! The start up took around 1:30 min due to the fact we had heaters that brought all temps up before ignition. It was an amazing team to be a part of with some of the smartest engineers within Audi VW and XTrac. All I can say is there was no issues with a loss of power and reliability. I could go on and on about stuff that is just not possable to accomplish with out the support of factory R&D. I have some cool pictures of the build I will have to dig up? One was finished and had over 2000 miles of testing and the second was 90% completed. They are both still in California. 

We had planned to run the 2009 season as a two truck campaign with a third truck to be built later that year. We had a three year contract with VV of America (2008 -2010). VW AG (Germany, VW HQ, this is where the Dakar funding came from) was the one who pushed the desert program in the US. In March of 2009 with the major economic drop in the US, VW America pulled the plug on the desert program after 15 months. Arciero / Miller still had a contract with VW to continue with the Jetta cup that ended I believe in 2010." 

The 2008 Baja 1000 Start, with Ryan Arciero at the wheel. Millions of dollars at risk for the Arciero Family and three years of contracted work, Ryan stalls it at the Start Line!

"During the 2008 Baja 1000 Ryan Arciero started and we had clutch slave issues right off the start (as you can see in the video above). The shift system was megaline that talked with Xtrac to supply a no lift shift system. We replaced the slave cylinder at mile 70 or something but the damage was done to the trans so we had to replace the trans near La Rumorosa. 

We had no more problems while Ryan was driving. Mark Miller got in and near San Matias lost a ring and pinion but was able to limp it to our semi that was only a few miles from them. We finished 13th in TT. You will never see it run again as a VW V12 diesel but maybe one day it will show up in another configuration?? 

I think more than losing my income I was more disappointed that all our hard work was never going to shown. I worked for other TT and Class 1 teams and I believe this was a dream team. We ALL got along and the Germans were awesome! It was the most fun I ever had making a living!!"" 


Before the VW-Arciero effort, "Das Fail", VW brought over the VW DAKAR Touregs to the 2007 BAJA 500. They could have done much better with a sustained Baja effort with these rides CLICK HERE 

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