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Magic Pueblo Todos Santos 150 Baja South Racing Championship 2013 Starts



Campeonato Oficial de Off Road BCS 2013
Primera fecha: Todos Santos 150
6 y 7 de abril
Lista de inscritos con ORDEN DE ARRANQUE

1. 99 Alejandro Abaroa

1. 109 Abel Sandoval
2. 160 Víctor Barreda
3. 125 Steve Barry
4. 145 Carlos Olmos
5. 152 Fernando Hoyos

1. 230 Sandy Hall
2. 200 Pedro Velázquez Hernández
3. 204 José Vizcaíno
4. 291 Rafael Montaño
5. 229 Luis Camarena
6. 299 Arturo Pardini

1. 1228 Juan Carlos Osuna
2. 1218 Carlos amador / Juan Carlos Jiménez

1. 828 Carlos Alejandro Betancourt
2. 800 800 Andrea Tomba
3. 832 Jiimmy Díaz

1. 707 Carlos Huerta
2. 723 Guillermo Valdéz
3. 747 Diego Lee
4. 704 Hugo Sáenz
5. 716 David Corral
6. 790 Hiram Betancourt
7. 708 Víctor González

1. 1660 Guy Yocom
2. 1630 Greg Distefano
3. 1654 Alba Sandoval
4. 1600 Adrián Díaz
5. 1610 Fernando Hoyos

1. 1799 Jesús Contreras
2. 1700 Pedro Velázquez Romero
3. 1701 Larry Nash
4. 1777 José Guadalupe Márquez

1. 882 Miguel Monroy
2. 870 Irving Agúndez
3. 850 Samir Rivera

1. 1516 Rey Carballo
2. 1525 Steve Barry
3. 1577 Blas Gracia
4. 1569 Alberto Abaroa
5. 1505 Pedro Velázquez Sr. 1RS

CLASE 5-1600
1. 581 Gustavo Nava
2. 570 Javier A. Montoya
3. 577 Enrique Zazueta
4. 563 Jhazzael Cota

1. 1438 Francisco Castillo
2. 1417 Carlos Alfredo Godinez Galeana
3. 1469 Rigoberto Castro Cosio

1. 783 Luis Yuen
2. 775 David Ramos
3. 779 Mario Peña
4. 799 Manuel S. León
5. 759 Renato Avilez

1. 985 Héctor Olmos
2. 978 Ray Rene Rubio
3. 998 Fabricio Barreto
4. 924 Miguel Ángel González
5. 988 Ramiro Cota Ruiz
6. 980 Hiram Sánchez
7. 913 Fernando Marrón

1. 1800 Sandy Hall
2. 1815 Erick Zavala

1. 1144 Pedro Castro Carranza
2. 1101 Diego Robles
3. 1187 Pedro Martínez
4. 1157 René de la Toba
5. 1180 Salomón Salvatierra
6. 1146 Erick Romero
Campeonato de Motociclismo Off Road ASMAC 2013
2da fecha “Todos Santos 150”
6 y 7 de abril
Lista de inscritos CON ORDEN DE ARRANQUE: 58

Clase Motos Pro
1. 99x Arturo Pardini
2. 11x Gary Gasper / Gaddo Piazzesi
3. 9x Jesús Eduardo Gastelum / Eduardo Gastelum
4. 22x Vincent Meza
5. 8x Víctor Tarango
6. 25x Luis Fernando Pérez Rangel
7. 2x Luis Francisco Díaz / Alejandro Díaz
8. 3x Luis Enrique Castillo / Manuel Portela
9. 1x David Zárate / Marcelino Valdéz

Clase 30:
1. 300x Jeff Quade
2. 312x Kirk Rusell
3. 315x Mauricio Rodríguez / José Dávila
4. 360x Alex Angulo
5. 377x Ulises Fisher

Clase Novatos Moto:
1. 236x Juan Carlos Flores Yee
2. 232x Andrés Sánchez
3. 227x Bryan Castro
4. 238x Carlos Waldron
5. 205x Juan Carlos Morales
6. 208X Jesús Camacho/Francisco Godinez / Luis Flores
7. 201x Jesse Haynes
8. 256x Erick Otero
9. 218x Edgar Marrón / Lenin Villavicencio
10. 296x Jorge Gil / Javier Minjares
11. 239x José Márquez
12. 237x Isaac Aguirre

Clase 25:
1. 95a Federico Aguilar
2. 11a Raúl Castro/José Raúl Castro
3. 41a Salvador PérezPliego
4. 25a Carlos Jiménez
5. 3a Pedro Loya / Ramón Rodríguez
6. 4a Ricardo Díaz /Edgar Josué Aldecua
7. 10a Carlos Jiménez / Horacio Tarango
8. 90a René Tapia
9. 59a Sergio Valverde / Luis Kinijara
10. 7a Sergio Ramsay Tapia Loreto
11. 2a Stephen Davis
12. 1a Mario Gzlz. Díaz / Ahmed Marrón
13. 12a Enrique Bonillas
14. 45a Jeovany Márquez /Ramón Márquez
15. 8a Enrique Agúndez/Manuel Agúndez

Clase 24:
1. 159a Xavier Uribe
2. 196a Oscar / César Zamudio Preciado
3. 150a Cesar Hernández / Roberto Hernández
4. 105a Edgardo Sánchez Landa / Pedro Tarango
5. 109a Albino Collins / Roberto Camarillo
6. 101a Edwin Alexis Sánchez / Ricardo Cordero
7. 100a Heraldo Murillo Nieto

Clase Novatos ATV:
1. 239a Manuel Barajas / José M. Barajas Gerardo / Jefrey Hernández
2. 218a Alexis Escobar / Raziel Holmos
3. 236a Jesús Villanueva Fernández / Gabriel Vélez
4. 206a Mario Pérez González/ Alejandro / Daniel González
5. 243a Eric Cota González / Miguel Romero
6. 204a José R. Ruiz C. / Edgar Peralta
7. 245a Miguel Ángel Pérez
8. 244a Juan Pablo Otero / Gustavo Otero
9. 201a Moisés Savin / Gilberto Torres
10. 240a Miguel Cota

• First date Official Off Road Championship 2013 BCS
• Todos Santos 150 Runs 6 and 7 April

• Annual Awards party Championship 2012 and Contingency

• Procedures with authorities and insurance ready (as)

• participation is expected to be Huge
The first date of the Official Championship Off Road Baja South 2013, which will be called "Todos Santos 150" or "All Saints 150" is ready and just hours starting at an event eagerly awaited by runners, sponsors and fans loyal and tireless of Off Road Baja California Sur, which have marked the weekend of 6 and 7 April as the date that begins the battle for the crown of 17 categories of motorsport, in 6 races throughout the year to show the best exponents of the sport number one in Baja California South.
The event, which takes place in the Magical Town of Todos Santos, BCS, has all necessary permits, both authorities and residents of the area where will the dramatic and technical route of 49.8 km has been agreed to 3 laps to give "green green light" to the championship that has decided to continue with the institutions and forms outlined by the National Sports Commission (CONADE) and the bodies it governs, in what is seen as a successful event with a great turnout.
Within the framework of the event, in the typical "Contingency Party" to be held on Saturday, April 6 from 5:00 pm at the Military College Street Todos Santos, at the height of the "Parque Los Pinos" The organization will build on the good atmosphere of the "todosanteños" Family and Off Road to BCS, at 7:00 pm, to accommodate and honor the late Champions "Championship Pilots Association Clubs Off Road 2012 ". The celebration, where Champions, Champions and third places Under 18 categories will receive their trophies and applause from the fans, will be at the Open Air Theatre Los Pinos Park, adjacent to the site of the Feast of Contingency.
The paperwork with the different areas of H. XIV City of La Paz, as well as the delegation of All Saints, have already been completed by the organization facing the event, as well as insurance policies "Medical Expenses" and "Third Party" at their disposal all riders attached to FEMADAC for events organized for this championship.
Expected competition after copious participation, even though Easter is filed in the official event tours, a path has been accessed significantly by 17 categories brokers participating motives behind signs of a good turnout and expectations for the competition which will be starting at 7:00 am on Sunday, April 7 at the height of the Pantheon of All Saints. Time changes is already taken into account in organizing the event.
The motorcycle riders, will be part of the event in what will be the second time the "State Championship Off Road Motorcycle" from "Baja California Sur Motorcyclist Association BC" (ASMAC), headed by Alejandro Vizcaino Serrano, will be responsible for starting the event at 7:00 am, for cars to see the green flag starting at 11:00 am in a race agreed to three hits, one motorcycle and two of motorsports.
To start with the right foot, the organization will be premiering in the first event of the year, a completely new team for mechanical checks after the race for the case of restricted categories, which will be implemented with a procedure manual for quiet brokers.
The draws power (of motorcycling and motorsports) and the mandatory drivers meeting prior to the race, will be held at 9:00 pm on Saturday June, on the same stage of the outdoor theater (at the end of the annual awards) as the day past schedule event, but the festival of off road would be extended until after midnight.
The organization estimates at least 100 cars and 50 motorcycles in a day ensures adrenaline, fun and family entertainment.
Racing Action Schedule Sunday April 7:
  • 11:00:00 AM STARTING 1ST HIT 4 Wheel
  • TRUCKS 03:00:00 pm START 2ND HIT
  •  Racing Teams Announced This Morning, Friday, April 5 on Baja Racing News RADIO LIVE!
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Baja Racing News LIVE! Presents Magic Pueblo Todos Santos 150 April 6 & 7

LIVE! ONLINE Desert Off-Road Race

The first race of the season for the Baja South Championship Series presents a new racing venue for desert off-road racers who want to experience true BAJA Racing! Traditional racing in Mexico, with our brothers and sisters of Baja South.

The date is near, for the first race of the Championship Off Road Series of Baja South 2013. This weekend will be the first race of the Desert Off-Road racing season, held at the incomparable "Todos Santos 150" which starts with the racing action of the Capital of Off-Road La Paz, the large Baja South county on the Desert Land of the Mexican Baja California peninsula. The Land of Two Seas.

The entire weekend will be an extraordinary event took action and adrenaline on 6 and 7 April in the "Magical Town" of Todos Santos. Although the weekend before the race was that of the "Holy Week", the paths of the route were abundant by motorcyclists and motorists who have to see the checkered flag in this spectacular green, art and fun route of 50 km which is agreed to 3 turns in three hits respectively throughout the day. 

However, this week will be when you have the most intense activity tours, being the Wednesday 3, Thursday 4 and Friday 5 April the days agreed to walk and explore the layout of the event that caused great expectation in the hobby and brokers our state. Importantly, the categories will be presented several intense duels and where begin 2013 championship fight of the 7 categories that will be participating in this serial endorsed by the Mexican Motorsport Federation and the National Road Organized Pilots (CNO ).

The star of the weekend will be in the Class 1 racing division, which at the time was aware of the participation of riders like Steve Barry, Victor Barreda, the team with Jimmie Jeffries Off Road driving Abel Sandoval, Eduardo Morales, Morales, Carlos Olmos "The Jampy" of Scuderia Balmaceda and Fernando Hoyos and Blas Garcia in the vehicle poderos ex Copola. 

Due to the large amount of information requested and touring motorcycle, it is certain that the number of participants will be very high. Participation of motorcycling undoubtedly be heavy because the tours have been plagued by motorcyclists in what is envisioned as a possible new record for participation in the partnership led by Alejandro Serrano Vizcaino. 

The Contingency, which will take place next to the Parque Los Pinos de Todos Santos, will be a great celebration full of adrenaline in the classical framework of competencies prior day. The Official Championship Series of 2013 visits the Magic Pueblo of Todos Santos, first race.

History of Baja South Racing >>

Gary Newsome, Baja Racing

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