Friday, June 07, 2013

BAJA 500 WRAP 2! ***Baja Racing News RADIO LIVE! Breaking News 7 PM Every Tuesday

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June 5 SPECIAL! Part 2 BAJA 500 WRAP INSIDER NOTES and More! LIVE! From The DeZert Tower Studio X NEWS FEED "Heard It On The X"

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carolina ocampo said...

Hi Racers, not sure if it's ok to it solicit on this site but it's kinda relevent to your sport. I own (2 lots) beautiful ocean view lots of the main highway just before Ensenada. It's at Villas San Pedro. If you're traveling into Baja and would like to have a place of your own while in town these lots are at the perfect location. One is up where the Cristo was built the other is right below that on Rampa San Marcos. No, the intended project for the assoc. was not completed but still looks great and you can build your home. I live in the Sac. area in CA but am willing to show property. Please email any questions if your seriuosly interested