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WANTED! Mexico Motorcycle Theft Baja 500 Moto Death Spotlights Swimsuit Illustrated (SSI) Team & Chuck Neugebauer Race Death, SCORE International

UPDATED! August 3, 2014



15x Chuck Neugebauer Found Dead
on BAJA 500 Race Course

UPDATE! June 18, 2013

Vendetta! Expressed by the Theft Victim:

" I did have short conversation with a couple individuals , the whole thing has gone sideways it seems that nothing is going to happen with the guy that I have identified 100% to be the POS! that held me up and stole the bike! I can tell you this the mother f****r is going to pay one way or another. I have given more than enough info about this and there is absolutely no reason that he shouldn't be in jail for attempted murder, armed robbery! You would think that would be on top of this and in communication with the DA . Its been sixteen days and Jose Alfreo Lopez Villalva ( EDY LOPEZ ) thinks he has got away , THINK AGAIN MOTHER F****R ! Everyone I know and some I dont know are out for you! I hope that this answers any question you have how I feel about the way this is being handled."

Update, June 14: readers are sending in photos and new information on the SSI team activites in Baja Mexico...Stay Tuned!

UPDATE June 12:
Websites associated with this story are being scrubbed clean of their content! They don't want YOU to see this storyline!

The attempted cover-up is trying to hide the team members law enforcement is seeking and the activities of the "SSI team", "15x team". 

Two motorcycle thefts are being investigated by the authorities. The first, the moto-prerunner, ripped off at gunpoint. The perp in this crime is connected to the 15x team.

The other crime, the 15x race motorcycle, Chucks bike, was stolen at the time of his death. The one he was riding when he died.

Baja Racing scooped the pics and content before the whitewash began. We are posting more pics and content today, 
Stay Tuned!!!  

Charles 'Chuck' Neugebauer 15x at RM 160 Baja 500 Pit #4

New charges levied against 'SSI Team', are these you're daughters?

Can you identify the people in this photo?

What was/is SSI Team Really Interested In?

June 11 UPDATE:
Mexican and USA Law Enforcement "On The Lookout" For 'SSI Team Members'", from SCORE Source. 

  15x team member said connected to this moto theft before the race:

Racer Buzz: 
"Jose Alfredo Lopez villalva "Freddy" as he is called. And he was part of the 15X"

From the moto theft victim:

"I think its time I respond to some of the questions that have been raised on what happened on the course that morning! and what has happened since. First things first, thank you again kyle for getting me of the hillside and getting me back to the hotel. when I called the police they were there before I was even off the phone, investigator in this case has been in contact with me almost everyday, I really cant get into what is going on in depth, in the hopes that i get the bike back, even if I dont I want this POS to pay somehow! he gos by ( Edy Lopez in Ensenada Blanca) on facebook the police showed the picture of the guy and the 450Hon that was positively identified 100% to be the one on the course that morning. as for being a racer he was supposed to be on the 15X bike on race day per the state police.When he didnt show up to tech or for the race the police said he went into hiding, the team of the 15x didnt know what happened to him. this guy has been in hiding for days, and he has now got a lawyer that has been in contact with the police! If your not guilty what would you have to hide from ? as of now no bike no arrest In the case that doesnt occur, there will be a full statement of the events in detail." POSTED HERE ON AS SOON AS RECEIVED

Local Press Report:

"An amateur course off-road racing stripped gunpoint motorcycle competition a participant from the recent Baja 500, a day before the mechanical overhaul.
Staff Deputy Attorney Ensenada area confirmed the criminal act and reported that Police

State Ministerial (PME) and investigate the theft.

The incident occurred around 15:11 pm on May 30, on a deserted stretch of dirt road located between the

Canyon Buena Vista and El Tule, when the pilot on a tour of practice.

The preliminary inquiry was initiated AP 2737/13/3011 sheet the day of the robbery, because it was set by the owner of the motorcycle, a person originally from Las Vegas, United States.

The victim reported that the day of the robbery circulated by that stretch of dirt aboard his Honda motorcycle, model 2005, with California plates.

The Stranger reported that when traveling in your vehicle on the way deserted, watched a man dressed in black color and helmet lying on the ground, and his side was

a motorcycle.

He stopped his march, he said, to provide assistance to the person lying, believing that it was another corridor, bending for the health of the alleged victim, another man came out of the bushes.

This unknown, he said, while he gunpoint demanded the motorcycle, was at that time a third man emerged from the bushes and the man lying on the floor


Next, two of the criminals boarded the motorcycle that was between the earth and the subject and vehicle mounted gun robbed abroad, and fled along the paths of the place.

Personal assistant attorney informed the ministerial authorities are already investigating the theft.

Information obtained indicates Ensenada BORDER alleged thief apparently is an individual of this city

and likes to participate in the various editions of the off-road racing."


""Baja Racer Motorcycle Stolen at Gunpoint during BAJA 500 PreRun

By Scott Myers:

"One of my 40 Class teammates Mike Baxter from Carson city NV was pre running the start from Ensenada on thurs aprox 10:00 am when at about RM10 is came across and "Downed rider" Or so he though with his bike laying in the middle of the course and the hunched over clutching his stomach. As he pulled up he asked the guy if he was ok and the guy muttered something in Spanish like he was in pain. So he asked again and this time he pulled up a Black .45 handgun and pointed it 10 inches from his face and said "Give me your bike right now or ill shoot you". As Mike was literally about to take this POS gun out of his hands and beat the life out of him another guy jumped from the bushes on his left and then another from behind. Sadly he had to give up his 450X. Before I forget I want to truly thank Kyle Abney because he not only stopped and rode Mike out or harms way but he drove mike to two different Police stations and stayed with his for over 4Hrs of Hell.. Without going into all the other details and how we figured this out let me say that the police have been Outstanding since minute one taking this very very serious. They found out that this guy not only races SCORE races but was entered in what we understood was team 5X. They call Him "Freddy" and he was the suspect in the robbery of as I understand it a Canadian rider at last years 500.. As of right ow they said that the police know everything about this POS including his home and his mothers home and as far as the police say he is on the run. He was positively identified by Mike in some arrest photos they had of the guy. He rides a Honda 450X with "Monster stickers" on the graphics. He also has a black helmet of some kind. That is all the info I have as of right now. So I just wanted to let everyone know that this kind of thing is serious and we are really hoping they find this POS and we find the bike. "

Baja racers Spreading the Love:

"Robbed by another racer at the BAJA 500. This story was copied and pasted. It was told by Cracker 1 on I personally feel very disgusted and hope justice is served to the people who were involed. I will receive detailed information soon on the motorcycle information and will ask my fellow baja local racing friends to keep an eye out for this bike. Even know 90% of the time, if your bike is stolen in baja you will not get it back. But I hope this person/ racer is caught soon!!
Cracker 1
I felt that it was very important to get this information out as soon as possible after getting home today from the Baja 500. I brought this information to someone that I felt could have posted this to every offroad website there there was on the day that it happen but I was very sad to see that not a single word was posted ANYWHERE. So here goes, I was privileged to be part of not just one but 2 winning teams for the first time by winning class 30 on 349X by over a 1:08 and also Class 40 on 402X by multiple hours."""
"During the moto race lineup at the start of the race, other moto competitors pointed at the 15x team, as the one that perped the theft." SCORE Source

Original Exclusive Story:

Reported By Jorge Lucero

"Rest in peace. 
He ran the low 500 2013 yesterday reached A Pits his team saw it came very pale to get very thirsty and told him that it seemed to be a heat stroke which had to abandon the race and replied: "I will arrive to the finish line let me run" forward some fans saw him along the path and stopped to help him with water Mojandolo and dale to take and he said to them "I wanted to continue" and I moved in the second Pits his team returned to give water and your bike team told him that he had to stop running because it looked very bad, too tired! And he replied: "CORRERE death" more forward was his motorcycle pulled and a few meters the was already lying lifeless, apparently of a heart attack. His close friends say that he already knew that was going to die, had problems of the heart, and he wanted to die doing what more he liked and wanted to die in ssa BAJA 500."
Chuck sez: "Eat My Dirt Everyone"!
  Via Reporter Doug:
"Big props to Bryan Collins of COPS Racing for tending to Chuck's body. Believe me, without going into it, this was no small deal. Bryan and COPS Racing chasers spent a good part of the day seeing that Chuck's body was put into the proper hands in the proper way." 
The desert racing Buzz:
"This one hit our team pretty hard as a call came through saying our rider (66a) was laying face down on the bottom of the summit. I was so relieved to find our guy alive and well, relaxing in the shade. When we got to Salada our chase was visibly shook up as our truck was parked near a big name team who got involved. Sad for sure but feel as if that is how he wanted to go." And, "So thats what all the 15X chatter on the race radio relay was about. Figured something was going down when Bob was calling them to go SAT or Race Freq. Sad news! RIP" 
From an Inside Source:
His team split and took off. His motorcycle was also taken, not known whether stolen or taken by his teamates when they left him to die or dead on the distant desolate desert race course. 
More information supplied to, as soon as the police were known on the way to the scene of the death, anyone who knew the victim, did not stay on site.
Sources close to the situation say the bike (15x) will be easy to identify.  
More on the victim,
Charles "Chuck Neugebauer",
of Solana Beach, one busy dude!
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"Dr. Rolan attributed to keeping Chuck "Up", CLICK HERE for racing motorcycles and keeping up with "Swimsuit Illustrated". The 'Sportsman team' has needed SCORE help in the past.
More recent internet admissions HERE. Swimsuit Illustrated HERE, Karrin Rachelle commented just minutes ago, "RIP CHUCK".  
  DJ Karrin Rachelle  DJ/Karaoke Hostess almost every Monday 7pm-9:30pm-ish @ the Clairion Hotel & Casino & almost every Thursday 9pm-12am @ Rock & Rita's!
 From Chuck's FaceBook:
Chucks last words: "IN TO WIN !!!
SCORE BAJA 500 June 1st 2013 Class 22 Professional Motorcycle. 5x Honda Sponsor Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine. Sergio Morales, Chad Erl, Bryce Stavron, Chuck Neugebauer."
  One of his last Facebook and older MySpace pics...
In a club, in Mexico, with a "Hostess"
Chucks Come on to "Models"
Found on Chucks MySpace
Chucks Weakness, Found on Myspace
Chucks Final Words before Death in the BAJA 500

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 Pictured Left:
' Crew Chief' SSI Team Leader Donny Razon and SCORE President and CEO Sal Fish

Motorcycle Racing was not the real purpose of this "Team"

Gary Newsome Reporting
Continues to Investigate! 

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