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MONDAY July 29 Racer HeadLock EXPOSED!***OFF ROAD LIVE!***Every Monday 4 PM***The Story Behind 'Stolen Racers Motorcycle' and The Losses The Racing Community Suffers!***

UPDATED! Since this report was filed we lost Kurt Caselli to a failed Emergency Medical Response and tracking system!

The Original Story:::August 2, 2013 Filed 7-29-13
"The Obvious Outrageous RISKS Racers Face in MEXICO!"


Other Racers 

The Greatest Risk to Desert Off-Road racers in Mexico, is other racers

It's always the other racer!

BajaRacingNews.com has tons and tons and tons of pics, stories and proof that racers are their own worst enemies. It's a joke that some blame 'money', 'locals on the roads' and 'fans' for their worries. 

Racers in Baja Mexico have been documented killing, injuring and other harm, to themselves!

In the "Industry", its called, Shenanigans! Brett Sloppy is the desert off-road racing ultimate example. Sloppy "had the wheel ripped out of his hands", his words, when his truck went out of control and he rolled his truck into the crowd of other racing families and fans and killed eight people.

Mike Jenkins almost killed and then ran from any responsibility...CLICK HERE!


Here, Cameron Steele, famous for his 'kook' exploits. He nearly runs into professional racer, Robby Gordon, intentionally. Note, Robby moves to the right, to get out of the way of Steele-an 'adrenaline filled d-bag'. 'Lobster', one of his former teammates has told friends recently, "Scam is turning out to be very questionable". 

Another case of intentional ramming of fellow racers! Introducing the ultimate "adrenaline filled d-bag", Kent Kroeker. The video proof of Kents and other racers, willful, wanton injury to another desert racer.

Rory Ward, another 'racer', reportedly sawzalled/stole- sawed off parts from a crashed 1-car in Diablo Dry Lake, his group of thieves also gave alcohol to the 'head' injured co-driver. Rory said that was cool, even though he acts as a 'fireman' in Arizona. Says something about the quality of public service in the state?

General Tires seems to be at the head of the list of "wacked" sponsored drivers. The rot gut tequila purveyor Rick Johnson was filming his race car, from another vehicle, when he drove full speed into the opposing lane. Then it was found out he didn't have insurance to cover his idiocy in Mexico! 

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

The BAJA 500 was a disaster this year! At least two people died, one a racer, the other a bystander killed when a racer, LOST CONTROL OF HIS RACECAR' [getting a hint yet!?] rolled his vehicle over the victim, crushing them!

 The racing hacks of Fiolka and Pearlman got Baja Bit this year. Not only did their big secret of their new event get exposed early and laughed at, one racer died, one seriously injured and their "Grand Marshal" got run over and injured. (We are not making this stuff up! One racer per event is killed).

Two racers run into each other and carnage their Trophy Trucks! Gary Newsome 
Baja Racing News LIVE!

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