Friday, July 05, 2013

Robby Gordon and the Stadium Super Trucks are looking for a place to party in Tijuana Mexico

UPDATE ! September 20, 2013
 Robby Gordon Sez, Tijuana Promoter HAS NOT PAID Required Deposit To Gordon Motorsports!

UPDATE! August 19, 2013 Gordon Motorsports confirms Xolos Stadium as site of October event. 

BLOCKBUSTER NEWS! Robby Gordon SPEED SST Series Searching Tijuana To Debut In Mexico, Stadium Super Trucks!

Tijuana- Tourism officials today told that Roberto Encinas, Robby's rep in Baja Mexico, has an offer in front of the owner of the local soccer team, to use their stadium on October 12.

Nothing is finished, but the effort by Stadium Super Trucks(SST) to play in Tijuana Mexico, is historic. The mere effort, because with all the insecurity that continues to exist in Baja Mexico, Gordons honest actions could produce local job creation and new sporting events in Mexico.

The problem is there are very limited venue options in Baja Mexico. There are only two people in the entire peninsula that control facilities large enough for events that can work for promoters as big as America's Off-Road Champion, Robby Gordon.

September and October SST dates are currently open, the October date could be filled by a Baja Mexico event, but the challenge of depending on the very limited site offerings in Tijuana will make holding Stadium Super Trucks racing there a longshot. Stay tuned here and we'll update this story in the coming weeks.

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing

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