Monday, July 01, 2013

San Quintin Tries To Become Official County-City, the Sixth Municipality in Baja California Mexico

The State Congress of Baja California approved the decree creating San Quintín as the sixth municipality in Baja California.


The opinion was read in the Congress by Deputy Alfonso Garzón Zatarain. After the reading, they waived the use of the voting devices and then took a voice vote where 23 deputies from all the political parties voted in favor of creation of the municipality.

The only discordant voice was from PAN Deputy Ricardo Magaña Mosqueda. He voted in favor, but under protest. His sentiment was that there were legal inconsistencies in the proceedings leading to creating of the municipality, but he reserved saying why in the session.

San Quintín would be the first administration under the concept of Municipal Council, and will then meet to elect its first city council. All of this, if there are no bumps in the future, that is, if there is no opposition in the state government which could veto the decree.

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