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 CABO 500 The Greatest Escape In Racing!

The CABO 500 this year is scheduled as a night race. For the first time ever, International Desert Racers will fight for the title of KING of CABO in the deep Baja South Night!

Live web coverage for press services will be challenging as will be the week and a half of pre-running and Welcome Events prior to Race Weekend, October 18-20. Insider details provided on OFF-ROAD LIVE! tonight, Monday September 9 at 4 PM West, 7 PM East.

In Lesser Desert Racing News
"Jason Voss has a strong lead over Gary Weyhrich coming off his second win of the year in the Best in the Desert series.

“We’re trying not to get too excited,” said Voss. “We’ve had a good year so far but we’re not going to change our plans going into Parker.
We want to win and since this next race is a two-day short sprint I think that it suits our truck very well. It’s a lot like motocross and I really like that style of racing, it’s going to be a lot of fun.”
Coming off his win at the Reno 500, Tim Herbst is leading over Justin Davis in the SCORE/HDRA World Championship Series points.
“We’ve been running a lot better and without a doubt it’s a team effort,” Herbst said. “Mike Smith and the guys prepping the truck and with the help of Larry Roeseler and Ryan Arciero we’re starting to get good results. We like to win and getting that win in Reno was great.
Now we’re focused on the Mirage 300 coming up and of course the Baja 1000. It’s easy to lose focus with a big race like the 1000 coming up but we’re committed and hopefully when it’s all done we’ll have a championship.”
With only two races left in each series we’ll see who will bring home the glory. Mathematically there are a few others in contention. In the end it will come down to teamwork, preparation, logistics and a lot of luck."

2013 Best In the Desert points – after 4 of 6 races
(Notice how the writer here puts BITD above SCORE)
1. Jason Voss (26) Cupertino, CA 543
2. Gary Weyhrich (45) Troutdale. OR 509
3. Steve Olliges (49) Las Vegas, NV 501
4. Scott Whipple (45) Norco, CA 480
5. Troy Vest (46) Molalla, OR 463

2013 SCORE/HDRA World Championship points – after 5 of 7 races
(Next year these series will be combined into one)
1. Tim Herbst (49) Las Vegas, NV 465
2. Justin Davis (20) Chino Hills, CA 435
3. BJ Baldwin Las Vegas, NV 425
4. Cameron Steele (42) San Clemente 403
5. Troy Herbst (47) Las Vegas, NV. 398

Mexican 500 Entries

Very disappointing entry report from Mike Pearlman today, "a total of five entries have been received as of today, with only a few days left until the start of the event", "we are considering cancelling the event today".

2014 Proposed MINT 400 'Rally'

Denise McMahon said today, "the plans for the 2014 rally are up in the air".

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