Friday, November 01, 2013

SpeedMex Distant BAJA 1000 2013 Pit Services The business of Baja Racing, Distant SpeedMex Pits "We took a dirt road from Laguna Chapala KM233, west to Punta Blanca. Working for COPS Racing, our job was to hang out in the silt beds near RM430, and extract our race cars, should one get stuck (this applies for the Class 10, not the Trophy Truck). The road was 35 miles to the coast and took three hours. Expect rocks and silt, some bad, some not so bad - not for 2x4. At first I was indignant that BFG didn't include this route in their pit books, but quickly figured out why they didn't." 

"I worked as a recovery vehicle for our Class 10 car near race mile 433 (Punta Blanca). The road in from KM233 is impressive - definitely 4x4. It's silty and rocky and a slow go - the road is 35 miles long and took us three hours to get to the Pacific. The keyword is REMOTE. As it turned out, our Trophy Truck and Class 10 both DNF'd prior to getting to us. We got to help two motorcycles and one car - we think they stopped because we were the only humans for miles. On Saturday morning we drove out, stopped at Coco's for a cerveza, then Alfonsina's for dinner and a room."

 "Mid afternoon, we were passed by dirt bikes and quads in the race" SpeedMex Pit Services

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