Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vaya Con Dios Pancho Sesteaga, Patron of Baja Racing News LIVE!

With Heavy Hearts, our Friends of the Capital of Off-Road Racing, Mexicali, Baja California Mexico, Express our Deepest Prayers in Tribute to one of the Greatest Patrons of Baja Racing, Desert Off-Road Racing in Baja California Mexico.  Pancho Sesteaga, of Mexicali, passed into Racing History this afternoon.

We Stand side-by-side with our Brothers and Sisters of Mexico, in Respect to Pancho, A Great Patron!

                                                       Baja Racing News LIVE! 

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Anonymous said...

Mi primo el que siempre andaba en las carreras ya llego a su meta a la que todos tenemos que cruzar un dia descanza en paz primo.