Sunday, January 26, 2014

"SCORE Tracking" System 2014, Well Known Race Fraud?


Greg Fouts Slams SCORE Over Tracking & SCORING FAIL 

Regarding the SCORE Baja 1000:

"Guys, I saw the discussion and wanted to chime in. The reality is the hard working folks on the SCORE timing and scoring team were having some trouble with the tracking system. Due to some start line challenges truck numbers wound up confused in the system. Somehow the posted #227 chart reflects #222’s race. For whatever it’s worth, #222 was approaching the top ten on corrected time, when they suffered an irrecoverable powertrain failure. Despite a tremendous repair attempt at RM 690, #222 had no choice besides trailering back to Ensenada. That said, #227 did race the race back to Ensenada. The team at SCORE is working to correct the posted data. For what its worth – even during the event, our chase teams struggled when e-tracking #227." "If anyone wants to reach me, My race shop is at this address:
Foutz Motorsports
4725 E. Ivy Street, Suite 102
Mesa, AZ 85205" GregFoutz

The image that the secret source used before the Baja 1000 race began
What is SCORE really using its resources on?
Who is actually doing the work of safety tracking for SCORE?

Baja Racing News is following the ongoing assertions that "nothing wrong" happened at the 2013 Baja 1000. How long can the racers ignore the most serious threat to their safety, in the history of desert off-road racing? How much damaging discussion about the failures in its systems can SPOT endure? Just because SCORE got its SPOT "tracking" units for 'free' (donated?), how much value in its leftover reputation will it lose in promoting ongoing fails? Is this racing fraud?

An independent source, Proformance Motorsport saw it this way: 
"Some Trucks have perfect GPS operation - updates every 2-5 mins (Rob MacCrachane and Troy Herbst) whilst others truck GPS units seem to mysteriously turn off and on (they seem to turn on near the checkpoints at times??) - coincidence?" CLICK HERE FOR THEIR HONEST VIEWS

Not only are there technical problems with the two systems used by SCORE for tracking and penalties, the "sanctioner" is also the promoter, with no independent oversight. That being said, SCORE doesn't even take itself seriously.

There are no authorized instructions on 'race course logger' or 'tracking system use' in SCORE racing. No educational efforts whatsoever.  

At a 'professional event' like Dakar, at registration, every entrant has to sit through an iritrack and sentinel safety class. The certified tracking and safety systems used by the racing organization. The ASO make it very clear that the first two people to arrive on a downed rider or accident/ rollover are required to stop and assist. You can't leave until the organization arrive. You push the green button on the Iritrack when you stop and when you leave. This allows the ASO to give you the time you're stopped back to your stage time.

The "ASO", the professional organization that puts on the event, then grants back the 'assistance time' to the participants who provide assistance to downed racers.

Ongoing reporting...

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Anonymous said...

I raced in Baja all through the 80's using only my memory from pre-running and relying on the pink ribbons Score would tie on the bushes as course markers. No GPS no tracking devices no helicopters, one pit crew, you survived on your own back then my friend. No one looked out for my safety back then, now you are crying about safety measures! Man up.......