Monday, August 25, 2014

Southern Baja Racing CABO 500 2014 Exciting Desert Off-Road Events

 VIDEO ABOVE: BAJA Star continuing promotion of International racing in Southern Baja Mexico

Southern Baja racing takes hold for the super adventurous! SPECIAL REPORT

Desert Off-Road Racing in Southern Baja is now back in vogue after reports of important gringos have been seen over the past several weeks, south of the Off-Road Capital, La Paz. The leading mainstay for International Racers is the CABO 500, set for October 18-20 this racing season.


The Famous CABO 500 Start at the Capital of Off-Road, La Paz Baja South (Crank It Up!) The CABO 500 Promotional Video From Years Past
The CABO 500, since 2005, has provided International Racers with a well designed adventure experience. Executed by the same team of professionals for years, the event experience has always included new event details each year. There was the "Triple Challenge", with a finish line under the arch at Lands End. There was the surfing contest and each year always includes the "BIGGEST and BADDEST" desert off-road race.

The BIGGEST BADDEST Championship Series this year is in Baja South! The CABO 500 2014 is scheduled for October 18 & 19.

"Official Championship 2014"                      
Off Road Series Baja South

Todos Santos February 8 & 9

2. San Jose del Cabo 
SJC Los Cabos
March 15 & 16

3. Dos Mares 500
La Paz, May 2-4

4. Coyote 300
La Paz, BCS June 14 & 15

5. Comondu 200
Cd ConstituciĆ³n July 19 & 20

6. CABO 500 - Cabo Challenge
Rancho El Tule October 18 & 19

This years CABO 500 event is an "fly and race" at Los Cabos Mexico. Located at the historic, "El Tule Rancho", directly midway between the two, 'Los Cabos', San Jose and San Lucas, on the "Golden Sands" of the Sea Of Cortez.

CABO 500 even promoted a 'Loreto to La Paz to Cabo' event in 2007. Local politics stopped that plan and the event promoters continued with 'RED' events for two years. Races that started with a"Red Shop Rag" being dropped in front of the racers, marking the official start of the race. The popularity of the RED events soared, marking the largest group of International racers ever to visit Los Cabos. 

"The Greatest Escape In Racing!"

VIDEO BELOW: The Los Barriles event at Hotel Palmas de Cortez
Contingency being held on the old airstrip, where Mark Post crashed his plane, forcing the hotel owner, Sr. Bob Van Wormer to announce, Post, "had more money than brains!"

  Today's Updated Race Video From Southern Baja!

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