Friday, March 07, 2014

Calling All Desert Racing Teams! Driving Education Wanted By US Military

By: Gary Newsome 

Desert racing isn't known for its public driving 'skills'. The recent Snore racing death, Mohave Desert Racing's California 200 8 dead and Score's numerous desert racing deaths. There are so many race related deaths associated with one of the longer running off-road racing sanctions, the owner can't keep up with the stories and numbers of race related deaths and public incidents surrounding the race events.

Here's a video of the "winner" of the san felipe 250 2014, Tavo Vildosola of San Diego, ramming another racer in the be-hind. Desert racers prove every race, how NOT to drive. The racers are the second biggest reason for deaths and destruction at desert off-road racing events. (Tavo was gifted the win. An interesting new movement by the unregulated and unsupervised race organizers of the American southwest) 

One incident this past weekend, a trophy truck rollover at the San Felipe desert off-road race, had all the earmarks of the California 200 that killed 8 and made world-wide headlines. Juan Carlos Lopez, representing a very wealthy american, Clyde Stacy and RPM Motorsports, rolled into the crowd at the Baja Mexico racing event. 

CLICK HERE if you're a desert racer who wants to earn money teaching desert driving to the US Military.

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