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Desert Racing Tracking False Beliefs Exposed!***You'll never believe any race results ever again calls on all desert racing sanctions and promoters to engage independent timing and scoring services. Independent of all sanctions, promoters and sponsors.


Even the most sophisticated "Race Tracking System", Technological Jokes, because the "owners" are already playing with the 'race data', whether the racing community wants to believe it or not!

"Back-loading data" common. Yes, this means the people handling the 'race data' can manipulate and 'change' race standings, race results and the final winners and losers of an event. No racing telemetry is trustworthy.

Today, Best In The Desert, SCORE and the other sanctions are struggling with timing and scoring believability. The BITD timing scandal is the "Best" case in point. LOADING NOW>>>

Even the big boys have their data played with...the U-2 story.

The U-2 report from April 30, only reflects how transmitted data, from anyone to anyone can be captured and changed. Even the most sophisticated data transmission is open to manipulation. Though the exact technical causes are not known, the cover story given by the FAA is laughable, "the spy plane’s altitude and route apparently overloaded a computer system" called ERAM, which generates display data for air-traffic controllers. Back-up computer systems also failed. 

This U-2 aircraft is actually purposed with sophisticated "active counter-intel" hardware. Cyber-Attack and Counter Attack. The U-2 aircraft in the inventory now have far more sophisticated jobs than the old cold war 'picture-taking'. This U-2 spyplane was probably operating out of Beale Air Force Base, home of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing, north of Sacramento, which is equipped with the last U.S. Air Force’s Dragon Lady jets.

The United States now has new aircraft purposed for formerly U-2 roles.

The Original Story published May 5, 2014: A related case in point

On Wednesday, April 30, many south western based airports were clopsed to in and outbound flights. A U-2, Dragon Lady, aircraft was responsible for computer glitch at a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 'delaying several flights' that day, to and from many airports at Southwestern United States.

Military use, U-2 Dragon Lady
Other airports in the region that also received halt orders were Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California, John Wayne Airport on Santa Ana, California and McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Flights that were scheduled to land in the Southwestern United States were also halted.

The FAA has now released some details of the incident. A U-2, A Cold War-era spy plane operated by the US military, flew across the air space. It was being tracked by the Los Angeles Air Route Traffic Control Center and seems to have added load on a computer system at the facility.

The plane was said to be flying at an altitude of 60,000 feet and other airplanes were flying at an altitude far below. Decisions to halt the flights were taken to prevent any sort of facility of U-2 with other planes.

"We aren't confirming anything beyond what we already said about it being a software issue that we corrected", affirmed FAA spokeswoman Lynn Lunsford. She did not confirm about whether or not the presence of the U-2 plane caused the computer glitch. Lynn said FAA has applied mitigation measures as changes were made in software.

Desert racing timing, scoring and tracking, the achilles of modern desert racing events 

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