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OFF-ROAD LIVE!***Celebrates 100 Years of Off-Road Racing***Monday, July 28, 2014
10 Years Celebration!  
Monday, October 6, 2015

Time To Celebrate 10 Years of Crushing Desert Off-Road Racing! The truths behind, California 200, the death of Kurt Casselli and the fatal mistakes.  The near future of racing in the desert Southwest; Schedule for 2015!

UPDATED! October 5, 2014


By: Gary Newsome


We start our story with what Baja Racing News is known for, "the facts the racers bitch about about in private and don't have the balls to fight about in public"!

The most common question we get, "Why are you guys showing or talking about, THAT!" 

The answer, because, 'its in the public interest to do so'. Few if any, other media company's, especially FCC regulated ones, are living up to their responsibilities.

Stay tuned here...we've got some splainin'...

Safety, security and racing news have been our staples. Today, the glaring cultural differences are manifesting themselves into dangerous national conflict. The imprisoned and tortured American Marine in Tijuana is only one example.

Another example started while we were writing this piece. 
"American tortured in Baja Mexico", is now commonplace.

UPDATE September 12
Amnesty International Reports, "torture widespread".

First reported here at in July 2014:

"TIJUANA, Baja California - Amnesty International presents a report on torture in Mexico, due to the wave of violence which Baja California has faced for the past few years.

The head of Amnesty International in Mexico, Perseo Quiroz, said that the state is flooded with torture victims and failures of the Mexican state in its manner of treated the presumed criminals.

The study has diverse central points, he said, such as complaints of tortured increased 600% in a decade, and from 2010 to 2013, there have been 7,000 complaints of torture.

The worrisome part is the justice system has not performed, since out of the 7,000 complaints there have been only seven trials for the crime of torture, and in Baja California no one has been jailed for this crime, he emphasized.

There is a lack of control and vigilance over the activities of police who must comply with the law, he said. He asks for the creation of a chain of custody, because for as long as this does not happen there will continue to be large number of cases of torture."

Our Original Reporting: "American involved in accident in San Quintín denied medical treatment, jailed instead 
June 12, 2014 - Due to an automobile accident, two men, one of whom is an American, were severely injured. The American was taken to Ensenada, where he was returned without being treated. Upon his return, he was arrested as the person responsible for the accident.

First, Robert Thomas Revelle, 66 years old, was taken to the rural IMSS-Oportunidades Clinic 69, where he was not treated and then taken the Ensenada General Hospital.

At that hospital, inexplicably, the injured man was released and returned in a police patrol vehicle to the San Vicente Ferrer precinct station.

From there he was taken to other municipal police stations, in municipal patrol vehicles, without regard to the injured man's medical condition.

Upon being returned yesterday morning, Wednesday to the starting point, the San Quintín police station, he was placed into a jail cell as the person presumed responsible for the accident the night before.

There he was attended to by Ismael Molina Miranda, with the Municipal Public Services Unit, who instructed the municipal people in charge to take him to a hospital, and to also take X-rays.

Demand that Human Rights Intervene
Miranda said that Revelle's injury to the right knee needed to be sutured to avoid complications, and he needed X-rays to determine if he had internal injuries to his chest.

Responding to this recommendation, Revelle was taken by Red Cross paramedics to the El Buen Pastor Hospital Medical Center.

In aide of the American, social activist Tomás Sánchez Ponce de León called for the intervention of the Prosecutor for Human Rights and Citizen Protection for Baja California.

The coordinator in San Quintín for that agency, Octavio López Nájera, expected to opne a complaint file against IMSS-Oportunidades Clinic 69 and the Ensenada General Hospital, for failure to provide medical care to the injured patient.

The accident
The crash between the two vehicles happened on the local road that leads to the Molino Viejo at 11:30PM on Tuesday.

One of the drivers, named Robert Thomas Revelle, is 66 years old and lives at Rancho Salvador, in San Quintín, and was driving a 1983 white Toyota pick-up, California license plates 5UVB995.

Based upon the inspection, the American was responsible for the accident. He was driving eastbound at excessive speed. He lost control of the vehicle and entered the oncoming traffic lane and hit a white 2013 Ford Van, license plates AKU7758, whose driver was not identified in the report. But, he was taken in a private vehicle to the El Buen Pastor hospital where he remained yesterday due to his injuries.

Thomas Revelle is also now hospitalized and as of yesterday was under police arrest."

Inspiration and History
Desert Off-Road Racing is its own culture and value, worth protecting
Early racer, Louis Chevrolet was a seasoned Desert Off-Road racer
Early racing and prerunning ventured through the early history of ranching in the West
Starting earlier than 1907, sportsmen started racing
Blacksmiths were the earliest racing engineers in the West

Much of the media content placed in this piece will be the first ever published 'Baja Safari' images and films, so stay tuned everyday. MONSTER Mike has reserved alot of this content because photos tell such a big story. Much of the operations and history of Baja Safari has been held in trust and confidential.

One such public 'talk' with Harry Crosby about ancient Baja roads, developed into a new book. Public  collaborations over the years have produced commercially successful media ventures. Pressing the company to withdraw material from public view.  

Over the ten years of, we've noticed how many first concepts presented here, have now been absorbed into the lexicon of desert off-road racing and adventuring. After millions and millions of visitors and views, its easy to understand how people have used our material to move properties they own, to new concepts and goals.

Like racing for the event, not a championship. First exersized on


The economy, or lack of one, is the major driver changing racers attitudes about sanctioning bodies and decisions about where and when to race.

About differences in media and off-road economies, Brian from Fusion Off-Road of Lake Elsinore, told "TOO BAD THE SHOW SOLD OUT. The past mint 400 shows have been exciting and a great representation of desert racing. This show was a 2 hour red bull commercial and it spent its time highlighting a 1 time racer "who did well and has fans". with the rising cost of desert racing we need to properly represent sponsors but apparently if you don't race Trophy Trucks you are not a part of today's desert racing. I think y do we pay a pro entry fee when we get sportsman coverage. How well will desert racing and its promoters do on Trophy Or Trick Truck alone..... Wake up and remember who pays your bills. My team was contacted and asked for all of our helicopter footage. we spent time and money to give this away for free. It was a wast of our time. Why ask if you do not intend on using anything but the country clubbers in your show. Maybe with these aggregate numbers Red Bull can sponsor every car and truck in desert racing."

It's now approaching 107 Years of Desert Off-Road Racing on the west coast of North America.

Unlike the false flag of 'modern desert racing', which celebrates roughly 1962-on, most of the major mechanical developments in this genre of racing were on the scene, prior to 1962.

The Past

In California, the Mojave Road, an important route of travel, was already one hundred years old, when in 1962, much of the 'modern' desert racing on the west coast began.

The Mojave Road in 1862, was an established "back door" into California. Hill climb competitions, point to point scrambles and sanctioned auto races were well underway in the California deserts by 1907.

*Our story is intended to be a ramblin' disjointed touch of journalism, like all our work! But, it will also be hitting the nerves of west coast prima-donnas (first ladies) and we hope, an insight into Baja racing and off-road recreation, like you've never seen before.

The Future...Stay Tuned!

  • The Desert Classic 1914-2014 Nov
  • LIVE! BAJA 1000 2014 Nov
  • CABO SAFARI Off-Road Tourney
  • BAJA SUR 500 January APRIL2015
  • LIVE! BAJA San Felipe 250 March January
  • LIVE! MINT 400 2015 March
  • LIVE! CABO 1000 2015 April

    Preview Party and 10 Years Celebration! Monday, October 6, 2015

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