Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Witness Who Found Kurt Caselli while still alive, Ken Kosiorek Passes Away this past weekend while moto-riding in Big Bear, California

Thursday SPECIAL, September 11, 2014 

Desert Racings Pandoras Box is opened. Roger Normans changes to the decision making process of SCORE International, contributed to Kurt Casselli's Death in last years Baja 1000. Nine months, tens of interviews and hundreds of opinions, the death of desert racing great, Kurt Caselli is finally sorted out.

"What do I have to do, suck your balls to get it removed?" Roger Norman, requesting to remove content from this publication.

"Your publication is a great read, but the formatting sucks". A race insider, describing his unique take on Baja Racing News and his inside information.

Ken blamed SCORE International.
Ken intended on putting together a "Medical response" at all of the SCORE events, so that "another Caselli incident would never happen again".

SCORE decisions before running the 2013 Baja 1000:

*Roger Norman scrapped the tracking system and safety protocols of SCORE International prior to the Baja 1000 2013 CLICK HERE 

The baby, the bath water and the wash basin were thrown out the window!

*Roger Norman decided NOT to have a SCORE chopper at the 'tip of the spear'. In years past, SCORE always had a chopper in the lead of the race following and seeking the lead bikes. Since Rogers takeover of SCORE, this operation was eliminated.

There was NO Safety chopper over the lead bikes for the first time since choppers were brought into service for the Baja races. 

[***Stay Tuned HERE***EXCLUSIVE INSIDER STORY on how SCORE brought Helicopters into service in the Baja races***]

In an interview with Roger, the 'new' owner of SCORE opined his expenditures for helicopter coverage cost too much. So he decided to cut-down the amount and coverage of safety and race coverage helicopters, to reduce his operational costs.

*As reported and predicted here on, SCORE handling of race logistics for the Baja 1000 2013, including competitor tracking contributed to the Kurt Caselli Incident. Kurt himself, knew of the failures Roger Norman was responsible for. 

***CLICK HERE, Caselli points his finger from the grave***.

*Roger Normans bias against the bikes. Let's be brutal about this item. In the San Felipe 250 2014 TV Show, its stated "Baja racing is a handful of racers". Translated, The Trophy Trucks or 'Country Clubbers', as they are called by insiders. The new SCORE has a real bias against everyone who IS NOT a Trophy Truck Team. Proof? There is NO Competition Review Board for racing with SCORE! 



*Desert Off-Road Racing treats its racers equally. Each can die and no quarter is given, no tears are part of the deal. 

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Original Story August 1, 2014  

Edited by Gary Newsome

Ken Kosiorek, aka "Baja Turtle", passed away at the end of last month, July 2014. He reportedly passed from a 'health issue', while riding in Big Bear. Reported today,
Ken Kosiorek "was trail riding in the Big Bear area with a group of other riders and apparently began to feel weary, so he pulled off the road and eventually expired".

Ken will be remembered as completing several Baja 1000's solo and riding to and from the start/finish line from his home on his plated XR650. He did not race the 2013 Baja 1000, because during the 2012 event he suffered four broken ribs, when he crashed at race mile 575. He "Crawled into San Ignacio racing pits and it took two more days to get to San Diego. [for medical services] Went to Kaiser Hospital for x-rays and a catscan." 

 Ken also is now known as the first person who found Kurt Caselli after Kurt's crash at the 2013 Baja 1000. He had been directed to the task by Carlos Orozco of an ill-informed private 'racing pit service'.

Baja Racing News LIVE! talked with Ken on three occasions after his Baja 1000 2013 experiences. In Ken passing, our publication is no longer bound to keep his identity and interviews, private.

A Veterans Memorial Service will be held for Ken (Baja Turtle) Kosiorek on Monday, August 11, at 1:30 PM. Miramar National Cemetery, located at 5795 Nobel Drive, San Diego, CA 92122.

Scheduled between 1:30-1:55 PM, sign-ins, flowers, memorial items and pictures will be presented.  At 1:55-2:00 PM, everyone will drive over to the shelter where the memorial service will take place. The drive to the shelter is about 1 minute away from the cort├Ęge. 2:00-2:15 PM: Welcoming remarks and tributes honoring the life of Ken. 2:15-2:30 PM: Taps and flag presentation to Kens family member.

"Celebration of Life for Ken Kosiorek following the services at Miramar National Cemetary on August 11th. Come celebrate Ken with his family, off road family, co-workers, and friends. There will be drinks and buffet, a tribute presentation, open mic for those who would like to share a special memory of Ken, and a lot of laughter and tears."

Monday, August 11, 3:30 PM.  Parioli Italian Bistro, 647 South Highway 101, Solana Beach, California, 92075.

 Critical reads for this story:

UPDATED! August 3, 2014 Guilty of Fraud,
The Largest Ever in Mexico. Just sayin'.

Remember the moto rider death and the bike thefts? Yup, they're related to Kurts death.

Cameron 'Scam' Steele walks over the dead bodies, picking up dollar bills from his scam money dealings in Mexico

We want to see receipts for the 'orphanage dollars', why no DA rep with the Caselli Foundation?, lets see scam's hacienda filing for the taxes due on his "activities" in Mexico.  Yea, his family is the mouthpiece for the 'la familia'!
Fucking the family-with no leadership on real issues. Blood on Steele with no regrets. Who is next for the "Assassins" to kill?

Stay Tuned>>> 



William "Baja Bill" Fuentes said...

I have a true story to tell.

For all the anti-Baja Racing News rhetoric it receives, I come here for guidance to questions that identify problems and then give the a solution(s) for those who deride it, they secretly admit coming because Baja Racing News provides some understanding.

Gary? I have called your number and cannot get through. I have a mountain of detailed notes (TIMELINE) about when, how, what, where and who Ken Kosiorek (Baja Turtle)was faced on November 15th.


A Mr. Martinez called over a week ago and we spent two hours on the phone.

He finally got around to admitting he works for "a news outlet" - even though I was fairly sure this blog was one of them - and desperately wanted to sit down. I see nothing so far as to any substance here yet.

That shocks me...

I was once quoted from a Facebook rant I had made and told this friendly man, Mr. Martinez, "the only thing I would have asked Gary Newsome to do would be to remove my cuss words."

I trust him not to not manipulate anything I said or else there will be a polygraph examination. and have told anyone who has read it "I stand behind every word..)


Now then, the first words out of my mouth upon hearing of Kurt's death; not knowing about JCR/Honda have stopped as well the 22 minute delay about some silly allegation about "broken wheel", in any event, my words were "I need to stay down here for three days to go to the accident scene."

It was not my vehicle so we headed home...

When I got home, I started an investigation. I have everything; the helicopter logs; the Martz shooting; reviewed Weatherman Live Feed that has been heavily manipulated I have been blessed and cursed with time to look in to this tragedy

Each morning I wake up I pray someone show me the investigation we have performed at at no cost to anyone - as been a laughable farce, but it is not.

So Gary, Mr.Martinez spoke highly of you about working at bakery, live down at the "O.B." and how we all must lose everything to win.


Bajaholics Anonymous said...

Though this comment comes with an "Anonymous" ID; there is very little doubt that only anyone curious [read 'scared"...] enough to read a puny "Comment", buried under and amongst a myriad of reports and stories, will immediately know who WE are and we have tried to contact you to help, yet similarly, and like Roger Norman, we must not be trying hard enough.


Perhaps the reporter who called us six weeks ago - frantic and begging to meet with some of us as an immediately - really was, or is...

In any event, we have multiple (combined) years of varied Baja racing expertise in competition, communications, tracking and officiating and stepped in together - our first members were named Sean, Ken, Bill, Dan and Alyssa...

Soon, paramedics join us; a non-rival promoter and competitors - former and present - joined Bajaholics Anonymous but require true anonymity and as a Blog Journalist, you can appreciate this certainly.

Many of us who have been actively reviewing all factors associated and/or contributing to the death of Kurt Caselli ask for you connect all the dots.

Let's consider Johnny Campbell's apparent and willful disregard of "SCORE Ops" attempts to communicate with the JCR/Honda helicopter.

We agree so far with what you have published, but there is so much more than could have, should have and would have been done had Roger Norman's new SCORE been truly concerned with safety and rescue operations.

These murky and disgusting trails of evidence are everywhere, and are incredibly still available. It requires some experience and expertise - but to begin with, we hope you will listen carefully to Weatherman's Radio Relay Feed (rebroadcast) as matters went downhill - preceded by :

1. Complete loss of the tracking feed [as identified in the YouTube satire "NO MORE QUARTERS TO FEED THE MACHINE"];

complicated then when admittedly...


covered with patchwork of...

3.The chilling DEAD AIR [redacted feed] of 22 minutes, demonstrating Kim Carpenter had genuinely engaged some measure of brain function, however;


4. Lacking any "veteran supervision" (Only Safety Director Bill Black and the angered Roger Norman*8* standing right behind her (in her exclusive "Henhouse") worrying about his "purse" (SCORE Helicopter use) nor Carpenter having the DISCRETIONARY AUTHORITY or CONVENTIONAL WISDOM to simply bring the "2x" matter to the immediate attention of Weatherman as follows @ say... 15:10 hrs. instead of 16:33 hrs.:

"WXM; SCORE Ops: Status Only; 2x is stopped, now 10 minutes at or nearby RM 792."

Baja veterans would know this, but for good measure, "Weatherman" repeats almost every status or plea Status only at this time."

That, Gary and Scotty, is just the tip of the iceberg...


There's no "JCR/Honda Wins 2013 Baja 1000" video. Perhaps this may explain something so horrible and tragic, maybe that's why there's been a cover up, guys... What an epic story that JCR missed; to "touch and go in the helo"; the opportunity to save a precious life of a fierce on track rival, in the midst of winning their FINAL RACE IN MEXICO.

Rest in Peace, Kurt.

Thank you Baja Racing News for the informative and engaging way in which such information is published.

*8*: Angry when Caselli called him on earlier in the year, and as reported by this blog, this haphazard and lack of "homework" cost Caselli ad KTM a win at the SF250 along with what has not surfaced yet - why Caselli was so angry when he got on the "2x" for the "Last Ride"

William "Baja Bill" Fuentes said...

I just wrote a "book"; it was over the limit provided here upon - so stay tuned - for help is on the way!