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The Complete BAJA 1000 2013***The Complete Story of the Death of Kurt Caselli***Investigative work by

The Complete BAJA 1000 2013
UPDATED: October 18, 2014

Last Year we Asked:
"Was the race sanctioning body emergency response to this incident, reasonable and adequate [satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity]?"

SCORE IS culpable in the BAJA 1000 2013 Death of Kurt Caselli
***Nor was their pre-race planning and their race execution, 'reasonable'.***

*Ordering the SCORE Race Helicopter Services Grounded During the Moto Race 

*Change in the SCORE Race Emergency System and failure to respond to the emergency event.

*Change in the Race Tracking System and failure to respond to the emergency event.

----------------------------------------- EXCLUSIVELY
Interviews Caselli Death Witness, before he, himself dies!

Reporting Caselli investigative coverage to January 2014

Reporting Caselli investigative coverage at the time of the emergency event


CLICK HERE FOR THE LIVE! COVERAGE called the tracking failure at this event, BEFORE IT HAPPENED!

  ""UPDATE: November 5, 2013



[Edited:]'An industry expert', sez:
"SCORE will Fail Tracking BAJA 1000", in Exclusive interview with Roger Normans sponsor and vendor.

[Edit:]'The expert' told our reporter, "we tried to get the contract for tracking but Roger got the Spot units for free".

[Edit:]The expert sat down with MONSTER Mike and spilled the beans about the tracking system being used by the race sanctioning body and the plans [Edit:]'the experts company' has for covering the qualifying of the desert off-road racers.

"I meet with Roger at least once a week lately", "I talk to SCORE's tech every day", said [Edit:]'the expert' in the recent, face-to-face. 

"We were going to give SCORE the services for free, but, now we're going to charge him for the internet and coverage services at Ojo Negro for qualifying", [Edit] 'the expert' said. "Internet access services".

SCORE BAJA 1000 Race Tracking

"With a new system of live tracking being used at the race will be available to the public live", is as the race sanctioner has described their 'tracking' programming.

"(Race) coverage of the race which will include real-time footage from several areas around the race course." Sure, last time Roger claimed this, their images were so bad, it reminded media professionals of high school online videos from the mid 90's. Utter trash! Video streaming from Mars looks better than the stuff SCORE produces.

[Edit:] 'The expert' commented the SCORE images were not even considered 'minimum quality' for online live events. "They were unrecognizable".""

BAJA LIVE! Exclusive motorcycle reports.


BAJA 1000 2013 After the race

BAJA 1000 2013 Before the race

BAJA 1000 2013 FACT SHEET 

BAJA 1000 2013 PreRunning

BAJA 1000 2013 Pre-Event Coverage 


Gary Newsome, Editor

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zpoyly said...

gary antonio (aka zpoyly)here from mexicali i cant find nothing related to this, " *Tosser McDuff said, "Did the 1x stop? Score press release says KC was leading". confirm me please if the team honda rider stop at all cause Kurt was not wearing no camouflage colors his team uniform is bright orange, you nknow sometimes i wish taht this was a dream and at the next year dakar podium i wont see no mark dickhead coma holding the 1 place trophie and instead watch Kurt with a friendly smile as he always use to posed for the camaras, well keep up the good work and whenever you throw some shit to muder roger norman think of how much time ive said in my mind "chinga tu puta madre roger norman" sincerely toño from mxli.