Saturday, December 13, 2014

SCORE holds its "Awards Ceremony" in their garage in backwater El Cajon. Sponsor loss rumors explode that TOYOTA, TECATE and others have bailed on the 'World' 'Global' Championship series, as huge fines for enviromental penalties against them, are negotiated out. has bailed

UPDATE! December 15, 2014:

First Posted December 12, 2014:

Baja Racing News is following rumors of sponsor losses and verified news of huge environmental penalties against the "Global" "World" Championship desert racing series. 

This week, the racing organization is cutting costs, by holding their year-end, season ending, annual awards ceremony at their garage, in a corner of San Diego county, normally used for illegal vehicle smog operations and chop shops, taking apart stolen cars and trucks. 

El Cajon is so backwater that the local California Department of Motor Vehicles in El Cajon, located not far from the garage being used for the SCORE annual dinner, was closed this summer for corruption! Numerous El Cajon residents, were working as employees of the department, were caught and convicted by a bunch of the three letter federal and state agencies and the offices were closed!  The property is fenced off, the building boarded up and still closed!

The SCORE garage is located in some of the cheapest, least environmentally protected, lowest taxed, industrial zoned land in the southwest. El Cajon is a dump.

Back to the El Cajon DMV. The place remains today, boarded up, not open for business for state automotive registration, licensing and drive testing for residents of rural eastern and southern San Diego, known as El Cajon, 'the box'. The area is so backwards, that even Roger Norman himself, refused to participate in recent 'Off-Road Days', an annual  local celebration of the 'east county' off-road community. 

Known as the 'Hill-Billy Haven' community of Southern California, El Cajon is the birthplace Jimmy Johnson, the NASCAR 'six-time' racing champion. Of course, he doesn't live in El Cajon any longer. He lives on the civilized east coast of North America.

Jimmy now lives, just south of the shadow of Wall Street. Were the nations banks have just this weekend, decided that they want to get back into the derivative business all insured and 'backstopped' by the American taxpayer! A primary cause of the nations recent economic collapse, it's where some of the dirtiest, legal money is, legal gambling all insured by the American taxpayer, the FDIC. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Reportedly, TECATE and TOYOTA have dropped or are dropping SCORE International as one of their sponsored friends. As has documented, the big mistakes Roger Norman, owner of SCORE, has made since buying the racing organization, may be some of the reasons for leaving SCORE on the side of the road.

Recently, an Ensenada newspaper, has reported that SCORE is being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for environmental violations for its recent running of the 2014 Baja 1000, desert off-road race. These charges have reportedly not been levied against SCORE and are in fact, being negotiated at this very moment.

One fact remains about racing in Mexico. You cannot do it on the cheap, like some have done in the United States. 

While the racers are partying on the real elephant feet bar stools, among the numerous African big game kills in Rogers garage at the 'awards party', the bar tab for the racers, Roger and SCORE is being tabulated. MORE LOADING>>> 


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