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Dave Coles King of the Hammers event destroys BITD, SCORE and the rest of Desert Racing

UPDATED! February 9

February 8, 2015
Gary Newsome, Editor

Last week, King of the Hammers desert event destroyed the internet coverage of over a hundred years of racing in the West.

All the desert racing organizations of the west, including Best In The Desert and SCORE International are now, screaming little bitches...

The great live coverage of King of the Hammers also begs the question, 'What has BITD and SCORE spent all of their money on?', when the good the times were rolling. Tons of entries, sponsors and the public tourism money (corporate welfare). 

These desert racing organizers commonly receive in excess of $100,000 per event, in 'corporate welfare'.

Coles 'Hammers' wiped out 'rock crawling' in only its second year. Rock crawling is such a low brow activity, it didn't take much to take all the gas out of the room on crawlin'.

Competitive desert racing in North America has been around since at least 1908, so taking over the media spotlight of this classic sport is historic.

Race sanctions, like Best In The Desert, SCORE International, SNORE and many others have transacted millions and millions of dollars. These are not 'associations' as stated in many of their press and other communications.

These are private businesses and have banked most of the proceeds.

We are sure, that the owners of desert racing did not count on a race sanction like Ultra4 or an event like 'King' to grab and hold the very valuable spotlight.

What Casey, Roger and their media hacks have miscalculated is the investment Detroit has now made in "Hammertown". The "King" live media event has now leveraged massive latent public interest in, OFF-ROAD.

If established desert racing had spotlighted its sport, when the 'live online event' technology was first offered, costs would have flattened and be cheap as hell, by now, in 2015! Like surfing does now, all day long.

Best in the Desert (BITD) is lucky to have a website, let alone any internet coverage. Not because of cost, but because of a complete lack of understanding. Who needs a website, when you're swimming in cash?!

Send your entry in by snail mail! Race results? Yea, in two weeks!  

The BIG NEWS!!! (please) The biggest joke, the MINT 400 being offered by its owners as a live radio offering! 1930's technology, BIG NEWS...sad really.

The next biggest joke. SCORE and George Antill failing at "Dirt Live". They had all the components to TAKE the marketplace in '13 or '14 and the BIG NEWS for 2015, "big media changes". SCORE drops the weekly show. According to a source inside SCORE, "Roger Norman decided not to go live at the San Felipe event, while onsite, because of slow net speeds", weeks ago.

The "media changes" should have been to EXPAND live showings, not eliminate coverage!  All the SCORE explanations of TV contracts, reflects SCOREs weak negotiating skill.

Make no mistake, experts in this field are claiming these technologies are way cheaper, improving and expanding much faster than people can keep up. 

The price of coverage IS NOT the problem. The problem is control. In the United States, there have been Fourth & Fifth Estate Constitutional Violations.

 *SurfRat and others have been "privateer live covering" desert racing in the last few years, when either the sanction or others have placed force to remove the live streaming. Often live streaming on public lands.

Any restrictions by anyone, including badged admins in cahoots with the business, the sanction, is not legal under the American Constitution. forcefully says,
We'll explain in the near future.

Here in Mexico, its another degree of problem!

Now that the lead has been taken by "King", how will BITD, SCORE and MINT 400 respond?

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