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LIVE! BAJA 500 2015 June 1-7, 2015


From Ensenada, Baja California, Old Mexico

*Saturday, June 6 5AM LIVE! BAJA 500 RaceDay



CONTINGENCY From Ensenada, Old Mexico  

Red Bull athlete Bryce Menzies qualifies sixth for the starting positions in Saturday's BAJA 500

BAJA 500 Trophy Truck and Class 1 Classes Post Race Start Results

On Saturday, tomorrow here in Baja Norte, Mexico, the town of Ensenada will be the Start of the 2015 BAJA 500 LIVE! on Baja Racing News LIVE! Racing on the 510.58-mile SCORE Baja 500 course begins when motorcycle and ATV classes start at 5:30 a.m., Saturday morning. Trophy Trucks and other four-wheel trucks, buggies and UTVs will take the starting line at approximately 10 a.m.

Today, Friday, June 5, downtown is buzzing with technical inspections and contingency row on the Boulevard Costero.

Yesterday, outside of town, on a private Mexican ranch, not open to the general public, Robby Gordon bested the other 26 Trophy Truck teams that showed up to qualify by nearly 10 seconds with a time of 5 minutes, 23.216 seconds. The second-fastest qualifier today was Nick Vanderwey (5:33), with Luke McMillin finishing in third (5:34.379). Jason Voss (5:35.283) will come off the line fourth on Saturday, while Apdaly Lopez (5:40.176) will be the fifth truck off the line in Ensenada. See the full results below. 

 Trophy Truck and Class 1 racers gathered today at a private location to qualify south of Ensenada for the 47th running of the SCORE Baja 500. SCORE Officials shifted the qualifying course from the location used in recent years just outside of Ojos Negros to a new area near Uruapan. The new qualifying course offered a slightly more technical challenge with very few straightaways, giving racers an all-new course to battle for starting times for Saturday’s race.
Far fewer Class 1 racers participated in qualifying today, but of the eight racers Jaime Huerta posted the fastest time – and by a large margin – at 5 minutes, 45.556 seconds. Second-fastest qualifier Randy Wilson posted a time of 5:57.742, and rounding out the top three is Shelby Reid with a time of 6:04.70.

Qualifying Results To Start

Trophy Truck

1. Robby Gordon – 5:23.216
2. Nick Vanderywey – 5:33.00
3. Luke McMillin – 5:34.379
4. Jason Voss – 5:35.283
5. Apdaly Lopez – 5:40.073
6. Bryce Menzies – 5:40.176
7. Kyle Jergensen – 5:41.592
8. Gustavo Vildosola – 5:42.439
9. BJ Baldwin – 5:43.182
10. Jason McNeil – 5:49.199
11. Rob MacCachren – 5:49.410
12. Steven Eugenio – 5:50.322
13. Tim Herbst – 5:51.107
14. Eric Hustead – 5:52.917
15. Eduardo Laguna – 5:54.417
16. Robert Acer – 5:55.021
17. Jesse Jones – 5:56.378
18. Dan McMillin – 5:57.995
19. Justin Davis – 6:00.692
20. Casey Currie – 6:05.463
21. Mark Weyhrich – 6:08.376
22. Zak Langley – 6:23.524
23. Graf Tracy – 6:25.492
24. Glen Greer – 6:44.841
25. Chris Miller – 7:07.883
26. Sergio Salgado – 7:19.077
27. Troy Herbst - DNQ

Class 11. Jamie Huerta – 5:45.556
2. Randy Wilson – 5:57.742
3. Shelby Reid – 6:04.700
4. Don Chase – 6:21.832
5. Cody Parkhouse – 6:23.022
6. Rob Archibald – 6:30.325
7. Scott Rueschenberg – 7:02.304
8. Tony Murray – 7:03.444


BAJA 500 2015 Pre-Run Reporting and the Pics & Vids!

SCORE International Safety Chart, Sanctions "safety plans" havent been seen in over a year and half.
SCORE Announces:

"2015 Bud Light SCORE Baja 500 Safety Map. The Cruz Roja mobile command unit will once again be positioned at start finish to manage emergencies. They will have six ambulances and eight 4x4 rescue units on standby throughout the course. The Weatherman will be positioned on top of Mt Diablo. Bob Otwell will be taking over for Bob Steinberger who is feeling under the weather. He will be assisted by Robert Thompson on top of the highest peak on the California side of the border. ...James Coates will relay internet data from Eldorado Ranch in San Felipe. Honda relay is going to stay on course to help fill in the gaps. They will relay emergency medicals over the radio and satellite radio to the Cruz Roja mobile command unit headed up by Miguel Ceballas and Bill Black. There will be 125 course workers running checkpoints and road crossings. Dr Jeff Grange, Head of Trauma for Loma Linda Medical Center will be standing by for major medical calls in the SCORE medical helicopter. Adam Williams and the Aero-Medi-Vac team will be on standby at Ensenada airport for critical transports. Brad Baker and Luke Dupin will head up the Volocore team doing satellite tracking of all racers. The will compute penalties and relay SPOT 3 mechanicals plus minor and major emergency satellite button pushes from the black SCORE semi and the Cruz Roja Mobile Command. The awesome group called Aficionados Responsable will be going to problem areas to help with safety. Many thanks to everyone for doing there best to keep people safe."

Robert Allen responded: 
"Sounds great now all they need to do is actually send help when there is an emergency!"

The 2015 Baja 500, Setting in Reality
Corporate Welfare and The Baja Races
By: Gary Newsome

The SCORE International owner, "Vegas should be the capital of the Western States", Roger Norman, gets thousands of dollars from Mexico Tourism, for bringing his desert racing circus, south. We think he wouldn't be in this business if the g-mint money wasn't part of the mix. More Later...

Some people don't understand, PAST IS PROLOGUE.

The death of Danny Hamel, 20 years ago, is a lesson that some things can't be controlled. Some things can be controlled. Wisdom is knowing the difference and action is always needed for the later.

For the first time since the death of Kurt Caselli, SCORE has made public, its 'Safety Chart'. During the following race, after the Caselli death, SCORE refused to make public, any of its 'Safety Plans'. 

SCORE hasn't promoted the Baja Pits people that were called on to explain to the public "how to respond to a Baja racing emergency" and its use of the same people to find Kurt Caselli during the Baja 1000 2013, when Caselli was "lost". In actuality, he was hurt fatally.

Since then, SCORE hasn't said a word about 'Safety', since the Kurt Caselli passing.

The motos guys are. During the last SCORE event, the BajaSur 500, the moto winner asked about the same issue discussed by Kurt Caselli, Safety. 

Still no helicopter from SCORE at the lead of the race, with the bikes. After the Caselli death and after complaint after complaint, by moto racers! How much of a profit does Norman want? At some point this goes BEYOND greed and ego. 

Norman told he removed the safety chopper at the lead of the races, because of their cost.

The Life & Legacy Of Team Green’s Off-Road Racing Hero
Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Danny Hamel’s tragic passing following a fatal crash at the 1995 Baja 500, and it’s still difficult to believe that Danny is gone. While many remember this man for his racing talents, it was Danny’s pure enthusiasm, passion, humility, and love that continue to remind us of what an amazing person Hamel truly was. With a constant smile and a perpetually great attitude, Hamel left behind him a sea of wonderful memories in all those who knew or came into contact with him, and he’s every bit as missed today as he was 20 years ago.

In honor of Hamel, Dirt Rider is pleased to announce that we’ve dedicated a major feature story to Danny in our August 2015 issue, which hits newsstands on 6/23. Written by DR feature contributor Brett Smith and featuring special insight from those who were closest to Hamel, this story revisits the life and career of one of desert racing’s most beloved heroes. Dirt Rider went to great lengths to honor Hamel’s memory, including digging deep into our photo archives for some incredible images that have been tucked away for over 20 years. Be sure to keep an eye out for the full story, and please enjoy this outstanding video that was created for Hamel’s induction into the AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame in 2013.

Danny’s story has an undeniably tragic ending, but the tale of Hamel is a brightly shining account of life and love, and it is in this spirit that we remember the man who is often simply referred to as “The Best There Was”.

The Ghost Stories Of La Rumorosa CLICK HERE

More Ghost Stories of La Rumorosa CLICK HERE 

Incredible Coverage BAJA 1000 2008 HERE CLICK

The Infamous "VW Das Fail" 2008 



What locals will get run over? What Moto Racer will have his bike Stolen at Gunpoint? What Racer will be shot by a Pot Farming Local? Who will try to Bury The Truth! Which Racer will run off the cliff into the Ocean?  
Who Gives F*** about who will Win?!

23Dan McMillinMcMillin. Period!3 to 1
36Glen GreerWill not Dodge a bullet8 to 1
9Mark WeyhrichTotally tubular4 to 1
50Zak LangleyOften a tricycle7 to 1
85Justin Davis“Make” or Break3 to 1
88Sergio Salgado“MR” parts chaser5 to 1
91Troy Herbst / Flyin’ RyanWill make a run for it4 to 1
45Gary MagnessMid-pack performer5 to 1
19Tim Herbst / LRMike’s magic working?3 to 1
35Jason VossReal Contender2 to 1
11Rob MacCachrenMacKING OF BAJA2 to 1
97BJ BaldwinProtest Form already filled out?2 to 1
83Luke McMillin“Use the Force”3 to 1
40Chris MillerToo Lite7 to 1
75Mike CookIf you can’t stand the heat … stay out of the desert9 to 1
99Lyle BaskA hoser7 to 1
76Jesse JonesStay Dry!3 to 1
5Carlos Apdaly LopezScary-fast2 to 1
21Gustavo VildosolaTeam will not Shrek their duty2 to 1
70Bryce MenziesChallenger2 to 1
44Kyle JergensenSecond tier5 to 1
47James BultMoving chicane9 to 1
22Casey CurrieAt “rear end” … 9 to 1
1Steven EugenioRuns way up front2 to 1
77Robby GordonVictory donuts @ Finish3 to 2
58Tracy GrafMay get scuttled9 to 1
2Jason McNeilHe'll Endo9 to 1
17Eduardo LagunaLaguna Diablo3 to 2
84Vanderweys / LeducsAin’t no bull4 to 1
195Don ChaseDedicated enough?5 to 1
127Cody ParkhouseSteady3 to 1
125Scott Rueschenberg“Are you experienced”?9 to 1
168Shelby ReidEbberts the key5 to 1
156Thomas KirkmeyerHas the “Motion”212 to 1
187Ryan SharmanDon’t squeeze …9 to 1
138Randy Wilson / “Tucson Juan”TOP TIP3 to 1
180Jim Anderson“BB King” rules3 to 1
104Rob ArchibaldNot that easy this time4 to 1
166Brady Turner“Zonnie”-power!9 to 1
169Andrew MyersDARK HORSE4 to 1
175Jaime Huerta, Jr.No chance9 to 1
145Mike BooneBuys the farm?9 to 1
131George PetersVacation9 to 1
114Lee MundtOut of the office9 to 1
109Tony MurrayBig ol’ comfy car!6 to 1
160Victor BarredaCould be a player5 to 1
147Pat McCarthyWell-oiled9 to 1
123Monica GreenhillA finisher6 to 1
TT Spec
871Larry ConnorWill lead the field2 to 1
874Elias HannaWill run w/ Lee7 to 5
868Pat SimsCan’t stand pat4 to1
880Scott ServenTough “Gig”6 to 1
875Jerry ZaidenPoor man’s Kent Kroeker6 to 1
854Chelsea Magness#1 – in family6 to 1
873Jonathan BrenthelOh, Bin Waddin5 to 1
855Lee BanningTOP TIP3 to 1
848Billy Wilson“Gulf Coast Blues”III to 1
852Russell BuehlerAnyone? Anyone?9 to 1
872Jordan BrenthelMarketing effort5 to 1
846Jose GomezBring wrenches9 to 1
848Miles WyattBrawley Brawler4 to 1
Class 10
1058Clay LawrenceBig shoes to fill … 4 to 1
1045Travis Clarke“Raceco”?!8 to 1
1062J.J. SchnarrDARK HORSE4 to 1
1099Adam PfankuchHas the correct tool K.I.T.2 to 1
1089Arnoldo Gutierrez, Jr.Out of his league7 to 1
1040Cody RobinsonOn my Radar … 2 to 1
1027Rick St. JohnPatron saint of Beam Cars2 to 1
1081Todd WinslowPerhaps standing on the corner … 6 to 1
1009Rafael Navarro, IVA Tiger, once … 2 to 1
1080Peter HajasYah, shur4 to 1
1011Morgan Langley / KoryKory carries effort4 to 1
1068Cody ReidWill not be buffalo-ed3 to 1
1050John LangleyHard on hardware?6 to 1
1098Shane ScullyWill not challengeX to 1
1017Jesus MarchenaUnknown? to 1
1002Steve LawlerBad draw3 to 1
1053Brad WilsonTOP TIP3 to 1
1060Armando BoehmeLong tow por nada7 to 1
1075Eliseo GarciaQuick4 to 1
Class 12
1209Rafael Navarro, IIIWins w/o Pirellis!3 to 1
1218Miguel Tornel, Jr.Experienced, indeed4 to 1
1203Oliver FlemateFlame-out9 to 1
1207Michael CrichtonCould be terminal, man7 to 1
1283Brian CancimillaPerrun pace?9 to 1
Class 8
802Tim GabbertBergschrund9 to 1
Class One-Half 1600
1647Wes McKenzieGood “Bio”graphy3 to 1
1606Ruben SañudoSF Fav4 to 1
1661Brennan LambertAlso-Ran7 to 1
1689Marco VenegasTop Five5 to 1
1609Jose RuvalcabaTop Two3 to 1
1602Ernesto ArambulaSerious credentials3 to 1
1626Martin RangelMight finish8 to 1
1605Miguel CortezTop Seven7 to 1
1616Ely YeeDARK HORSE3 to 1
Class 7
700Dan ChamleeSome things never change5 to 1
701Brandon WalshStuck stubs5 to 1
Class 3000
3030Chad BroughtonTurn the Paige4 to 1
Class 5
525Ben Swift… but he’s is not now … 9 to 1
500Jose Luis Lopez Gonzalez“Los Dos Malos” not bad3 to1
Class 5-1600
555Tomas FernandezRougher’n an “11”6 to 1
553Armando GarciaTOP TIP3 to 1
562Steve AcheyHas the “heart”6 to 1
560Francisco RamosSecond Tip3 to 1
597Enrique Zazueta, Jr.Takes refuge6 to 1
578Gustavo AviñasPick up left-overs6 to 1
Class 3
300Donald MossWell … Even
Stock Full
8125John GonzalesTWO tow straps9 to 1
Class 11
1121Dennis Hollenbeckto “Hell n (not) back”11 to 1
1156Art PennerSluggish Bug11 to


BAJA 500 2014
The Bloody Battle!

BAJA 500 2013

BAJA 500 2012 Complete
BAJA 500 2011 Complete
BAJA 500 2010 Complete
BAJA 500 2009 Complete
BAJA 500 2008 Complete 
BAJA 500 2007 Complete 
BAJA 500 2006 Complete
BAJA 500 2005 Complete 

**KING OF BAJA Perry McNeil
Talks about the 2015 RaceCourse

**Race Course Info UPDATED! TODAY

**Race Pull For Starting Positions Shows Lack of Entrants Alarming!

Score International conducted its starting positions pull for this years 2015 BAJA 500.

Total Official Entries: 151 (as of 5/15/15)

By starting order within class

Pro Cars & Trucks


(Qualifying Order)

23 Dan McMillin

36 Glen Greer

9 Mark Weyhrich

50 Zak Langley

85 Justin Davis

88 Sergio Salgado

91 Troy Herbst

45 Gary Magness

19 Tim Herbst

35 Jason Voss

11 Rob MacCachren

97 B.J. Baldwin

83 Luke McMillin

40 Chris Miller

75 Mike Cook

99 Lyle Bask

76 Jesse Jones

5 Carlos Lopez

21 Gus Vildosola Jr

70 Bryce Menzies

44 Kyle Jergensen

47 James Bult

22 Casey Currie

1 Steven Eugenio

77 Robby Gordon

58 Tracy Graf

2 Jason McNeil

17 Eduardo Laguna

CLASS 1 (16)

(Qualifying Order)

195 Don Chase

127 Cody Parkhouse

125 Scott Rueschenberg

168 Shelby Reid

156 Thomas Kirkmeyer

187 Ryan Sharman

138 Randy Wilson

180 Jim Anderson

104 Rob Archibald

166 Brady Turner

169 Andrew Myers

175 Jaime Huerta Jr

145 Mike Boone

131 George Peters

114 Lee Mundt

109 Tony Murray

CLASS 1/2-1600 (6)

1647 Wes McKenzie

1606 Ruben Sanudo

1661 Brennan Lambert

1605 Miguel Cortez-3rd RS

16XX Ely Yee-2nd RS

1689 Marco Venegas-1st RS

CLASS 3 (1)

300 Donald Moss

CLASS 5-1600 (3)

555 Tomas Fernandez

553 Armando Garcia

578 Gustavo Avina-1st RS

CLASS 7 (2)

700 Dan Chamlee

701 Brandon Walsh

CLASS 10 (17)

1058 Clay Lawrence

1045 Travis Clarke

1062 J.J. Schnarr

1099 Adam Pfankuch

1089 Arnoldo Gutierrez Jr

1040 Cody Robinson

1027 Rick St. John

1081 Todd Winslow

1009 Rafael Navarro IV

1080 Peter Hajas

1011 Morgan Langley

1068 Cody Reid

1050 John Langley

1098 Shane Scully

1017 Jesus Marchena

1002 Steve Lawler

1053 Brad Wilson


1209 Rafael Navarro III

1207 Michael Crichton-2nd RS

1283 Brian Cancimilla-1st RS

CLASS 11 (2)

1121 Dennis Hollenbeck

1156 Art Penner


8125 John Gonzales


871 Larry Connor

874 Elias Hanna

868 Pat Sims

880 Scott Serven

875 Jerry Zaiden

854 Chelsea Magness

873 Jonathan Brenthel

855 Lee Banning

848 Billy Wilson

852 Russell Buehler

872 Jordan Brenthel

846 Jose Gomez

CLASS 3000 (1)

3030 Chad Broughton

CLASS 19 (19)

1937 Marc Behnke

1917 Derek Murray

1915 Thomas Graves

1942 Scott McFarland

1927 Ben Wilson

1921 Johnny Angal

1904 Cory Sappington

1905 Marc Burnett

1922 Jonathan McVay

1946 Jose Juarez

1916 Cody Nygren

1908 Justin Lambert

1949 Alonso Lopez

1971 Wayne Matlock

1988 Wes Miller

19XX Christopher Lent

1930 Sean Cook

1932 Brandon Schueler

1924 Jorge Hernandez-1st RS

Pro Motorcycles


5x Colton Udall

35x Nicholas Gust

19x Scott Myers

45x Francisco Arredondo

3x Mark Samuels

21x Dustin McCarthy

8x CR Gittere

1x Ricky Brabec

13x Jon Winkelman

26x Nick Owens

CLASS 30 (2)

301x Christopher Schultz

300x Mark Winkelman

CLASS 40 (5)

424x Jeff Powell

403x Oscar Fazz

404x Jano Montoya

411x Colie Potter

444x Kyle Abney

CLASS 50 (4)

520x Seiji Kubota

511x Robert Meottel

501x Marc Prince

515x Walter Lemonovich

CLASS 60 (2)

603x Susumu Ishi

6XXx David Davis


706x Kevin Daniels

700x Tony Gera

740x Boe Huckins

7XXx Jere Don Kellough

713x Francisco Teran-2nd RS

750x Brent Balika-1st RS



1515 Derek Fletcher-1st RS


1431 Raferty McDougall

SPT M/C (7)

271x Shinichi Yamada

274x Louie Abeyta

245x Jack Lundin

222x Hideyuki Uoka

265x Ramon Murillo

235x Fernando Barbosa

262x Tyler Acosta-1st RS


119a Rusty Batza-1st RS

116a Adulfo Loya Torrez-2nd RS

**The reality of the "Baja Races":

"Think about it, you have the most incapable amateur riders racing with trophy trucks and getting passed by most of the cars.  There are serious injuries and sometimes death at every race." Roger Norman, SCORE

Mistake or Business as Usual? 
Baja Races being led by Roger Norman:

*Roger Norman has intentionally reduced the motorcycle entries in several ways.

1. SCORE has raised entry fees beyond any economic reality or logic. One answer could be he raised the entry fees to eliminate certain teams.

[The 'fee graphics' presented here were made by a 'racer'.  That's why the time axis is bass ackwards!]

Maybe the intentional elimination of 'Sportsman'.

2. He has willfully eliminated the lead SCORE chopper from use. interviewed the company who holds the SCORE contract. We interviewed Roger Norman about the helicopters when the Kurt Caselli incident went down. We have no illusions about 'how' and why' the death of one of North Americas greatest moto personalities died in Normans event.

To put an emphasis on this problem, in the last event the BajaSur 500, the moto winner of the event complained about not having a helicopter, as SCORE had consistently done when Sal Fish operated SCORE.

The Kurt Caselli Foundation has made a point of working on this "problem".

Norman has voiced in public, over and over, his issues with motorcycle entries.

We suppose  after nearly killing one, during his 'racing career', he's not a 'moto-guy'.

Any wonder why HONDA bailed? 

*SCORE has failed to take any care in the problem of killing spectators.

*Roger Norman does not engage in discussion. It's his way or you are out. In a business, in a one-dimensional platform, it could be acceptable. However, SCORE is taking millions of pesos from Mexico. He's on CORPORATE WELFARE.

In reality, 'Baja Racing' is a multi-dimensional human platform. Including a mostly ignorant spectating public and a blood-thirsty racing component.

The locals can extract what it wants from Roger. Since he's taking their money, they can negotiate anything into the deal.

Without the welfare $$$, would this be a business or would it be OUT OF BUSINESS? 
We know the answer. Roger is gone without the Mexican money. The hundreds of thousands of dollars the government gives SCORE during every race.

And let us remind you racers. When the moto rider got his bike stolen during prerunning for a recent BAJA 500, Roger told

Many of the "racers" are pussies. I just ignore them". "If you can't accept losing it "ALL", don't race in Baja Mexico." 

The Original Case: 15x Dead at 2013 BAJA500:

[[15x team member said connected to this moto theft before the race:

""Baja Racer Motorcycle Stolen at Gunpoint during BAJA 500 PreRun

By Scott Myers:

"One of my 40 Class teammates Mike Baxter from Carson city NV was pre running the start from Ensenada on thurs aprox 10:00 am when at about RM10 is came across and "Downed rider" Or so he though with his bike laying in the middle of the course and the hunched over clutching his stomach. As he pulled up he asked the guy if he was ok and the guy muttered something in Spanish like he was in pain. So he asked again and this time he pulled up a Black .45 handgun and pointed it 10 inches from his face and said "Give me your bike right now or ill shoot you". As Mike was literally about to take this POS gun out of his hands and beat the life out of him another guy jumped from the bushes on his left and then another from behind. Sadly he had to give up his 450X. Before I forget I want to truly thank Kyle Abney because he not only stopped and rode Mike out or harms way but he drove mike to two different Police stations and stayed with his for over 4Hrs of Hell.. Without going into all the other details and how we figured this out let me say that the police have been Outstanding since minute one taking this very very serious. They found out that this guy not only races SCORE races but was entered in what we understood was team 5X. They call Him "Freddy" and he was the suspect in the robbery of as I understand it a Canadian rider at last years 500.. As of right ow they said that the police know everything about this POS including his home and his mothers home and as far as the police say he is on the run. He was positively identified by Mike in some arrest photos they had of the guy. He rides a Honda 450X with "Monster stickers" on the graphics. He also has a black helmet of some kind. That is all the info I have as of right now. We of course took this info straight to Oscar the Attorney for SCORE and we were blown off like we were a second class citizen. We sent off emails with No response and finally after a few more phone calls we had to go down the the convention center and practically Corner Roger Norman. So after a lengthy discussion Mike was basically told to Pack sand and there was NOTHING that they could do about it and or would do about it and "thanks for coming" but don't let the door hit you in the ass. So I just wanted to let everyone know that this kind of thing is serious and we are really hoping they find this POS and we find the bike. "

Baja racers Spreading the Love:

"Robbed by another racer at the BAJA 500. This story was copied and pasted. It was told by Cracker 1 on I personally feel very disgusted and hope justice is served to the people who were involed. I will receive detailed information soon on the motorcycle information and will ask my fellow baja local racing friends to keep an eye out for this bike. Even know 90% of the time, if your bike is stolen in baja you will not get it back. But I hope this person/ racer is caught soon!!
Cracker 1
I felt that it was very important to get this information out as soon as possible after getting home today from the Baja 500. I brought this information to someone that I felt could have posted this to every offroad website there there was on the day that it happen but I was very sad to see that not a single word was posted ANYWHERE. So here goes, I was privileged to be part of not just one but 2 winning teams for the first time by winning class 30 on 349X by over a 1:08 and also Class 40 on 402X by multiple hours."""
""During the moto race lineup at the start of the race, other moto competitors pointed at the 15x team, as the one that perped the theft."" 
George Antill, SCORE Source]]

From an earlier race 'discussion': 

"SCORE 'Jefe' Roger Norman responds to sportsman "whining":

"You are running in Sportsman and you call yourself a professional? That is very funny that you would say that.
I will look today, if you are entered, I will refund your entry 100%. I do not want to hear from you again on my e-mail. I am working diligently to preserve the sport and all of my decisions are with that in mind.  Now the motorcycles are responsible for 90% of the medical claims.  Insurance companies are refusing to cover the sport.  Think about it, you have the most incapable amateur riders racing with trophy trucks and getting passed by most of the cars.  There are serious injuries and sometimes death at every race.
If you are fast enough to compete in the Pro Class then you can race the entire 500.
You do not need to race in our series, as it appears there is no 'fit' for you as an amateur, that will make you happy.
This is not the first time you have complained to me, but this will be the last. If you are going to continue to whine about it, you will not be racing at all.



UPDATED Friday, May 15:

State officials confirm, they will not be supporting hundreds of thousands of US Dollars going to a wealthy American to put on a circus in their jurisdiction. They will begin negotiating an end to any financial supports in the future.

The State reps say the races are no longer money makers when looking at the complete financial picture for the government.

Thursday, May 14:

Interviewed municiple authorities here in Ensenada have told that the days of the government paying SCORE thousands and thousands of dollars are coming to an end.

Why? Roger Norman, the sole owner of SCORE  is "filthy rich and can afford to pay for each and every cost associated with the 'gringo races' held in the City/County of Ensenada", Baja California.

The times are changing in Mexico for desert off-road racing. MORE>>> 

First Report:
Ensenada, BC May 12, 2015 - Before the 47th Edition of the Baja 500 was to be cancelled, the Baja California Tourism Ministry provided, as a loan, 500,000 pesos (US$33,500) needed to pay for the route, reported Óscar Escobedo Carignan (Baja Tourism Ministry Sec.). 

Oscar, the head of the tourist ministry, said that the loan will have to be reimbursed to the ministry, once the tourists trusts have funds, which could happen before the end of May.

Smallest racers list since the Gasoline Crisis!

Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE!
Gary Newsome, Editor



BAJA 500 2014
The Bloody Battle!

BAJA 500 2013

BAJA 500 2012 Complete
BAJA 500 2011 Complete
BAJA 500 2010 Complete
BAJA 500 2009 Complete
BAJA 500 2008 Complete 
BAJA 500 2007 Complete 
BAJA 500 2006 Complete
BAJA 500 2005 Complete 






BAJA 500 2014
The Bloody Battle!

BAJA 500 2013

One racer told
"In the 84, the McMillins took the overall and that is the 1984 san felipe 250 (Roger Norman copied this ´84 edition for this years 250 [2014 San Felipe 250] saying that was a "never used section for a San Felipe 250". But, I guess in 1984 he [Norman] was into breakdancing? Pogo champion?). 
What Is This???

BAJA 500 LIVE June 1-7, on

Gary Newsome, Editor,

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