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LIVE! COYOTE 300 2015  
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico


UPDATED! June 24, 2015; RACE BULLETIN! La Paz, Baja California Sur., Mex- 

With an exceptional performance, the Air-pilot, Julio Verdugo, of Team Aero Calafia, was the overall winner of the XXI edition of the race Off Road "Coyote 300", which took place yesterday in the Municipality of La Paz and unfortunately was overshadowed by the deaths of a young quad racer and a spectator.

As expected the race was well attended taking the green flag in the KM 36 a total of 117 cars, according to results released at the finish line located ON THE BEACH at "El Tecolote" given as overall winner Julio Verdugo with a time of 3 hours, 27 minutes and 39 seconds. The second place went to Samuel Araiza 3:29:28 and third, Edgar Romero 3:31:28.

Onsite Team Calafia Air pilot, Julio Verdugo aboard his unit # 188, Class 1, achieved the fastest time of the competition taking a difference of only 11 seconds over Andres Ruffo of the Trophy Truck.

This important result Verdugo July, it gets back in contention for the title of Class 1 in the Official Championship off Road Standing Committee, representing the "Coyote 300," the fourth round.

In the main Trophy Truck, imposed conditions Andres Ruffo with a time of 3 hours, 27 minutes and 50 seconds, finishing second Francisco "Nacho" Monroy with 3:31:23.

Antonio Castro took Class 2 with a time of 3:41:57, second ended Juan Carlos de Jesus Jimenez 4:00:54 and third was Edgar Morales 4:04:05. Class 8 Enemesio belonged to Alfonso Lopez Jaime 3:44:54 and 4:32:50 second started.

Javier Montoya was the winner in Class 17, with 3:39:16, followed by Jesus Contreras 3:47:34 and third was Hector Olmos 3:47:36. In class 7 a protest by a pass road was presented, so today will be announced the official positions.

In Stock Mini the best was Luis Yuen, Giovanny Lucero second and third Helladius Careaga. In Class 14 Juan Sandoval was the winner, followed by Rigoberto Castro and Jose Ignacio Marquez.

Enrique Zazueta Jr. was the winner in Class 5-1600 Gustavo Nava. In Class 15, Pedro Perez Pliego was the first to receive the checkered flag and then Luis Armando Castro and Marco Medina.

Stock in Class 8, the place of honor was for Jorge and Jaime Abaroa. In Class 9, Francisco Valdez. In Class 18, Julio Garza and second, Jorge Angel Macias. In the Class 11, Joel Esliman second Fernando Gabriel García Ojeda and won.



Results motorbikes


Ramon Avila 1ro.- 3:28:51

Oscar Martinez 2do.- 3:34:18

3:34:55 Vincent Meza 3ro.-

Intermediate + 30

Ulises 1ro.- Fisher 3:46:36.

2do.- Martin Mendoza / Eduardo Petit 4:05:58 (-10 seconds)

3ro.- Ricardo Santana / Javier Espinoza Morales 4:48:56


Jorge Gil Ceseña 1ro.- 3:55:00

Wilfrido Ruiz 2do.- Altamirano / Rodrigo Lizarraga Landázuri 4:03:07

Juan Carlos García Valle 3ro.- 4:08:08

ATV Free Experts

Manlio 1ro.- Diaz / Salvador Perez Pliego / Mario Diaz 3:25:19

2do.- Edwin Sanchez / Manlio Diaz / Mario Diaz 3:27:47

Albino 3ro.- Collins / Carlos Jimenez 3:28:45

ATV Intermediate + 30

1ro.- Jose Manuel Fierro / Jose Manuel Zavala 3:40:59

2do.-Andres Aviles 3:48:44

Cota 3ro.- Erick Gonzalez / Carlos Jordan 3:58:03

ATV newbies

1ro.- Miguel Alejandro Perez Garcia / Juan Adolfo Perez 3:51:05

2do.- José Luis Torres / Diego Vail 3:59:30

/ 3ro.- Mario Torres / Aaron Torres Omar Contreras 4:03:57


Race Action From The Capital Of Off-Road, La Paz!

Two Dead, Reports Loading Now:

1 to tobeños racing died today  

UPDATE! Monday, June 22, 2015

News surrounding the unfortunate events that killed a young quad race and a spectator, during the development of competition. The communityis in mourning.

It was learned that Enrique Guadalupe Agúndez, the quad racer from San Lucas  apparently suffered the accident in the area of ​​the road to Los Planes, colliding with a private car, died after the operation in the "Juan Maria de Salvatierra" hospital.  

Regarding the death of young spectator, it was learned that he was hit a few nearly 3 kilometers from the KM 36, being on the side of the road taking pictures with your phone. Responsible for such unfortunate event was the driver, Roberto Galvez team, "The Tobeños" who after booting lost control of the unit in a ford, impinging against the young fan, who unfortunately died on the spot the young fan.

Original reporting RaceDay, Sunday, June 21, 2015

La Paz, BCS Shortly before three o'clock in the afternoon announcement that a boy of 16 he was run over at kilometer 39 north given by one of the participants in the Coyote 300 race vehicles, sparking discussions again in social networks, on the insecurity that prevails in these events, primarily because viewers are not placed at a safe distance from the route.

In the accident, the pilot Roberto Galvez Gallardo 46-year-old native of the municipality of Comondu, driver of a pick up in Class 7 (see photo), lost control of the unit in an area of ​​Fords and ran over teen GERARDO name taking video with his cell phone. His death was instantaneous.

According to witnesses, he had repeatedly pointed out to viewers who do not approach the gap, but not all obeyed the rules.
Similar situations have arisen in other competitions, where fans constantly invade the path of the cars.
As disclaim responsibility for this unfortunate incident, the driver and the vehicle were put at the disposal of the Public Ministry specialized in Land Traffic events.
In ASMAC we are very saddened by the regrettable death of Enrique Guadalupe Agúndez Ceseña, broker Pro ATV class. We join the grief of his family and friends in these reiterating all the support we can provide this difficult time.  

May they both, rest in peace.

Season Point Standings:


Contingency Report:

 The big news from La Paz, the Baja South race organizers have issued a statement saying, "at no time, in the future, will Baja South race organizers from La Paz allow any American tracking systems in our race events", "the last experience with IRC (International Racing Consultants) from southern California USA, proves that no trust can be given its owner or registered agent, in Mexico".
Contingency and the Fans Goods! Here on Bahia La Paz

Saturday, June 20: The day began for most teams, finalizing their race trucks for todays scheduled technical inspections, tonight on Bahia La Paz. The Capital Of Off-Road!

Technical inspection and contingency went off with the racing community of Southern Baja Mexico, directly on the waterfront walk, the 'Malecon'.

Jay from Southern California is here to race a rock crawler against the best here in Southern Baja Mexico. He'll do well!

Weather today, seasonal temperatures and clear skies! Its mid-June in La Paz. No tropical storms or high humidity is expected the entire weekend of festivities. Stay Tuned*** 

Isaiah Gonzalez returns to the 2015 Coyote 300

Total Racers: 103

Trophy Truck 3

1.- 9 Isaías González Nava, La Paz B.C.S., Ign Construcciones del Noroeste, S. A. de C. V, Ford, Corredor Libre.
2.- 54 Andrés/Jorge Ruffo, La Paz B.C.S., Ruffo Racing, Promotion, Argos Ruffo Racing, Jimco, Corredor Libre.
3.- 24 Francisco Monroy, Cd. Constitución B.C.S., Servillantas Monroy, Quaker State, Pro-Race, Cima Residencial, Dodge Ram, Club Coyote Pits. A.C.

Clase 1 2

1.- 129 Luis Camarena, San José del Cabo B.C.S., Expreso Autopartes, Racer, Corredor Libre.
2.- 188 Julio Cesar Verdugo/Iván Sánchez, La Paz B.C.S., Aero Calafia, EEAC, Eléctrica y Plomería el Arco, Chorizo Race Prep., Desert Buster Photography, Hms Avenger, Club Paceños.

Clase 8 2
1.- 822 Israel Araiza/Jesús Gausin, La Paz B.C.S., Herrería Gausin.-Araiza Arquitecto-Hilando Sueños Alta Costura,-Materiales Montoya,-Rectificaciones La Biela De Oro-Agua Jaans, Ford, Corredor Libre.
2.- 823 Enemecio Lopez, Lopez Mateos B.C.S., Ford Ranger, Corredor Libre.

Clase 2 4

1.- 250 Luis Ismael Rojas Sotres, La Paz B.C.S., Todo Pc Computadoras, Mega Dulcerías Sotres, Salones Sotres, Todo Paintball, Todo Mechanics, Xprint Publicidad, Taller De Carrocería Dany, Warlock Fab, Corredor Libre.
2.- 288 Alejandro Verdugo/Ivan Sanchez, La Paz B.C.S., Aero Calafia, EEAC, Electrica y Plomeria el Arco, Chorizo Race Prep., Desert Buster Photography, Hms Avenger, Club Paceños.
3.- 277 Ramiro de la Fuente, Montemorelos, Siem, Notary International, Curry, Corredor Libre.
4.- 204 Sergio Valles/Benjamín Mariscal, La Paz B.C.S., Romo, Corredor Libre.

Clase 17 12

1.- 1767 Cesar Alejandro Zatarain/Cesar Zatarain, La Paz B.C.S., zatarain, la Shari Lava, Lava renta, Café la Parcelita, Penhall, Club La Paz. A.C.
2.- 1770 Javier Montoya, La Paz B.C.S., Marisco Los Laureles, La Católica Restaurant, Imagen Automotriz, Romo, Corredor Libre.
3.- 1715 Nigel Gale, Cd. Constitución, Palapa 206, Frenomex, Don Viejito Race Prep, Rigid Industries, Empi. Rpm Racing, Jimco. Corredor Libre.
4.- 1779 Enrique Zazueta Vacas/Arath Zazueta, La Paz B.C.S., Implementos Agrícolas la Victoria, Rancho el Refugio, Grupo Ancar, Geraldo Vws, Llantera Santa Fe, Neth, Correcaminos A.C.
5.- 1773 Daniel Orozco/David Orozco, La Paz B.C.S., Marmoles Carrara, Pro Race, Arias Abogados, Tacos Perrones, Aei Constructores, Mago Welding, Shompes Autoelectric, Idicom, Tiqui Serigrafia, Amplified, Bachoco, Century 21 Costa Paraíso, Corredor Libre.
6.- 1782 Tarcilo Peña, Loreto B.C.S., Maderería Peña, M&M, Spa Constructores, Faymi Racing, Islas Racing, Cam, Corredor Libre.
7.- 1744 Pedro Castro/Octavio Davalos Ramirez, Cd. Constitución/La Paz B.C.S., Agro Riegos, Imagen Automotriz, Curry, Corredor Libre.
8.- 1722 Juan Briseño/Fernando Davalos, Mascota Jalisco/La Paz B.C.S., Briseño Motorsports, Don Viejito Racing Engines, Imagen Automotriz Race Prep, Penhall, Corredor Libre.
9.- 1745 Alba Sandoval, Cabo San Lucas B.C.S., Escudería Balmaceda, Pipas y Camiones del Tezal, Speed Energy, Naturaya, Kikis Burger., Club Cabeños.
10.- 1700 Jose Luis Villarreal, La Paz B.C.S., Control de Plagas Villarreal, Neth, Club La Paz A.C.
11.- 1702 Jesús contreras/Octavio Dávalos Ramírez, La Paz B.C.S., Liverpool, Agrícola Contreras, Plaza San Diego, Mueblería San Diego, Speed Energy, Boutique Oceano´s, Terra, Ferreteria Orduños y Campestre Las Guacamayas, Garibay, Corredor Libre.
12.- 1777 Guadalupe Márquez/Iván Castro, Cd. Constitución B.C.S., rentas alaggon, proyecta desarrollo eléctrico, taller la cobra racing, Corredor Libre.

Clase 7 5

1.- 710 Ramón Rodríguez, La Paz B.C.S., Llantera California, Llanti Servicios Monroy, Autopartes el Progreso, Telmex, Rodríguez Automotriz, Ford Ranger, Club Coyote Pits.
2.- 725 Erick González, La Paz B.C.S., Parabrisas Cristal Fácil, Toyota, Club La Paz A.C.
3.- 746 Francisco Chávez/Alan Chávez, La Paz B.C.S., Agua Purificada Santa Rita, Team Zavala, Kikis Burger, Ford Ranger, Club La Paz. A.C. (Pagado Y Derecho A Sorteo).
4.- 718 Cuauhtémoc Ceseña, San José del Cabo B.C.S., Los Guadalupanos Motorsport, D Todo Celular, Pinturas Fily, Auto Eléctrico Godínez, Hook Up, Ford Ranger, Corredor Libre.
5.- 720 Luis Fernando Cota, La Paz B.C.S., Ford Ranger, Club La Paz. A.C.

Clase 7sx 12

1.- 7001 Francisco Romero/Oscar Rivera, La Paz B.C.S., Llantera el Zorro, Marisquería Mazatlán, Yokohama Tire Mexico, Ford Ranger, Corredor Libre.
2.- 7041 Carlos Alfredo Godínez Jr./Jesús González, La Paz B.C.S., Hot Dogs El Kekitho, Mi Apa y Mi Ama, Ford Ranger, Club Coyote Pits, A.C.
3.- 7070 Ageo Zapata, Cabo San Lucas B.C.S., Soldadoras Ageo, Llantera El Morro, Toyota, Corredor Libre.
4.- 7024 Jorge Ojeda /Iván Ojeda, La Paz B.C.S., Grúas Elviros, Carros Pilotos, Pescadería Punta Abreojos, Rokolas Daniel's, Pescadería San José, Ferretería Orduño.
5.- 7064 José Ignacio Márquez, Arturo de la Rosa, Eléctrico Kayro, Servicio Araiza, Rectificaciones Márquez, Servicio Mecánico Marquez, Pachy Welding, Yonke Mario, Taller mecánico el Chuy, Equipo Márquez, Ford Ranger.
6.- 7089 Raúl Espinoza/Andrés Espinoza, La Paz B.C.S, Grupo Espinoza, Weyjo, Taller Espinoza, Painfiul Pleasures, Ford Ranger, Desert Drivers.
7.- 7011 Julio Cesar Ortega/Marco Amaya Taylor, La Paz B.C.S., El Centenario B.C.S., Taquería La Brecha, Carnicería El Sinaloense, Taller Ochoa, Zona Jeep, Teporochos Team, Vanny Perfonmance, Súper Pollo, Mariscos El Pato, Hates El Capri., Jeep Cherokee, Corredor Libre.
8.- 7067 Natalio Villarino, Cabo San Lucas B.C.S., Ramirez Herm. Transp y Mudansa Avilés. Seg Priv Mingo, Valle.Trasm El Piña, Frenos Galan, Ford Ranger, Corredor Libre.
9.- 7034 Antonio Cazares/Scott Rose, La Paz B.C.S., Ff Road Racing Parts, Hates el Lobo, Baja Fibers, Willie Valdez,, Ford Ranger, Club Coyote Pits.
10.- 7058 Carlos Ojeda / Oscar Ojeda - Ford Ranger, HN MotorSport, CCC, Olmos Team, Burger Hause, Grupo Nissan, Palmilla Golf Staff, Golf Guadalajara, Los Cabos Bcs.
11.- 7096 Rudy Quintero, La Paz B.C.S., Rudy Fibras Racing, Club Coyote Pits.
12.- 7019 David Corral, La Paz B.C.S., Frenos y Embragues california, S.A, Servicio Diésel Arana, Ford Ranger, Club Coyote Pits.

Clase 5-1600 6

1.- 597 Enrique Zazueta Vacas, La Paz B.C.S., Implementos Agrícolas la Victoria, Rancho el Refugio, Grupo Ancar, Geraldo Vw, Llantera Santa Fe, Neth, Correcaminos A.C.
2.- 574 David/Jesús Sarabia, La Paz B.C.S., Ostionería Mazatlán, Parmisat Contadores, Xprint Publicidad, Pescados Y Mariscos Luke,VW, Coyote Pits, A.C.
3.- 553 Gustavo Nava/Diego Robles, El Pescadero/La Paz B.C.S., Just Burguers, Mariscos El Pato, Powerade, Cervon Automotriz, Solis Sport, Llantera Nava, Pollitos al Mil, Vochorrachos, Montes motores y transmisiones, X-Print, Imagen Automotriz, Notaria Publica No. 8, Ylachentos Race Prep., Vw, Club La Paz A.C.
4.- 573 Salvador Sanchez, La Paz B.C.S., VW., Club La Paz. 1 Rs.
5.- 581 Enrique Nava/Manuel Garcia, La Paz B.C.S., Vw, Club La Paz A.C.
6.- 580 Cristobal Carrillo, La Paz. B.C.S., VW, Corredor Libre.

Clase 7 Stock Mini 6

1.- 798 Iván Sánchez/Jesús Sánchez/Alejandro Sánchez, La Paz B.C.S., Pro Race, Yo si voy, 100% Paceño, Tortillería Doña Vico, Progreso, Quaker State, Club Paceños, Ford Ranger.
2.- 787 Isaac Mercado, Víctor Zarate, Los Cabos B.C.S., Productos Enedelia, Pro Nachos Baja, Cobasur, Rigo Guerrero, Chalos Suspensión, Ford Ranger, Corredor Libre.
3.- 761 Francisco Humberto Espino/ Carlos Tejeda, Cabo San Lucas, Autopartes Martínez, CTM Mantenimiento Industrial, Humane Society, Nissan Hardbody, Corredor Libre.
4.- 753 Marco Tagle, Cabo San Lucas B.C.S., Huracán Tourist Consultants, Burros y Hates El Bruce, Mofles Guerrero., Ford Ranger, Corredor Libre.
5.- 770 Eladio Careaga, La Paz B.C.S., PROVEEDORA DE CALZADO, Agracosa, Imagen Expres, Construcciones Cristino, Ferretería los Pinos, Ford Ranger, Club La Paz. A.C.
6.- 783 Luis Sergio Yuen, La Paz B.C.S., Salon de Fiestas Enjoylan, Bachoco, Mofles el Pato, Tornillos y Birlos, Leche Yaqui, Alineaciones Danny, Materiales Amador, Taller Roguers, Notaria 26, Toñito Pictures, Choyer Power, Electrico el Papo, Ford Ranger, Club Coyote Pits A.C.

Clase 15 4

1.- 1566 Pedro Pérez Pliego/Juan Manuel Castellanos Cabo San Lucas, Moduvated, Prosan, Combustibles Baja Sur, Wide Open, Joes Polarizado, Vantag, Curry, Corredor Libre.
2.- Ricardo Hernández, La Paz B.C.S., Pasión Racing, Vw, Corredor Libre.
3.- 1580 Marco Antonio Medina, La Paz B.C.S., Taller Mecánico Beltrán, Enlace Telecomunicaciones, Embarcaciones Chametla, Syte, Sds.
4.- 1599 Josué Abaroa, La Paz B.C.S., Papa Billy, Marina El Palmar Don José Boat Yard, Joyner, Club La Paz. A.C.

Clase 14 2
1.- 1447 Abraham Careaga/Arleth Higuera, Imagen Expres, Botas Fina, Ferretería Los Pinos, Rotulas El Pata, Alineaciones Dany, fh Inmobiliaria, Zusuki, Corredor Libre.
2.- 1469 Rigoberto Castro, Todo Pc Computadoras, Balmaceda Escudería, Todo Pc, Dulcerías Sotres, Todo Paintball, Quaker State, Rudy Fibras, Xprint Publicidad, Radiadores Jalisco, Argos, Jp Santisteban Contadores,, Multi Servicios Baja, Dany Suspensiones, Toyota, Corredor Libre.

Clase 18 2

1.- 1879 Julio Garza, Guadalajara Jalisco, Bt Racing Guanatos, Polaris, Corredor Libre.
2.- 1824 Martin Salgado, La Paz B.C.S., Polaris RZR, Corredor Libre.

Clase 11 8
1.- 1173 Salvador Antonio Beltrán Jordán, La Paz B.C.S., Beltran's mec.gral. Cardistens S.A. de C.V. Enlace comunicaciones y más, VW, Corredor Libre.
2.- 1148 Alberto Ortiz/Juan Pablo Domínguez, Cabo San Lucas B.C.S., Jpd. Soldaduras Ortiz soldaduras rafa, Vw, Corredor Libre.
3.- 1116 Carlos Salgado, Pescadero B.C.S., Vw, Corredor Libre.
4.- 1105 Adrian Villarino/Adrian Perez, El Pescadero B.C.S., Perez Racing, VW, Coredor Libre.
5.- 1153 Alejandro Conde, Pescadero B.C.S., Vw, Corredor Libre.
6.- 1109 Joel Esliman, Auto Eléctrico "El Chivo", VW, Club La Paz A.C. 1 Rs.
7.- 1100 Gustavo Otero, Cabo San Lucas B.C.S., Tapicería Oteros, JPD, Soldaduras Ortiz, Vw, Corredor Libre.
8.- 1199 Elías Hernández García/Elías Hernández Piedrín, La Paz B.C.S., Taller Elías, Vw, Club La Paz.

 State championship of Motorcycling Off Road Map Asmac 2015
4 th date: Coyote 300 2015
List of registered for giveaway starter

Class Bikes Pro (4)
3 x Araben Agúndez / Irby Agúndez
24 x Oscar Martinez
6 x Jesus Geraldo Colosio
2 x Luis Diaz / Alejandro Diaz

Class 30 and Intermediate (5)
300 x Itzcoalt Bareño
332 x Ivan Leyva González
380 x Ricardo Santana / Javier Espinoza Morales
377 x Ulysses Fisher
399 x Rafael Franzoni / Guillermo Franzoni

Class Newbies Motorcycle (4)
200 x Jorge Gil Ceseña
204 x Francisco Castro / Yony Amador
234 x José Francisco Gavidia
238 x Juan Carlos Garcia

ATV experts Free (8)
3 to Edgar Josue Aldecua / Rene Tapia / Hector Zepeda
12 to Enrique Agúndez / Osiel Martínez
82 to Albino Collins / Carlos Jimenez
37 to Osvaldo Lucero / Efrain Lucero
96 to Oscar Zamudio / Ricardo Diaz / Cesar Zamudio
1 to Edwin Sanchez / Manlio Diaz / Mario Diaz
79 a Manlio Diaz / Salvador Perez Pliego / Mario Diaz
45 a Geovani Marquez /

ATV Intermediate + 30 (2)
155 to Efrain Esparza Calderon / Javier Miranda
122 to Erick Cota González / Uriel Dávalos

Class Newbies ATV (11)
200 to Miguel Alejandro Perez Garcia / John Adolfo Perez Garcia
237 to José Luis Torres
248 José Félix Pérez / Jan Carlos Amador
223 to Juan Carlos crowned / Jose Lopez / Osvaldo Heráldez
259 to Jonathan Lucero / Roberto Acosta / Joan Manriquez
252 to Cesar Palma Escobedo / José María Amador
273 to Mario Torres / Aaron Torres / Omar Contreras
241 to Francisco Javier Meza Torres / Empty Zoaith Contreras
256 to Martin Estrada / Carin Salvatierra / Jesus Salvador Diaz
254 to Nestor Ojeda / Caesar hernádez
299 to Miguel Angel Romero Nunez / Miguel Alejandro Romero Nunez / Luis Rene Beltran


Coyote 300 1998

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