Monday, June 29, 2015

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Mad Media Ignores Race & Safety Disaster at their MINT 400, continues!
Gary Newsome


Let's see how long Michelin will put up with the flatbiller antics of the "Great American Race".

We know Continental was willing to put up with all the asshat antics because of their SHIT tires. But, is the worldwide tire empire of MICHELIN willing to get its face smashed in with the "MINT 400 Safety Disaster CoverUp" wooden bat?! 

Major Off-Road racing insider sez, "the BLM has told him, one more mistake during these races and racing in the Nevada deserts will end forever!"

Tim Sanchez Dirt Exploits Ended after wasting BFGoodrichs funds

We get to bury these mega corporations, NOW! Like Michelin and Red Bull. Flatbillers Joey D and Mad Media, The Story, HERE

Reporting Began on June 25, 2015, "A Day That Will Live In Infamy!" 

 Fair Warning. Baja Racing News is embarking on territory outside of Mexico, inside the minds of those who think they're controlling the off-road community.

The 'Like-Friend'-Zillionaires living on the false belief of FaceBook. We've interviewed Michelin executives and one of our reporters was embedded in various desert race operations for the last fifteen years.
      Joey DiGiovanni, CEO of, why is it that all UTV Underground guys all weigh in at 300 pounds at 4 foot in height? This is the pro crew, associated with Mad Media taking over Baja, drunk and in "array". No wonder German Motorsports bailed out, just the start of the DISASTER.

Millionaire Bryce Menzies, Red Bull money recipient has "won" the MINT 400, on bad data

The 'community' continues to allow Brett Sloppy to enter desert races under false names. The very same people who last week started a 'new takeover of Baja', with Jackson Motorsports and their representation of BFGoodrich Tires.

This sport is devolving into a big, fat, 'my party is bigger than your party CF'. 

Mad Media can't keep up with their T-Shirt orders! WAFJ:


OFF-ROAD LIVE! is covering the story of the Red Bull Mad Media MINT 400 Tracking Units COVERUP, the BIGGEST desert off-road racing story, since the California 200 racing deaths!

Let's review! At last years Mint 400, Best In The Desert allowed numerous racers, out on the course, without trackers. Numerous teams were issued trackers that didn't work. There were racing incidents in the event, that were not covered by the sanctioners rules. Robby Gordon is quoted as saying, "No-one knows who REALLY won this race!"

Remember what the hack Jimmy Beaver said: "The entire first lap was madness. I saw more rollovers and broken cars than any race I have ever been in. In the past 3 years of racing the Mint I have to say that the dry lake beds have absolutely scared the **** out of me. 125 mph blind for a few miles, with very little for course markings, and power lines mixed in is not fun. I love this event, but I will say it is amazing someone hasn't been in a serious crash on the dry lakes yet. There could be a 20 car pileup and you would never know until you crashed in to the pile." Maybe that's why its named 'MAD Media'!

I'll be deep in the cotton candy of the Martelli Brothers and Joey D. I have my HazMat suit on and I've been sealed away from every known internet bacterium and virus. I'm ready!
The Cotton Candy of Mad Media, Delusion

When Frank DeAngelo invited, to become a part of the "enthusiast network" of theirs, we declined. So that we could write this story, in its entirety. No holds barred. BFGoodrich is expected to take over BITD tire sponsorships, next race season. This item was denied this morning, by Frank. Another, Steve Myersism.

On the instructions of 'some' in the desert racing community, they say, "don't talk to". Not because we get the story wrong, but because we get the story right.

Wait until to hear, THE REST OF THE STORY>>> EXCLUSIVE

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