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Citizen Norman, Roger Norman owner operator of SCORE International

UPDATED! October 29, 2015

Original Post: October 16, 2015
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Ongoing Reporting
Revelations from inside sources and recent reports on the racing concern, SCORE International and its one man operator, Roger Norman. Citizen Norman.

What's his business?

Taking public revenues. Other peoples money. Your taxes.

 The Mexico Welfare Story is NEXT>>>

Click here for the Reno Wall Street Journal story

Norman couldn't care less about safety, the locals and fifty years of racing history. He's selling his "Worlds Largest Industrial Park". Did we mention our partners over at AMEX were the source for the Emmy Winning Journalism that blew the whistle on the Mesa de Otay, Baja California, battery company waste (discharges) dumping case that caused severe birth defects in Tijuana children in 1989?

The children living downstream of the company (whose mothers were drinking the arroyo water that contained the discharges) that was dumped waste in the water, were born without brains.  As stated, literally, without a brain. Anencephaly

The prosecution of those responsible for the Alco PacĂ­fico site in Tijuana (where thousands of tons of toxic waste were abandoned when the company went bankrupt) resulted in a $2 million court settlement in 1993, earmarked for remediation of the site. Yet it took four years for cleanup to even begin. During all that time a mountain of lead was left uncovered in a residential area, near a dairy farm.

And Metales y Derivados.

Considering the expert witness revelations about the Norman owned land at the Reno Nevada "races", now being used for 'Industrial' purposes, we hope Roger has his 'paperwork' in order!

Tesla and Roger Norman

Citizen Norman Damnation Domination
**Racing Fall-Out Continues!
SCORE Cancels B1000 Pull at ORE! Insider Reports *Citizen Norman collects his 'winnings' and goes shopping for charter and real estate holdings! EXCLUSIVE!  

Gary Newsome

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