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INQUEST Kurt Caselli Death Cover-Up Confirmed***Murder?

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The facts, information from "SCOREVETS and Baja Bill Fuentes, my sons 'mentor during his racing life', about my sons death are correct", Nancy Caselli.

Baja Bill Fuentes, "Kurt Caselli was murdered".


**COLTON UDALL ADMITS, "Johnny Campbell is responsible for Caselli Death! Exclusive Interview from Baja 1000, Thursday, November 15 at Bronco Steak House, Ensenada, BC Mexico. 

In an interview with, during the most recent Baja 1000 at Bronco Steak House, Udall spoke on the record.

"Johnny Campbell is responsible for Kurt Caselli's death". "Johnny orchestrated the whole thing, thats the reason he refuses to talk about anything relating to Kurt's death, to this day", Colton Udall said. 

"Johnny wrote my statement after the race (Baja 1000 2013) and directed everything I did during the race and since". I haven't said anything until today because I was under contract with JCR. The whole Off-road Hall of Fame thing bothers me. It makes me sick to my stomach", said Udall.



Prior to his own death, in a telephonic interview with a reporter from, the attorney in Mexico for SCORE-International, confirmed the report from the first responder to the dying Kurt Caselli. 

Oscar Ramos said in an extensive interview at the time, "Kurt died from internal organ damage, shock and yes, he had an open chest wound"
Ramos participated in the transfer of Kurt's body from Mexico. He had a copy of the Mexican autopsy.

The 'Baja Turtle', said there was an open bloody wound in Kurt's chest. Ken also said Kurt was still alive, breathing and had a look of shock on his face, frozen in place. Ken K. was the first person to find Kurt, but was ill prepared to assist in any important way. 

Ken, the 'Baja Turtle', had no radio and he decided he did not want to touch Kurt, afraid of legal action. Ken was directed to find Kurt by SCORE and Baja Pits owner, Carlos Orozco.

Kurt, was "Lost In The Desert", as reported by ESPN at the time. Later, this article title was changed and the entire matter attempted covered up by SCORE owner, Roger Norman.




The race. BAJA LIVE! Covered Baja 1000 2013

A contribution to Nancy Caselli, founding the organization in Kurt's name, has kept things undercover, until today.

The INQUEST continues...
Please send us information at

Gary Newsome

April 21, 2018

Exclusive Reporting
UPDATE: April21,2018

Former SCORE Director (Retired from SCORE in 2014) claims 
"3 JCR people moved [the body of] Kurt Caselli", prior to his death. 
Charlie Englebart (R) and Mickey Thompson 1978
Kurt was found mortally injured (by the Baja Turtle) away from the race course and according to Mexican Federal Police, "the body was moved into the brush in an attempt to hide the body".

Previous interviews reflected Caselli MAY have struck an animal. However, no autopsy was ever made public. No evidence of the cause of the crash has ever been made public.

This INQUEST demands the family of Kurt Caselli prove the facts, by making his autopsy and other official reports, public. 

At the time, "No Snitching", was the mantra of desert off-road racing across the West.

After years of silence from SCORE, KTM and the Caselli family, this INQUEST determines his cause of death is, UNDETERMINED. compiled reporting HERE

ESPN was embedded in the Caselli Team at the time of the incident report HERE Remember, the story was first titled, "Lost In The Desert". Until ESPN was forced to change the title!

Charlie Englebart's report is the first solid information of the JCR team, direct involvement in the circumstances of Kurt Caselli's death.

The real-time pablum from JCR rider Udall

The motive is now also much clearer.

Maybe, Johnny Campbell did not want the inevitable takeover of 'his' Baja racing moto-mantle, by Kurt Caselli and KTM?

BAJA LIVE! has covered this story from the beginning  

The relationship between Roger Norman and JCR and Johnny Campbell is now under investigation by this INQUEST.


In a Cycle News article, JCR and SCORE entered into a contract (2013) which created a conflict of interest, making JCR the preferred moto operator in SCORE events. So much so, at the San Felipe race that year, KTM claimed SCORE jacked the rules directly AGAINST Kurt Caselli and his team KTM, vying for the championship.

This INQUEST demands JCR/SCORE make the contract PUBLIC!



Since the Death of Moto-Great Kurt Caselli
These stated facts remain UNCHALLENGED!
UPDATED! Caselli Death Cover-Up Facts CONFIRMED! 
November 30, 2016 


Previous Update; August 15, 2016

CLICK HERE MOBILE USERS! Listen-In! One of our Greatest Hits Shows! Behind the scenes in the Caselli Inquest...Re-Reun***  MORE>>>

Gary Newsome Reporting
UPDATED! August 15, 2016

The current conclusions. Kurt Caselli was riding at high speed and crashed into a steer/cow (Ramirez report).

One or more of the horns pierced his upper body. The crash opened a bleeding wound,  broke ribs and caused significant internal injuries of the famed desert moto racer. (Ken K. and Oscar Ramos report)

Kurt was racing without the aid of a look-out helicopter. He was also racing without a working GPS or other guidance device. (KTM reports)

From the original crash site, according to investigating Mexican federal police, his body and bike (were) moved to a location away from the course. (Interviews, June 2016).


When Ken K. (the first documented witness) arrived, he moved Kurt's bike closer to the course, to be visible. This also means his bike had been moved into the bushes after the initial crash. (Tracking data; SCOREVETS).

Ken K. then left Kurt to get help. Remember, he was sent to the location without medical, emergency response or any other resources. (Ken K. interviews)

Ivan Ramirez, coming from the other direction of the race course, found Kurt and signaled for help. More>>>

Kurt Caselli's 'open' upper chest wound answers the question why such a strong rider would be down. 

Caselli's physical condition also tells us he could have been saved! 


Roger pays off Nancy Caselli, creating the foundation and
silencing the family forever, money destroyed any transparency from the family!  


The first thoughts of Kurt, when the experts heard he was dead, was that he had met foul play, by GUNS!

Here's Why!

Creeper Chucks SSI crew were fucking underage American girls in Mexico ..

The cartel cover rep shooting the pre-running motorcycle competitor before another Baja 1000 CLICK HERE November 2008 Martz Case

"Caselli died as a result of homicide".  
"I think Kurt was shot!"
Baja Bill Fuentes

By: Baja Bill Fuentes, Risk Expert, Kurt Caselli mentor and SCOREVETS

""The Race Course video [SCOREVETS V3] covering to critical locations in question when the two lead Class 22 entries STOPPED 1) at the same appoximate moment and 2) without four (4) race miles from each other:

[ 1x ] JCR/Honda 450cc ridden by 27 year old Baja Champion Colton Udall stopped at a small cattle guard at Race Mile 788 for 22 minutes allegedly changing his front wheel.

[ 2x ] Factory KTM 450cc being ridden in the physical lead with the late Kurt Caselli (age 30) stopped at Race Mile 792.5 due to life threatening internal* injuries.

A Class 3 race vehicle runs certainly at HALF to 75% the speed of lead motorcycles, as such, we have doubled the tape to give the viewer what the terrain; weather and open road conditions were only 24 hours to the minute after the [1x] and [2x] had passed through, their average speeds were SPOT Tracked with averages of 65 to as high as 92 mph once the footage turns to the West and through 4 - 5'

As this footage comes to the 6 min. mark the viewer with soon drop down into a valley. Once at the flatlands the tape will stop to offer reference to and Access Road (Left); an Alternate Route (Straight) and the marked course (Right)

Caselli was still alive and breathing at 4:45 pm but succumbed to internal and fatal injuries shortly after 5:00 pm when Paramedics finally arrived.

August 4, 2016: *The Baja Turtle, Ken K. reported Kurt had a puncture wound to his upper chest with blood pooling below Kurt's body.***Sourced: Ken's multiple interviews with Baja Racing News LIVE! and Baja Bill Fuentes.

Ken, in interviews with and Bill said on multiple occasions, the wound appeared to be so clean, "that he may have been shot by a sophisticated 'ice gun/bullet".

In looking at this statement and re-asking the same questions over and over, Ken admitted he was not an arms expert. Though he did say he paid particular attention to Kurts physical condition, so he could report back to authorities.

Ken never touched Kurt. He was afraid of getting in some sort of trouble. In later interviews he claimed he was going to write a book.  Ken died shortly after giving these interviews.

Ken confirmed on multiple occasions, Kurt sustained a significant upper body puncture and blood was clearly evident.

These interviews were completed right after the incident and went on until Kens untimely death shortly after Kurt's.

Kurts physical condition is known by witness reports. No autopsy results were ever released from the family. From what is known, Kurt Caselli, the famed desert racer, could have saved! 

Oscar Ramos, the SCORE spokesman and attorney (since deceased) told at the time, Kurt died of broken ribs/internal injuries. End August 3, 2016 Item. 

Baja Bill Fuentes on the Weatherman Recording SCORE Cover-Up
"A coincidence that over twenty (20+) minutes of otherwise publicly broadcast radio communications between Weatherman Emergency Radio Relay and SCORE Operations is missing? Ridiculous? No; for once BOTH lead motorcycles STOP; after 15+ hours; racing handlebar to handlebar; at the SAME TIME, and in the SAME AREA, credit goes to thousands who know race officials had a duty to investigate - especially when one of the riders died more than ninety (90) minutes after he STOPPED."" Baja Bill Fuentes, closed quote.

Just the beginning of the massive data download from the inquest. SCORE VETS - AMEX, this image shows Udall, slowing way down, in an apparent "scan" of the exact location, as he knew where Kurt was.  Passing Caselli location. The next rider easily saw the downed rider and stopped to provide aid.

Colton Udall Implicated in Kurt Caselli Incident!

Colton Udall (after the rim scam played out) rode within 25 feet, at the exact time of the proceeding incident, at Kurt Caselli's location and slowed to half of the race speed at the exact spot.

He knew where to expect to see Kurt, down.
Udall did not stop.

The next racer, Ricky Brabec, through that area, easily spotted Kurt. Virtually the same time, Ivan Ramirez, Kurts teamate, coming from the opposite direction also found Kurt. 

Udall, to this day, stands with the 'rim story'. This story provided JCR a place to set down the chopper and play out a scenario used by moto teams if the leader 2x was pulling away with the win. Which, at the time, Caselli WAS pulling away.

This location was well known and well used as a JCR operating base for many other race events.

Everbody knew, Caselli was planning to hand the bike over to Ramirez. More later. calls out JCR and Udall as perping a BALD FACED LIE! 

JCR landed its chopper and staged in the very same area where Kurt was down. Why? They cite a lie, and never explain all of the facts surrounding that afternoon.

Their competitor, Kurt Caselli died. They were obligated to provide 'mutual aid'. Not only did they NOT provide aid, they have lied about the facts of that afternoon, in 2013 at the Baja 1000. 

Shocking details now known about JCR Racing!

Johnny Cambell, landed the JCR chopper IN THE VERY SAME AREA of the incident and knew of the exact spot where Kurt Caselli lay, at the very time, Caselli COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED!!!

But what happened next! JCR lifted the chopper from the incident area and flew the chopper to the finish line and Udall rode right past where Caselli laid. charges Udall, presumably spotted Caselli and left him to die.

To this very day, Johnny Campbell, Colton Udall and others at JCR racing's team, refused to answer relevant questions. At the finish line that evening, Campbell refused questions.

For the next HOURS, everyone at SCORE spewed, "no one knows where Caselli is". 

Team JCR knew everything and feigned ignorance at the finish line! Caselli died without any medical care, on the race course.  While JCR was 'celebrating a 'win' at the finish line'.

Roger Norman ordered George Antill to NOT TELL THE PUBLIC KURT CASELLI WAS DEAD!!!
For hours, SCORE knew where Caselli was and did not say, he was dead.

"Roger Norman was more interested in recovering the KTM motorcycle, than he was to care for Kurt Caselli", Antill continued. 

"Timmy Weigand, now at the finish line, faced me up and asked why we weren't saying what happened to Caselli. I sent him over to Roger", Antill says. Timmy Weigand forced the issue with SCORE owner Roger Norman.

A short time after Weigands facetime with Norman, did SCORE issue their 'press release', that held at least one big lie. "Caselli received medical help in 20 minutes". LIE. 

Caselli was in first place, poised to end JCR from the Baja 1000 2013 history books. Motive, means and proximity. challenges ANYONE to assert facts relating to this matter. That's why we've compiled and examined information, until now. 2016.

Where is everyone who have a stake? 
They haven't said a WORD since 2013!



Two previous Baja race incidents scared a senior factory rep and Kurt Caselli's mentor when they heard the first news of 'Caselli down', at the Baja 1000 2013!


*The Baja 500 death of another motorcyclist and his motorcycle was stolen! CLICK HERE for the disgusting Creeper Chuck Neugebauer story, this is the one that got people thinking Kurt had been shot, there were so many crimes using guns! ...Creeper Chucks SSI crew were fucking underage American girls in Mexico...

*During pre-running for the very same race event, a common criminal (associated with another race moto team) stuck a gun in the face of a pre-running motorcyclist, his bike was stolen too! CLICK HERE


The Moto-Theft Story of the Baja 500 2013
""Baja Racer Motorcycle Stolen at Gunpoint during BAJA 500 PreRun

By Scott Myers:

"One of my 40 Class teammates Mike Baxter from Carson city NV was pre running the start from Ensenada on thurs aprox 10:00 am when at about RM10 is came across and "Downed rider" Or so he though with his bike laying in the middle of the course and the hunched over clutching his stomach. As he pulled up he asked the guy if he was ok and the guy muttered something in Spanish like he was in pain. So he asked again and this time he pulled up a Black .45 handgun and pointed it 10 inches from his face and said "Give me your bike right now or ill shoot you". As Mike was literally about to take this POS gun out of his hands and beat the life out of him another guy jumped from the bushes on his left and then another from behind. Sadly he had to give up his 450X. Before I forget I want to truly thank Kyle Abney because he not only stopped and rode Mike out or harms way but he drove mike to two different Police stations and stayed with his for over 4Hrs of Hell.. Without going into all the other details and how we figured this out let me say that the police have been Outstanding since minute one taking this very very serious. They found out that this guy not only races SCORE races but was entered in what we understood was team 5X. They call Him "Freddy" and he was the suspect in the robbery of as I understand it a Canadian rider at last years 500.. As of right ow they said that the police know everything about this POS including his home and his mothers home and as far as the police say he is on the run. He was positively identified by Mike in some arrest photos they had of the guy. He rides a Honda 450X with "Monster stickers" on the graphics. He also has a black helmet of some kind. That is all the info I have as of right now. So I just wanted to let everyone know that this kind of thing is serious and we are really hoping they find this POS and we find the bike. "  
Baja racers Spreading the Love:
"Robbed by another racer at the BAJA 500. This story was copied and pasted. It was told by Cracker 1 on I personally feel very disgusted and hope justice is served to the people who were involed. I will receive detailed information soon on the motorcycle information and will ask my fellow baja local racing friends to keep an eye out for this bike. Even know 90% of the time, if your bike is stolen in baja you will not get it back. But I hope this person/ racer is caught soon!!

Cracker 1
I felt that it was very important to get this information out as soon as possible after getting home today from the Baja 500. I brought this information to someone that I felt could have posted this to every offroad website there there was on the day that it happen but I was very sad to see that not a single word was posted ANYWHERE. So here goes, I was privileged to be part of not just one but 2 winning teams for the first time by winning class 30 on 349X by over a 1:08 and also Class 40 on 402X by multiple hours."""
"During the moto race lineup at the start of the race, other moto competitors pointed at the 15x team, as the one that perped the theft." 
SCORE Source""


*The cartel cover rep shooting the pre-running motorcycle competitor before another Baja 1000 CLICK HERE November 2008 Martz Case


Baja Racing Fanatics,Get Ready For The Mega-Download CLICK HERE

UPDATE January 10, 2016 

AMEX now investigating JCR culpability in death of Kurt Caselli!


December 26, 2015 CRUSHING UPDATE! 

AMEX DETERMINES Johnny Campbell Racing, Incompetent! "Culpability in Caselli's death, is possible".
Johnny Campbell,  JCRacing had its own chopper at the Caselli incident site, Why didn't he do more?
"If the 'tacoed rim story' is true [very unlikely] JCR is at least, incompetent. If false, [more likely] JCR culpability in the death of Kurt Caselli, is next to be investigated." "it's all about motive, means and proximity". "Proximity: Nearness in place/space, time,  order, occurrance or relation. Proximitās; Nearness, vicinity". From the actual AMEX report.

*At the moment of the incident and death of Kurt Caselli, Johnny Campbell was a representative of SCORE and Roger Norman, the culpable race company and organizer of the event.

*The actual 'tacoed tire/rim events' are integral to the next JCR part of the investigation into the events surrounding the Kurt Caselli death during the 2013 Baja 1000. 

AMEX will conduct its investigation into the Caselli Incident throughout 2016 on the actions and claims of Johnny Campbell Racing. What are the implications on what really happened that afternoon in November, 2013?

Kurt Caselli Inquest into the events surrounding the KTM rider
Pictured here, the Baja 'cattle guard' that caused the 'claimed' damaged wheel. Not to Caselli's bike, but to JCR's Baja 1000 entry. The "tacoed wheel". 

JCR team tacoed rim
Pictured here, the JCR team damaged rim. The JCR rider claims this damage occurred during the race. Do you have information about these events? Please contact

Why does this matter?  Welcome to 2016, and the Inquest into the events surrounding the Caselli Incident and the death of Kurt Caselli. EXCLUSIVE: AMEX has been shocked by the interviews with some industry experts, who claim Roger Norman and Johnny Campbell conspired against KTM and Kurt Caselli in the months prior to the 2013 Baja 1000!

Example, the San Felipe 250 events, where first place was taken from Caselli's team and given to JCR. MORE LOADING NOW>>>

November 15, 2015 UPDATE! 


Johnny Campbell and his racing company were 'obligated' to provide "mutual aid" at the time of this incident.

His actions and/or lack of action, contributed significantly to the events that transpired that fateful afternoon. During the Baja 1000 2013, Kurt Caselli perished. 

Kurt died, alone, in the high desert of Mexico's Baja peninsula.

When Johnny Campbell was asked, at the finish line - when nightfall had descended upon Baja California, "where is Kurt?", Campbell said "I don't know" and cut off the questioner.

Johnny and the JCR Helicopter were at the incident site, at the time in question. The circumstances surrounding time, place and availability of JCR and its chopper, are now the focus of the inquest.

The only public knowledge on the subject is, "SCORE Ops could not communicate with the JCR chopper". Experts interviewed by the inquest suggest a totally different set of facts.

Campbell had been tracking, stalking and following Kurt for hundreds of miles that day. KTM Racings top talent, Caselli and his team, was in striking range of ending Campbells personal dominance of the vaunted, Baja 1000! 


JCR's (Johnny Campbell Racing) Chopper with Campbell directing on-board, was the nearest functioning 'race' emergency response unit. *[Mutual Aid Agreement] *SCORE had NO emergency response in the area. [Corporate Helicopters, was ordered to "Stand Down", by Roger Norman. [Confirmed by Corporate Helicopters] Also known by the  "No Emergency response" noticed to racers in 'Racers Brief', paragraph 3.] 

Not known to many at the time, Campbell was an active, functioning representative of Roger Norman. This is important because he was the chosen motorcycle representative for SCORE International, to the entire field of moto and quad racers! More on this vital subject, later>>>

Who is Johnny Campbell?

That afternoon, Johnny was the best placed, most capable, well equipped person at the time of the incident. 

Corporate Helicopters, JCR Racing's chopper and every professional involved in the Baja 1000 is aware of the mutual aid agreement between 'air support'. 

Johnny Campbell was more than the best person at that moment in time, to respond and provide "mutual aid" to the incident in question. He was MUCH MORE!

But, he was also racing directly against the KTM Team and AGAINST Kurt Caselli!

From his website:

""Johnny Campbell

44 years old DOB: 2-11-71  
RESIDENCE: San Clemente, CA  
BEGAN RIDING: Age 9 FIRST RACE: 1984 TRAINING: Mountain biking, trail riding 
HEIGHT: 6'0 WEIGHT: 175  
CURRENT RACE BIKES: Honda CRF 450X MECHANICS: Self, [deletion]


  • SCORE Desert Series Class 22 (Open Pro), 1997-2000, 2002-08
  • BITD (Best in the Desert Silver State Series) Open Pro, 1995, 2000, 2004-05
  • AMA District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix Series, 1995-96, 2003 (Four-Stroke/Expert/Vet), 2000 (Open)
  • AMA District 37 Best of the West Series, 1996
  • AMA District 37 Enduro Series, 1995 (Four-Stroke)
  • 24-Hour Off-Road World Endurance, 1995, 1999, 2001

Career Highlights--1st overall

  • Baja 1000, 1997-2005, 2007-08
  • Baja 500, 1997-98, 2002-04
  • San Felipe 250, 1998-2000, 2002-04, 08
  • Vegas to Reno, 2001, 2004-05, 2007
  • Terrible's Town 250, 2001-03, 2005
  • HYR 24 Hours of Glen Helen, 1999, 2006
  • 2005--Henderson's Terrible 400, Nevada 1000, Parker 250
  • 2004--Henderson's Terrible 300
  • 2003--Laughlin U.S. Hare Scrambles
  • 2001--8th overall/1st privateer, Paris-to-Dakar Rally
  • 2000--Nevada 2000, Tonopah 300, Adelanto Grand Prix
  • 1998--Silver State 300
  • 1995--Nevada Rally
  • 1992--HDRA Nevada 500, Rosarito Beach Grand Prix

The Man behind JCR/-----. You can't look at where Johnny Campbell is without looking at how he got there.
In 2008, with the blessing and support of Johnny's mentor, -----'s Bruce Ogilvie (a multi-time Baja champion himself) Johnny took his years of racing knowledge and experience, recruited the most talented Off-Road racers in the business and set about the task of winning championships for -------- ----- under the newly formed JCR/----- banner. The new responsibility allowed Campbell to share his wealth of experience and winning tactics with the next generation of ----- racers. Johnny Campbell is a living legend in Off-Road racing with record 11-Baja 1000 Championships to his list of accomplishments. Campbell is also recognized as a one of the industry's top development riders. Johnny has played a large role in -----'s race winning development of the ------- which led to being personally recruited by --- (----- -----) for development of the ------ Rally project. Campbell's team is headquartered in San Clemente, California. It takes a team effort from the business side as well as the racing side to win championships, and we're constantly developing the best team possible." Driven by the same competitive fires that have earned him a record 11-Baja 1000 titles, there's no doubt that more titles are on the horizon for JCR team owner, Johnny Campbell. In 2014, following a long and dominant effort racing the SCORE Baja series and amassing a staggering 17-Baja 1000 wins in a row, Johnny felt it was time to face a new challenge.""


November 14, 2015 UPDATE

*After two years, some facts are evident. 11-14-2015: Local ranch families claim Kurt Caselli struck a coyote in the incident in question.  
"The dead coyote was recovered" after the incident, confirming the 'struck animal' claim.

Other claims these ranch families are merely covering up for 'other' activites that are common in the area where Kurt died. 
Drug running.


BULLETIN! A representative of American Medical Emergency Xpedition reports to the County of San Diego Emergency Medical Care Committee (EMCC) Regular Meeting, Today, October 22, 2015

In the meeting, the representative reported the activated Kurt Caselli Inquest to the advocacy panel and 'requested assistance' in the action.

A filing with the County of San Diego Grand Jury, could be the next step.

Several attendees in the meeting this morning had additional input to the AMEX representative. They provided directly actionable intel related to the Kurt Caselli Inquest. LOADING>>>   


'Baja Pits' Culpable in Mis-handling Emergency Response in Caselli Incident  

'SCORE International' Culpable in Caselli Incident Cover-Up

'SCORE International' Found Culpable in Caselli Incident emergency response (2013)


October 16, 2015 UPDATES
After years of no public autopsy, no "official" explanation. Years of the usual racing "Don't want to talk about it...". 
Caselli Family says nothing.(After getting paid...) SCORE, Covers-Up Continues...
The desert racing industry, silence.

American Medical Emergency Xpedition Launches Kurt Caselli Incident INQUEST


October 12, 2015
From the press release:

 American Medical Emergency Xpedition Launches Kurt Caselli Incident INQUEST

"An inquest is a judicial inquiry in common law jurisdictions, particularly one held to determine the cause of a person's death.[1] Conducted by a judge, jury, or government official, an inquest may or may not require an autopsy carried out by a coroner or medical examiner. Generally, inquests are only conducted when deaths are sudden or unexplained. An inquest may be called at the behest of a coroner, judge, prosecutor, or, in some jurisdictions, upon a formal request from the public.[2] A coroner's jury may be convened to assist in this type of proceeding. Inquest can also mean such a jury and the result of such an investigation. In general usage, inquest is also used to mean any investigation or inquiry.
An inquest uses witnesses, but suspects are not permitted to defend themselves. The verdict can be, for example, natural death, accidental death, misadventure, suicide, or murder. If the verdict is murder or culpable accident, criminal prosecution may follow, and suspects are able to defend themselves there.
Since juries are not used in most European civil law systems, these do not have any (jury) procedure similar to an inquest, but medical evidence and professional witnesses have been used in court in continental Europe for centuries.[3][4][5]
Larger inquests can be held into disasters, or in some jurisdictions (not England and Wales) into cases of corruption.[5]"

Addressable to the Wiki link, unrelated to the Inquest: "Frank Stillwell was shot so many times, the town folks were deciding whether to bury Stillwell, or sell him for Scrap Metal. An unproven story." A "respectable" link to "applicable" info that is accepted by all the db web junta clones.

Upon confirming a cover-up in the Caselli death evidence is in process, the American Medical Emergency Xpedition notified several witnesses of the incident, that they will be examined for additional evidence.

Considering an autopsy has never been made public and no authorized public body has determined an actual cause of death of Kurt Caselli, nor any examination of the incident, which occurred in the Republic of Mexico, American Medical Emergency Xpedition 'AMEX' has determined an inquest is in order.


Ken, the witness who found Caselli, down and dieing said:

"When I came into the area where I found Kurt, there were people around Kurt, as I approached, they left..." KK

"Caselli had a bloody wound in his upper chest", KK
"Caselli was barely breathing and unconscious"...KK

R.I.P. Kurt Caselli - Baja 1000 2013
I never got a chance to meet Kurt, but he was a Baja Bound client and an amazing talent to witness firsthand at the Baja races. Here are a few shots I got of him coming through the KTM pit on Friday afternoon. R.I.P. Kurt!
Posted by Geoff Hill on Monday, November 18, 2013
Wes: "that video location couldn't have been RM788, since Colton crashed @ RM786, and that was the JCR Helo following 1X, 1X was only 43 seconds behind @ that point and actually ahead on time..."
Geoff: "1.5 miles south of RM 780 where the Jamau access road intersected the course. I shot the video from the Honda pit location. Colton crashed several miles after that....I was the one that drove the replacement tire out to him." 


"The rider bringing the bike into the pits is Ivan Ramirez. He swaps with Kurt and you can see as he leaves there is no Go Pro. Also you hear Ramirez tell him that he won't have a helicopter following him. (The chopper had to land to be refueled, thus why and how they lost sight of Kurt when he crashed.)" 

SCORE International has muted this video stream for what purpose?


Baja Pits Culpable in Mis-handling Emergency Response in Caselli Incident  

SCORE International Culpable in Caselli Incident Cover-Up

 CONCLUSIONS From December 17, 2013

*Kurt Caselli Died as a result of lack of proper medical care, No Medical Assistance For Over an hour and one half. His reported injuries, broken ribs and a lacerated liver, were survivable. 

Kurt Caselli died from lack of medical care. He Died of Shock, Not a racing accident

Not "head injuries", as reported.
No "booby trap".
No Medical assistance.

*No response from SCORE on the Caselli Incident, UNTIL reported on that Roger Norman would have the moto-quad racers wear an 'additional' SPOT unit. (December 16, 2013)

Announced on October 16, 2015 and known since our interviews with Ken. The Baja Pits culpability. After years of trying to see how these facts did not lead to our conclusion.

 *Discovered upon the KK interviews, Baja Pits owner Carlos Orozco sent KK out to find Kurt Caselli, with no radio. After all the fanfare of Roger Norman crowning Carlos, as a 'race emergency expert', Dirt Live programs and all. All of which is completely crap.

The glorification of Baja Pits during this time period before the 2013 Baja 1000 event is a glaring example of how little Roger Norman knows about desert racing. And moreover, desert racing in Mexico!

Roger Norman, SCORE ops and Weatherman call out to Carlos to throw the final 'hail mary' to find Kurt and this is what Orozco's Baja Pits does. Not only is it idiotic and shameful, it makes this entire gross ball of wax, culpable.

The last possible way someone could save Kurts life and Carlos sends KK out with no medical expertise, no tracking expertise and he has no two way radio.

So, no matter what he finds, he has to travel back to the Baja pit and report to Carlos Orozco, before anything can be done to save Kurts life.

 *The only "investigation" known is the reporting attributed to with medical assistance provided by AMEX.


 ""help reached Caselli in 20 minutes""
SCORE spokesman tells to reporter.-CoverUp?

 *SCORE Press Rep Talks To TMZ:
(Nov 16, 12:30 AM)

"Kurt Caselli -- a highly decorated off-road racing competitor -- died Friday evening in Baja, Mexico ... after he crashed his motorcycle during a sandy section of the course.

According to a rep for the 2013 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 ... "Kurt died from injuries sustained in the crash while en route to a hospital in Ensenada."

The SCORE rep continues: Caselli "apparently lost control of his KTM motorcycle in a sandy, high-speed section" of the course ..."

The event organizer put out the biggest false information of Kurts death from the start. From Baja Bill Fuentes:

""Here attached are just a few of my PERSONAL and FORMERLY CONFIDENTIAL communications that when - having reviewed them again today (October 14, 2015), as written a few years ago -I discovered a trove of information previously not considered:

At the very back of a last thread; buried amongst four separate links, is one link the man who placed it there said:  "At 1 hr 10 min. KC (Kim Carpenter) calls Weatherman".

Reviewing the 'Dirt Live Ustream' feed in Ensenada, I thought: "Is this so called cover up ever going to receive a break, or are we all just wasting our time because...  even the family and Kurt's friends seem not to care, so, why not just.....  STOP!"

At 2hrs 36 min George Antill came back on and with an upbeat 'sales' pitch he stated as fact:  "Hey!!  Here is an update!  The 1x is at Ojos now and on his way in, and the 1x who we were told had the wheel damage is fine; it was 2x who has the damaged wheel and he broke down back at Race Mile 792 but we just checked in with him and Kurt is OK and he is now at Race Mile 800!"

At 2hrs 38 min., the announcer Antill continued - saying the KTM Helicopter had landed at RM 800 (it had and this was true indeed...) and "they have Kurt and he is fine!". These two paragraphs paraphrase what was stated.

The witness who found Kurt on his deathbed, Ken, had just, or would soon arrive to discover Caselli at 4:42 p.m. No helicopter found Kurt, at the same time, by his own admission, KTM Manager Antti Kaloman stated he could not locate Kurt nor communicate with him at all!""



AMEX now calls on any witness or holder of information to contact

In 1999, a representative of the Tijuana Consulate, an official of the State Department of the United States of America, informed AMEX of a medical insurance fraud incident.

In 2003, after years of AMEX examinations of SCORE International, official government investigations were conducted by State investigators (with badges and guns) who found out for themselves, that violations of law were occurring. 

In 2012, AMEX reviewed the 'Baja 1000 Fire' incident.


*New Sourced information identified here: 

KK: Ken Kosiorek, passed away shortly after his role in the Kurt Caselli incident occurred.[CLICK HERE]

'The Baja Turtle', Ken Kosiorek, told after the incident, in six (6) seperate interviews, Ken told us: 
"Cameron Steele and Johnny Campbell as well as every other 'professional' desert biker rider, are capable of murder". "Kurt was getting in between Johnny and his fame, glory and livelihood, I don't put anything past JC. in this situation". EXCLUSIVE 


beaucottington said...

Who is the webmaster of this site and author of this article? I need to have words with them.

black e media said...

I am the Publisher & Editor-In-Chief.

POSTED, Wednesday, January 27 1:40 PM
State your business>>>

Conner Keys said...

listen i don't feel like johnny cambell could have done something like that he is a christian that dosn't mean he coudn't have done it but it's unlikely he would have done something like that. kurt was my best friend and why would you guys be coming back 3 years later with some crap evidence either johnny did it or not post that on your site.!

William Baja Bill Fuentes said...

I received a text message a couple of hours ago, yesterday at around 11 PM, with a suggestion that I go and read a review what was posted by this site.

For the sake of argument, and, having spent the last 2 1/2 years looking into this incident (which included it working closely with Alyssa Roenigk of ESPN magazine), and having been one of the few to be approached by the late Ken Koserick to tell his story, I am afraid that when you bundle up all the evidence NOT published, it would behoove readers not to rush to judgment about this site and its credibility…

Yes, Gary Newsom is a rough cut type of person and sometimes I don't like reading what I do, but he does have credible sources and information.

For whatever reason, JCR/Honda did two unanswerable things AFTER their 17th consecutive Overall Win:

They left Mexico without warning [1]

They did not publish their usual and customary "JCR/Honda Wins the...." Video, though they published victory videos for the 2013 San Felipe 250 and Baja 500, but nothing for their FINAL BAJA WIN? The website does not mention a single word about their well earned victory...

As to "character assassination", Johnny had every reasonable expectation Kurt had not fallen; let alone suffer life threatening injuries, for if you know Baja racing history, only a handful of competitors have died DURING any SCORE event... That Kurt would get on at Race Mile 788 and run hard for nine (9) minutes - eleven (11) miles and hit something or just fall???

Unimaginable; even as I peck this comment out....

But to lay out there for ninety (90) minutes and then die around 5:00 p.m.? I don't think Johnny has ever considered it possible to fall then go unattended then die "out there".... Neither did Kurt, but read Alyssa Roenigk's article "Caselli's Last Ride" (ESPN Magazine 12/10/2013) and note one tragic point:

I workday for Kurt and Rich Caselli when we had them come aboard at KTM in 2003. Those two were a team and very smart, but KTM wanted Kurt to run Baja "soon", but ask Scot Harden; don't take my word, let him tell you:

"No Baja until he's more mature (Kurt was just 19 years old and too fast for Baja!) Then THIS EDICT:

"WHEN he is ready to race in Mexico, he will ride 1) in remote areas so as not to crash into spectator vehicles, 2) he WILL have a Chase Helicopter as an early pair of eyes, and 3) unfettered two-way radio communication between him and the helicopter."

Now read her article and know this as Gospel:

Does anyone out there know if Kurt EVER was "angry" when he through his leg over any motorcycle? Hmmm???

Like Sarah and Jason, I had a BAD feeling about the 2013 Baja 1000... Ask Johnny about my offer on September 15, 2013! But my offer went first to KTM on September 3, 2013...

And finally this FACT:

On behalf of the off-road racing community, I asked Alyssa Roenigk for "a personal favor"..

AR: "Anything Bill!"
BF: "Don't tell me now because it does not matter; but DO place a PERMANENT RECORD in your article just WHERE and WHAT Roger Norman was DOING at 3:00 p.m. on November 15, 2013 when BOTH LEAD BIKES STOPPED just four miles away from each other?"
AR: "You got it, Bill..."

Clever; wise beyond her young years and certainly a fan of Kurt Caselli and us crusty off-road buzzards; she placed the answer and the CAUSE right under Roger's nose!.

RIP Kurt...

William Baja Bill Fuentes said...

REMEBER TO SPEAK IN CODE IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF THE TRUTH; but TELL SOMEONE because yiur "secrets will kill you..."

• "Caselli's Last Ride" (Alyssa Rroenigk, ESPN Magazine -December 2013)
• "Twenty-eight Missing Pages"; the Baja Turtle"s Timeline
• "It's OK to ask more than: "Is it TRUE?" and "Are you SURE?" lest you scare the very man you last saw Kurt alive but then had to answer "Yes" to those TWO reporter questions! Ken Koserik had much more to say, so thank you Members of "SCORE Veterans" (SCOREVETS)!



"SCORE 21"

P.S.: "SCORE14KC66"

William Baja Bill Fuentes said...

Reviewed again; the source indicating the JCR/Honda Chase Helo had indeed LANDED is the "Spotter"' (Reddish 4x Air Chase Logs provided to SCOREVETS on November 28, 2013, and Johnny Campbell - when interviewed by Alyssa Roenigk ("Caselli's Last Ride" - ESPN Magazine - Decemher 10, 2013) said he was "hovering over" the Cattle Guard for the 22 minutes it allegedly took "Honda 17 Pit" to presumably get authorization to access a HOT COURSE and run up ten (10) miles to deliver and swap out the front wheel.

LANDING AREA AVAILABLE AT CATTLE GUARD; no use in wasting precious fuel; as was the case during the one hour delay for the Start of the 2002 SCORE 1000 when Bruce Ogilvie landed Honda Air Chase along with our Temecula Motorsports (4x Honda for Scott Myers) Air Chase Helo) - and since we are being brutally honest here:

ALL motorcycle Chase Helos carry the following:

• Fromt and Rear Wheels (without question...)
• Handlebars and levers
• In some cases a Back Up Rider and/or Medic

In VurbMoto Digital Magazine "Udall's Perspective"' (November 29, 2013) regarding the 2013 Baja 1000 there is NO REFERENCE at all to Johnny Campbell, the JCR/Honda Helicopter or any radio or face-to-face discussions while he (Udall) cursed himself for ruining their chances for the win...

As to statements made on this Blog site regarding anyone's willfull neglect of Caselli or his whereabouts, not one member of SCOREVETS has ever alleged anyone would ever leave another competitor out in the desert without first checking on him! Given the rich history of Honda Racing close now to fifty (50) years Baja Racing News and Gary Newsome; you have been reporting on matters for many years and this is the FIRST time the storyline exceeds human decency and consideration.***

***'FACTS: Only a handful of men have ever died while racing a motorcycle during ALL NORRA; two BSC and HUNDREDS of SCORE events since 1967; the figure is no more than six deaths and as such, while riders fall and sustain moderate to near fatal injuries, it is our OPINION based upon all evidence and documentation that at worst, JCR/Honda presumed Caselli broke down and/or the KTM Air Chase Unit would LOCATE Caselli; mutual aid is subjective but KTM had their own Air Unit and disgracefully, should have summoned SCORE and/or 4x and 1x Air Units 30 - 40 minutes (3:45 p.m.) by declaring and emergency.

As to SCORE Operations; read Roenigk's article and remember friends:

"WHEN IN DOUBT, SHOUT IT OUT!" Kim Carpenter tried to contact JCR/Honda direct or via Weatherman; unfortunately it APPEARS (redacted and later removed Live Feed) we may never know what FREQUENCY other than 151.625 for the "Weatherman On Duty" between 14:00 - 15:30 had little experience and may not have considered using 155.775 which was Honda's Race Frequency but ALWAYS UPDATED when Bob Steinberger is in the HOT SEAT...

black e media said...

Dear Readers please note: Mr. Fuentes comments are always posted unedited.

Posted, "mutual aid is subjective". You either have a mutual aid system or you don't. These teams, this sanction, Baja racing has NO MUTUAL AID. The helicopters unwritten but heavily blabbed 'mutual aid', does not, in reality, exist. Much like that of other, desert racing in Mexico, "don't worry about it", "we got it covered", promises. Air.

Racers, chasers and others...a warning. Be sure to relate this to your insurance companies, families and health care providers, prior to crossing into Mexico. You are more than on your own. If you have vaunted competitors, it is not out of the realm of reality, your life may be at risk from homicide.

Kurt Caselli's death has been classified as homicide.

A classification given by a respected Risk Expert. "Caselli's death is a homicide", stated by Baja Bill Fuentes.

Gary, Publisher

Unknown said...

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