Monday, October 05, 2015

Love Note to Roger Norman, Go Fuck Yourself, From

Gary Newsome, Editor EXCLUSIVE

Preface; BRN stopped reporting Crime Stories some years ago. Today, we open the box to more crime stories. Cities of Baja Mexico, paying Roger Norman to bring gringo racing to their towns. 

Our new coverage on the subject is titled, Stay Tuned...


The amount of reports of Baja Crimes preclude any further updates by Baja Racing No further Baja Crime Updates. 


October 19, 2008:

Last Baja Crime Update


Does Roger Norman enjoy using cartel stooges for SCORE Services?

In several interviews conducted over the years, has inquired upon Normans use of known drug cartel connections for various SCORE "services".

In each of the inquiries, Norman claimed he did not know of the connections, continued to use the services and to this day, still uses the services.

We really didn't want to ge here, but, facts are facts.

During an interview conducted prior to his purchase of his now racing circus, Roger told us, "I use the BC State Police for security". Surprised, we continued the questioning, we found out he paid the BC State Police, who at the time, were known for their close relationships with various cartels.

To this day, vanished Americans have been attributed to have never been seen again, after contact with these various cartel members, associated with Rogers 'hired' security detail. 

The release of the 2016 Schedule for Whore International, Roger goes to Rosarito. The place where Roger said to one of our people some years ago, "You mean the place where all the blood is and the headless corpses?! (Meaning all the cartel violence)

Rosarito seemed like a nice place to hold a race. We've covered racing in Rosarito for years, even before Roger, who as a teenager visited there to get drunk with friends.

Now, today, Roger needs more money, so he's going to Rosarito Beach, Baja California Mexico.

One admin rep for the city told they've now fired 200 employees, giving their salaries to Roger, to bring Rogers Circus to town. Click Here for the report. 

Roger also has allowed himself to get close to several people in Baja Sur, that were also close to the most corrupt official in the history of Mexico, the former governor of the state. Here's an informed opinion. Agundez

The late Oscar Ramos and Sal Fish also took stolen money from the people of Baja Sur.


March 9, 2007. Ensenada, Baja California Mexico. Years later, the Federal Government took over law enforcement duties in Baja California Mexico.
October 2015 UZI Used to Kill State Police Official CLICK HERE

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