Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Roger Normans Legendary Event Thievery! Kuervoz ROSARITO 200, SNORE MINT 400, VORRA USA 500 and La Paz Automotive Club, Dos Mares 500.

Updated! October 8, 2015
Gary Newsome

The sources that have told us the behind the scenes antics of Roger Norman attempts at stealing community racing events are amazing!

Out of Las Vegas, the SNORE sources told us the entire, sordid tale. The board of directors revelations! The Norman attempts to buy off, key people! But the most amazing, forming HDRA simply to veil the move to rip off the race, the MINT 400. 

The entire MINT 400 failed takeover attempt is so fresh with Roger Norman, that over many years, he REFUSED to talk about it with our BajaRacingNews.com reporters. Ever!

However, former and current board members for SNORE did talk, at length, about how Roger Norman, a resident Nevadan, pulled out all the stops to steal the race event 'name' now owned by a hack media company out of Southern California and operated by Best In The Desert as an off-road race at Primm, Nevada.

After years of interviews its clear, Norman had a plan to 'own' ALL the major race events (that were owned by someone else at the time) and copy two to rename them. He never attempted an event that was purely his brainchild.

In looking at his record of race sanctions, its so funny to see, Richy Rich desperately 'collecting' other people 'marbles'.

The Dos Mares 500 example is rather sad and a descriptive tale of how Norman doesn't have an original idea for any of his events. He simply copies successful ones and changes a couple of minute things, to portray 'how great it is'.

The Dos Mares is owned by the La Paz Auto Club, Roger 'raced' it. Then, he schedules his event at the very time of the Dos Mares and tries selling it to the local racers. Loser.

This past year, the local racers just ignored the copy cat and gave the La Paz Auto Club its biggest field of racers in its history. The Baja Surenos looked right through Roger Normans fakery.

Worse than that however, is the fact that the state government is giving tens of thousands of dollars to Norman for having  'His' race, in Baja Sur.

Mexican Welfare.      

It's the only way this American 'businessman' would do a race in southern Baja Mexico. Yea, he's a businessman. Lie, cheat and steal business. 

When the racers finally realize THEY are the ones taking all the risks for Normans media/tv/gigajig money grab, they'll see the great value in their own local race events.

Maybe the local politicians will get smart enough to see, Norman needs Baja more than Baja needs Norman!

We wouldn't be surprised if the locals begin malicious acts against this off-road gringo circus.


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