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Death at Race Mile 436 in the 2015 BAJA 1000***Mango Racing Chelsea Magness Team Suffers Loss

May 29, 2016 UPDATE!

The SCORE 'Fear', is now pervasive. CLICK HERE

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Monte's Memorial Reaches Over $10 K! 
Thanks for Helping This Racing Family!


[Editors Note: Thank you Peri Kalar & Chelsea & Shelley Magness! Sunday Morning 9:30 AM, Thanks Tommy Bradley, Michael Gaddis, Todd Burt, Monday 2:00 PM]
[Monday, November 30 at 10:30 AM, the drc desert racing familia finally makes it sticky! After 'the site to help the victims family' being available for days!] ACTION! & OPINION

The racing community itself, refused to help the victims family.

SCORE International refuses to release information on this deadly incident! In other race death incidents, Kurt Caselli etc., press releases and more.

Not one word from the racing organization about this person, this incident, these facts.

In some cases, paid representatives of race related companies, [Editors Note: if you want to know who these perps are, just send us a note] produce and dispense misinformation about these race incidents.

But, from SCORE's viewpoint, Monte is a 'nobody' and wouldn't produce any additional buzz for the organization. It's believed to be downside image building, if the sanction told the public the real deal on this race death incident. Much like the negative publicity for SCORE when racers REGULARLY kill locals on the race course. Dead racers, killed by racers, tells the real truth about this racing.

The reason we choose the motif, "Who's Gonna Die?", is because at least one person dies AT EVERY SCORE RACE. Most, not superstars in public. But, they are superstars to their loved ones.

SCORE wants the dead, forgotten.  Safety is NOT priority one. Glorification/Commercialization of 'deadly' racing, is the first priority.

Gary Newsome

November 25

Monte Droogsma identified as the victim in the recent Baja 1000 race, "accident".

Banning Motorsports, Trophy Truck Spec class #855, Lee Banning, Jr., Chris Godfrey, Gary Williams Jr, registered racers, reportedly struck and killed the Mango Racing co-dog.

November 24: A news report here in Ensenada, identified "Montgomery Right Drogfma, 60 years old, was involved in a race incident, at 10:20 hours". "Monte" was a well known member of Mango Racing.

The official racers list, included "Matt Robinson, Mike Mcnaughton, Monte, Ryan Abernathy, Steve Knudson, and Todd Burt", as members of the Chelsea Magness team. Only Devin Housh, is listed on the official Mango Trophy Truck, Gary's team. 

The 'required' personnel listing is not complete for either truck teams for Mango Racing, in this event. This is a common activity in desert racing. Not listing certain people on your driver or co-driver submissions hide dubious information from the sanction, the public and in emergencies, from public authorities.

Even today, the person who killed 8 (eight) people in the California 200 "Sanctioned Slaughter", registers and races, under a false name in events in California and Nevada. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE STORY 

One Mango Racing crew member, not listed in the "required" SCORE registration for this event, was a significant contributor to the California 200 "DGAF", paid misinformation effort.

Mango Racing is Gary and Chelsea Magness. Gary is a film producer and international businessman, who owns and operates the number 45 trophy truck and the number 854 trophy truck spec class truck. Chelsea is Gary's daughter.

Gary Magness helped start a 'racers help fund', that was meant to assist racers in need, after the California 200 race disaster, that killed 8 race event bystanders.

The race incident, during the 2015 Baja 1000, occurred at one of the many silt beds, where many of the racers got stuck. Many of the participants needed assistance in getting out of the beds and back into running in the race.

Monty preceded in the race at the Catavina Mango Racing pit location, to crew switch into the #854.

The victim reportedly was outside the #854, helping another racer, not Chelsea's truck and was struck by a racing 'trophy truck'. 

"Mango Racing statement on the ACCIDENT.

In respect to our fallen teammate, his family, those involved, and our grieving team members, Mango Racing has tried to keep our Baja 1,000 experience to ourselves for a few days. Sadly the desert wasn't too kind to us this year. We lost a great man to an accident in the silt during the race. One of our co-drivers, Monty Droogsma, was hit by another race vehicle in attempt to dig our truck out of the silt. Silt can be extremely blinding to drivers and people on the ground alike. All safety precautions were taken, but unfortunately accidents can ALWAYS happen. Monty, may your body rest in peace and your soul wander freely. You will be missed dearly."

[Editors Note: The person who wrote and published this, did not know Monte's first name spelling]

"My brother Monte took a lot of joy from his involvement in the Baja, and while it's a bit of a cliche to say "He died doing what he loved," that's certainly true in this case. It would be a nice tribute to him if you can use the tragedy to find ways to improve race safety. Thank you again for your expressions of concern."
 Tim Droogsma

*Details emerge on the death of Mango team member, during recent Baja 1000 desert off-road race, in Mexico.* LOADING>>> 

Chelsea Magness Number 854 Trophy Truck Spec Mango Racing
Gary Magness Number 45 Trophy Truck Mango Racing

Original Report, November 22, 2015

Mango Racing of Desert Hot Springs suffered loss at this years Baja 1000.

At Race Mile 436, one of Chelsea Magness Team lost their life in this years Baja 1000. Team truck number 854, at Punta Blanca Beach, the southern most section of this years Baja 1000 race course.


Gary Newsome, Ensenada, B.C. Mexico


Mario Rodarte said...

May he rest in peace. Our prayers & thoughts are with his family.

Bill Benson said...

You couldn't find a nicer person than Monty.Condolences to the entire team and family. He'll be in our prayers.Bill and Claudia

William "Baja Bill" Fuentes said...

A vallient effort - one race team helping another - in the heat of competition.

Monty's name ought to be placed above all others as the "King of Baja" for the 2015 SCORE Baja 1000.

May the Lord Bless his friends; family and associates.

Rest in Peace, Brother...

House of Designs by Stephanie Cardona said...

He was NOT CUT IN HALF. It was a horrible accident. Please don't make it worse than it was.