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Monday, November 30, 2015

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Monday, November 30 4PM Desert Racing Fan News!


Media Review, BAJA 1000 Fan Review, Jeff Proctor from Metro HONDA OFF-ROAD, Andrew McMillin & Rob Mac BAJA 1000 Interview and MORE!

CLICKY >>> UPDATED! January 28, 2016

*BJ Baldwin Quits SCORE...Moving to BITD! He will race 500+1000 in '16. Baldwin sez, "Norman has his head up his arse"!

*Marty Coyne's Motorsports Park Proposed in Federal Bill [Insiders Report]

*The desert racing community embraces death as a fact of The New Death Races...
8 Dead at the California 200, at least one dead at every SCORE race and an industry that promotes continued death and no quarter for the grieving families. [Survey]

*A Shocking conclusion! Are the SCORE/BITD tracking systems meant for catching cheaters or Racer Safety? A reality check![Opinion]
UPDATED! SCORE and BITD Race Tracking Systems and the people who promote them, are Frauds! CLICK HERE FOR THE MINT 400 Race Fraud

We'll publish the results on Monday, on 
OFF-ROAD LIVE! Monday, November 30 4PM.



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