Thursday, November 19, 2015

Who's Gonna Die?***KING of BAJA 1000***Race Factsheet

The Complete Event LIVE! ONLINE

         KING of BAJA 1000

WHAT:  LIVE! ONLINE! BAJA 1000 Desert Off-Road Race

WHEN:  Today through Sunday, November 22, 2015

WHERE:   START/FINISH: Ensenada-Baja California, Mexico (65 miles south of U.S./Mexico Border)

WHO:        Nearly 250 entries from 30 U.S. States, and 20 countries, competing in Pro and Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and Quads

THE RACE COURSE:     TOTAL MILEAGE: 821.38 miles (7 physical checkpoints, '95 virtual' checkpoints plus the finish line). Start/Finish on Blvd. Costero, adjacent to the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center in Ensenada. 

Another life-threatening event is scheduled for this weekend in Baja California! This Baja 1000 is a loop race, with all of the foreboding, unforgiving terrain the northern state of the mysterious Baja California peninsula has to offer. Starting and finishing in the heart of Ensenada in front of the historic Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center, the course travels in a counter-clockwise direction. It includes the approximate 35 mile stretch to Ojos Negros which is used in both directions. 

Outgoing, the course heads Southwest from Ojos through Santo Tomas and then runs South along the picturesque Pacific Ocean for over 100 miles. Featuring seven checkpoints, the approximately 840-mile course covers both sides of the peninsula parallels Highway 1 for nearly half of the race, looping south back to the Pacific and then crossing over to the other side of the peninsula below Puertocitos. 

The course then heads back North along the tranquil Sea of Cortez, past San Felipe paralleling Highway 5 and up to the junction with Highway 3. The rugged course then parallels Highway 3 traveling west then northwest back into Ojos Negros and to the finish line in Ensenada.

This year’s race course has eight pavement speed zones with a maximum speed limit of 60 mph for a total of approximately 136 miles and one pavement speed zone with a maximum speed of 37 mph for just under one-half mile.

This event’s race course features 7 outlying checkpoints where each vehicle is required to quickly stop before continuing on.  The checkpoints will be located as follows:
Checkpoint No. 1—Erendira (Race Mile 110.19), 
CP No. 2—San Quintin (RM 205.94), 
CP No. 3—N. of Catavina (RM 348.18), 
CP No. 4—Coco’s Corner (RM 505.18), 
CP No. 5—S. of San Felipe (RM 587.55), 
CP No. 6—San Matias (RM 683.81), 
CP No. 7 Ojos Negro—(RM 788.01).

RaceDay Schedule LIVE! ONLINE!

Friday, November 20-
(All times PST)

6:00 AM – RACE START – Pro Motorcycles, Pro Quads, Sportsman Motorcycles, Sportsman Quads

STARTING ORDER (Subject to change): (One vehicle every 30 seconds)

Motorcycles–Open Pro, Limited Pro, 30, Ironman, 40, 50, 60, Pro Quad, SPT M/C, SPT Quad

11:00 AM (APPROX) RACE START – Cars, Trucks, UTVs (minimum 3 1/2 hour gap between groups)

STARTING ORDER (Subject to change): (One vehicle every 60 seconds for TT, Class 1, every 30 seconds for other classes)

Cars and Trucks–TT, 1, TT Spec, 4400, 2, 10, SL, 8, 1/2-1600, HM, 7, 3000, TL, BC, 19, 5, PT, 7SX, 5-1600, 3, 3700, 1700, 4500, SF, SM, 9, 11, SPTUnl Truck, SPT Buggy, SPTLtd Truck, SPT UTV

TIME LIMIT: All cars/trucks will have a 33-hour time limit from the time each starts.

SATURDAY, Nov. 21–(All Times PST)
12:01 a.m. – 11 p.m. – Race in Progress — Posting of Unofficial Results —

SUNDAY, Nov. 22–(All times PST)
9 AM — Posting of FINAL UNOFFICIAL Results


 Racers List CLICK HERE

RS = Rear Star, Classes in Starting Order
Trophy Truck 31
4 Justin Matney Bristol, VA GEISER RPM Offroad, BFG Tires, Rigid Industries, King Shocks, Impact Safety, BDS Suspension, KMC Wheels, Par Ventures, Inc., Geiser Brothers, Dougans Engines, Rancho Drivetrain, PIN MFG
21 Tavo Vildosola Mexicali, BC Gustavo Vildosola, Javi Valenzuela, Victor Valenzuela FORD Mexicana Logistics, Branix, Interproteccion, Red Bull, BFG, Mastercraft, Baja Designs, King Shocks, Borla, Neo Oil, Method, Race Proven, Howe, Eibach, MSD,
70 BRYCE MENZIES LAS VEGAS, NV Pete Mortensen FORD Red Bull, Pennzoil, KMC Wheels, Discount Tire, BFGoodrich, Ford, GoPro, Rigid Industries, Polaris RZR, Oakley, Fox Shox, K&N, Eibach, FK Rod Ends, Miller Welders, Focus Companies
11 Rob MacCachren Las Vegas, NV Andy McMillin KROYER Rockstar Energy Drink, Makita Power Tools, BFGoodrich Tires, KCHilites,Ultra Wheel, Fox Shox, FK Rod Ends, IMPACT, Mastercraft Safety, Brembo, Motive Gear, Kroyer Racing Engines, Howe Performance, VP fuel, Kartek, Strobel Manufacturing, Team Ford
77 Robby Gordon Charlotte, NC Kellon Walch CHEVY Speed Energy, Toyo Tires, Traxxas. 4 Wheel Parts
5 Carlos Apdaly Lopez Tecate,  GEISER RPM Offroad, BFG Tires, Rigid Industries, King Shocks, Impact Safety, BDS Suspension, KMC Wheels, Par Ventures, Inc., Geiser Brothers, Dougans Engines, Rancho Drivetrain, PIN MFG
83 Luke McMillin El Cajon, CA Chris Olimon, Jason Voss, James East, Cameron Parrish FORD DLM Real Estate, BFGoodrich, Ultra Wheels, Baja Designs, Maxima Oils, King Shocks, K&N Air Filters, Howe Performance, Kroyer, Impact
76 Jesse Jones Phoenix, AZ Dustin Hellstrom FORD KMC Wheels, BFGoodrich Tires, Impact, Fox Shox, Baja Designs
17 Eduardo Laguna Mexicali, BC GEISER RPM Offroad, BFG Tires, Rigid Industries, King Shocks, Impact Safety, BDS Suspension, KMC Wheels, Par Ventures, Inc., Geiser Brothers, Dougans Engines, Rancho Drivetrain, PIN MFG
16 Cameron Steele San Clemente, CA Cody Stuart DOUGANS Yokohama, Monster Energy, Lucas Oil, Bullet Proof Diesel, KMC, Fox, KC, VP, Patricks Signs, Prime, 
93 Chris Kemp San Clemente, CA Lance Kane, Dino Crescentini MASON Tristar Motorsports, Advanced Marketing Group, Stop Tech, Baja Designs
39 RON WHITTON Mesa, AZ FORD Whitton companies, KC Hilites, King
9 Mark Weyhrich El Cajon, CA Gary Weyhrich
Ryan Williams
Jason Duncan
FORD Tube Specialties Co, BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, Fox Shox, Maxima Racing Oils, Baja Designs, Beam Designs, Sign Pros
14 Heidi Steele San Clemente, CA DOUGANS Yokohama, Monster Energy, Lucas oil, Bullet Proof Diesel, KMC, Fox, RDE, KC, Dougans, Patricks signs, FK,
44 Kyle Jergensen Oakhills, CA Travis Dodd, James Teegarden CUSTOM  JC
23 Dan McMillin La Mesa, CA Casey King
Chuck Hovey
Jim Shannon
Cameron Parrish
KROYER DLM Real Estate, BFGoodrich, Ultra Wheels, Baja Designs, Maxima Oils, King Shocks, K&N Air Filters, Howe Performance, Kroyer, Impact
91 Troy Herbst Huntington Beach, CA Ryan Arciero, John Tondro FORD Monster Energy, BF Goodrich, Terrible Herbst
50 Zak Langley El Segundo, CA Zak Langley, Rick D Johnson, Adam Householder FORD Jamar, Rigid Industries, R2C, Checkers Racing, Toyo, Langley Productions
75 Mike Cook Orem, UT CHEVY Space Monkey
42 Jesse Hooker Newhall, CA Joe Cota, Billy Carson, Perry DiNardo, Jeremy Carson, Darren Papalini, Joseph LaVau, CHEVY fox shocks
1 Steven Eugenio Vista, CA Armin Schwarz, Steve Covey, Bryan Lyttle CHEVY Galindo Electric, B&M Tricon, LiquiMoly, BFGoodrich, Monster Energy, Rigid Industries, Remus Exhaust, K&N, King, Eibach, Method Race Wheels, Impact Racing, Recaro, Oerikon, AutoMotor Sport, Replay XD, Getsome Photo, Dougans Racing Engines, Rancho Driveline Ent
19 Tim Herbst Huntington Beach, CA Larry Roeseler, Todd Gorsuch, Wade Weaver FORD Monster Energy, BF Goodrich, Terrible Herbst
36 Glen Greer Green Valley, AZ DODGE GRG Construction
38 Eric Hustead St George, UT Brook Beckstrom
Brandon Dawson
Micah Busk
Preston Shimd
47 James Bult Monee, IL DODGE Mr. Bult's Inc.
45 Gary Magness Desert Hot Springs, CA Devin Housh FORD Baja Designs, King Shocks, Impact, Mastercraft, Toyo Tires, Maxima Oils
12 Kent Kroeker Valley Center, CA Darren Skilton, Mike Nelson, Josh Nelson MINOTAUR Prefix, Arrow Racing Engines, KORE Off Road, Baja Designs, McRees Precision, U.S. Optics, Kelbly's Rifles, Jamar Brakes, Fox Racing Shox, FST Filters, Barret Jackson Auctions, BF Goodrich Tires
25 Brian Ostrom Surprise, AZ Cody Bowman CHEVY MCM Motorsports, Miller Welders, Rigid Light Industries, K&N, DJ Safety, Justice Brothers, Heatshield Products
57 Mike Palmer RS Denver, CO Spencer Steele CHEVY Nemesis Industries, Vertex Innovations, L&L Design, PAC Racing Springs, Randy Ellis Design, Edgewater Jeep Repair, Blast Tech, Off Road Warehouse, Power Tank, Campbell Ent, BF Goodrich, Crossfire Offroad
Class 1 15
168 Shelby Reid Apple Valley, CA Danny Ebberts CHEVY Reid Products Inc., Toyo Tires, Lucas Oil, Dave Folts Trans, Wiks Racing Engines, Baja Designs, King Shocks, Baer Brakes, CBR.
142 Steven Sells Phoenix, AZ Baja Nikki Nolen, TJ Flores, Sheldon Paul CHEVY Wrecked at the Reef, King Shocks, Maxxis Tires, Optimum Race Logistics, Vision X, Champion Race Works
189 Jon Walker Tamuning, GU CHEVY Hansen Helicopters
153 Brian Wilson Long Beach, CA Brad Wilson, Kyle Quinn, Ricky Hardy, Kevin Miller JIMCO BFGoodrich Tires, KING Shocks, Method Race Wheels, Fortin Racing, Vision X Lighting, Wiks Racing Engines, Jimco, NEO Synthetics, Patricks Signs, TBM Brakes, SLIME, Paragon Acoustical
147 Pat McCarthy Hermosa beach, CA JIMCO McCarthy Framing Const Inc ,  Pro Am, Neo Synthics, BFG, Anti Gravity
145 Yuich Takahashi Fresno, CA Mike Boone
Chris Western
Mark Workentine
WIKS King Shocks
Rugged Radio
Bajabound insurance
127 Cody Parkhouse Long Beach, CA Brent Parkhouse, John Kohut CHEVY Mastercraft/Impact Safety, BF Goodrich, Fox Shocks, Parkhouse Tire, Baja Designs, F&L race fuel
138 Randy Wilson Lakewood, CA Ronny Wilson, John Herder, Justin Munyon JIMCO BFGoodrich Tires, KING Shocks, Method Race Wheels, Fortin Racing, Vision X Lighting, Wiks Racing Engines, Jimco, NEO Synthetics, Patricks Signs, TBM Brakes, SLIME, Paragon Acoustical
105 Matt Cullen Long Beach, CA Mike Lombardi, Chuck Sacks, Layton Bowles, Gregg Ryan, Jim Harris LS 7 F & L Racing Fuel, Amber Racing Services, California Skier, Mastercraft Boats, McKenzies, BFG, FOX
121 Damen Jefferies Apple Valley, CA CHEVY Rigid Industries, Method, King, F&L, Romans Construction, Butchers Block, Big Bear Disposal
185 Justin Davis RS Chino Hills, CA Jeremy Davis and Donald Brookins CHEVY Rigid Industries, Jamar Performance, CBR, Lucas Oil, K&N, Monster Seal, King Shocks, Gatorwraps,  
160 Victor Barreda RS Cabo San Lucas, BCS CHEVY Coppel Motor Sports, Cooper Tires, Telcel, Mabe, Gohner, Arnian Logistics, Autopartes el Progreso
175 Jaime Huerta Jr RS San Luis, MX Otoniel Huerta, Alberto Ritchie, Chutin Saldaña, Luis Alberto Ritchie, Bryan Hanson RACER Circulo k , Circle K , Maquinaria CR ,Grymaq , Baja Designs , Ultra Wheels , Kartek , PCI Race Radios , Danzio , Oasa 
104 Rob Archibald RS Lakeside, CA JIMCO Archibald Sheet Metal, Affordable Raingutters, Jimco, Steve Dose Race Engines, Fortin, BFG, Fox, Crew: Aaron Harper, Jason Brown, Wesley Atherton
101 David Hunter RS Orem, UT Nate Hunter, Jim Hunter, Sam Hunter, Jim Anderson, Kurt Brian CHEVY Security National, Maverick, Stance, J 5 Tactical, Property Solutions, Onset Financial, Qualtrics
117 Stephen Squires
Driftwood, TX Shane Squires, Max Squires GM  Lucky Two Seven Motorsports, BFG, King, Jake Velasco Prep, Method, 
TT Spec 15
850 Paul Broughton Scotts Valley, CA Paul Broughton
Todd Mays
BAJALITE BFP Fire Protection, Baja Racing Adventures, South Bay Driveline
862 Pete Sohren Glendale, AZ TOYOTA toyota of mexico. MAXXIS, king shocks, motive gear
884 Billy Wilson Corpus Christi, TX CHEVY 4 wheel specialties, bfg tires, kd lites.
878 John Langley El Segundo, CA John Langley, Harley Letner, Dave Caspino CHEVY Jamar, Rigid Industries, R2C, Checkers Racing, Toyo, Langley Productions
868 Pat Sims Eunice, NM Shanon KaPowell, Joe DeLucie, Dan Hayes, DJ Blasco, Chuck McRae BRENTHEL TerraDynamics, Falken Tires, ADS Shocks, GearWorks, StopTech, Baja Designs, Brenthal, Trail Ready, PowerSteeringSolutions
8** Andrew Hendricks Gateway, CO Jeff Humberson, Rod Rojas, Eric Jacobs,  Driven Experiences, Go Pro, BFG Tires, Yeti Coolers, MSP Films, Baja Design,PSS, Brembo
872 Jordan Brenthel Irvine, CA BRENTHEL King Shocks, Falken Tires, Method Race Wheels, Rigid Industries, Baja Kits, Jamar Brakes, CBM Motorsports, Torco USA
855 Lee Banning Laveen, AZ Lee Banning Jr, Chris Godfrey, Gary Williams Jr GEISER General Tire, Neo oil, WSM Auctions, Select Glass, KC Hilites, Fox racing shox, 
881 Mark Luhtala West Palm Beach, FL Jacob Edinger,Nicholas Laub, Luhtech Jet, BFG tires, Ultra wheels, Jamar Performance
873 Jonathan Brenthel Irvine, CA BRENTHEL King Shocks, Falken Tires, Method Race Wheels, Rigid Industries, Baja Kits, Jamar Brakes, CBM Motorsports, Torco USA
874 Elias Hanna San Diego, CA CHEVY Lucas Oil-BFGoodrichtires-Jacksonmotorsportsgroup Methodracewheels-Fox Shox-Howeperformance- Currieenterprises-KChilites-CBM_motorsports- EsteroBeachhotel LarsonIrrigation Steelway- Alfonsospizza Noworriesglobal OffRoadWarehouse- GalindoMotorsports Coronamotorhomerentals OR_graphix-Magnaflow #fuerzamexicana
888 Jim Anderson Reno, NV Ann Anderson, Sandy Hall, Andrea Tomba GEISER Silver Creek Development, Big O Tires, Vision X Global Lighting, BFG, Kartek, Tanom Racing, Pio Racing, JV Race Prep
871 Larry Connor Miamisburg, OH Neal Mason MASON First Billing Services, Bell Helmets, Mason Motorsports, Baja Designs, Mechanix Wear, BFGoodrich Tires
854 Chelsea Magness Desert Hot Springs, CA Steve Knudson, Todd Burt, Mike Mcnaughton, Monte, Matt Robinson, Ryan Abernathy GM Baja Designs, King Shocks, Toyo Tires, Impact, Mastercraft, Maxima Oils
852 Russell Buehler Independence, MO Neil Buehler,Scott Rueschenberg,Miles Wyatt,
Russell Buehler
JIMCO Metro Asphalt,Clay County Materials,
BFG,JPU Racing,Baja Designs
883 Zack Mckinley corpus christi, TX chris coleman chev kc lites, bfg, 4 wheel specialties, Bevly Wilson racing, King shocks
869 Craig Christy RS Burbank, CA BRENTHEL
Class 4400 2
4405 Shannon Campbell Gilbert, AZ Wayland Campbell-Driver

Terry Madden-Co driver

Brian Kirby-Co driver
CURRIE Nitto Tires, Currie Enterprises, Monster Energy, ARB, Warn Industries, Howe, Fox, Dynomax, TurnKey, Gearworks, Ron Davis, ProAm Racing, Advance Adapters, Walker Evans, Az Driveshaft, Mastercraft Safety, Rugged Radios, KC Hilites, Motive Gear, PAC, Dirtskins, Tireballs, Arrowlane, Powertank, Grizzly Coolers, Justice Brothers, S/W Ground Control, Custom Coaters of Mesa, Allstart Electric, SDHQ, 
4451 Mel Wade, III RS Fullerton, CA Greg Melancon JEEP Discount Tire, EVO Mfg., Nitto Tire, Dynatrac Axle, KMC Wheels, KCHiLites, Mastercraft Safety, Royal Purple, King Racing Shocks, AQUAhydrate and Mothers Polish.
Class 2 1
201 Jeff Proctor Glendora, CA Jeff Proctor

Jason LaFortune

Sage Marie
HONDA American Honda, Honda Performance Development, Ridgeline, General Tire, KMC, Rigid Industries, TurnKey Marketing, Fox, RPI, NEO Synthetics, Sparco, PCI Race Radios, Fiberwerx
Class 10 18
1068 Cody Reid Apple Valley, CA Corey Goin Reid Products Inc., BFG Tires, Lucas Oil, Dave Folts Trans, Wiks Racing Engines, Baja Designs, King Shocks, Baer Brakes, CBR.
1045 Travis Clarke Encinitas, CA Pat Dailey RACECO Dailey Engineering, Law Offices of Al Clarke, El Napolito, Fox Shocks, BFG, Raceco, Rigid Industries, FMF, RPM Muffler and Danzio 
1011 Morgan Langley Carson, CA Morgan Langley, Kory Halopoff, Paul Keller HONDA Jamar, Rigid Industries, R2C, Checkers Racing, BFG, Langley Productions
1080 Peter Hajas Wayzata, MN Steven Hajas, Kevin Selchow, John Durst CHEVY BFG, Baja Pits, Slime, Sunoco, Baja Designs, King
1089 Arnoldo Gutierrez jr. Mexicali, Baja California Arnoldo Gutierrez  RACER Gutiérrez Trucking, Fox Shocks 
1088 Luis Salgado Vidal Mexicali, Baja California HONDA MR RACING, VALVOLINE NEXT GEN, CIM
1062 JJ Schnarr Incline Village, NV Andrew Myers, Eduardo Quinones, Julio Quintero ECOTEC COAST ALUMINUM AND ARCHITECTURAL, INC
1077 Daniel Reyes Jr. Heber, CA Rick Sanchez, Jason Cobb TATUM Off Road Parts SA ds CV, Acoplados Designs, Transportes Binacionales, KC HiLiTES, Tbin Express, Transportes Ahumada, Intransit Express Delivery, Reconstructora Mexicali, McArthur
1042 Lars Ferry Phoenix, AZ Justin Smith, Mike Church JIMCO Shock Therapyst, Abbelone Vineyards, Church Racing (CR) Enterprise  
1002 Steve Lawler Banning, CA Ian Egli,  Jared Sollenberger,  ECOTEC Lawrence Equipment,  Haas Factory Outlet,  El Comal,  RADAR Tires,
1034 Clifford Cole Agoura Hills, CA Todd Starks ALUMICRAFT AlumiCraft
1058 Clay Lawrence Banning, CA Mikey Lawrence ECOTEC Lawrence Equipment,  Haas Factory Outlet,  El Comal,  RADAR Tires,
1018 Miguel Tornel sr. chula vista, CA JIMCO Torza Real Estate, San Agustin Residencial, Ringo Celis, Pampas, Cactus Taqueria, Casas International
1078 Jorge Magaña San quintin, Baja california AGUSTIN CORTEZ CUSTOM JORGE MAGAÑA 
1081 Todd Winslow Clovis, CA ALUMICRAFT Rolling Hills Nut Co.,Northside Foods Corp, Creative Ingredients Inc., 559 Racing, BFG, Hostyle, Rugged Radio
Wilson's M/C
1049 Ty Godde RS Palmdale, CA Jim Greenway,Steve Hext, HENRY Godde Motorsport,Camacho Auto sales,King of Credit,Learn for life,Tricore,DC designs,Eversen Performance,Bfg.,King shocks,Gary,Cullen Insurance,
1087 Stuart Breckon RS Houston, TX Patrick Breckon
Peter Miller
Norm Nolte
William Reveron
LOTHRINGER Romfor Supply Company
B & L Suramerica S.A.
SCORE Lites 7
1218 Miguel Tornel Jr. Chula Vista, CA FAT PERFORMANCE Torza Real Estate, San Agustin Residencial, Ringo Celis, Pampas, Cactus Taqueria, Casas International
1221 MATT DREVER DANA POINT, CA Jim Vick, Dave Norman, Jeff Alter, Bob Humphries, Jake Batulis VW Salt Life
1209 Rafael Navarro III Temecula, CA Rafael Navarro IV, Vic Bruckmann, Fernando Mayoral VW Pete's Camp, GN, BRM, Eibach, BF Goodrich
1201 Mario Alcala Mexicali, BC DOR-Mario Alcala, Jose Robles, Juan Mayoral, Guillermo Luna, Diego Delfin, Pedro Morquecho  SEAGROVE ALKE Transportes, Rancho Las Truchas, Mayoral Transaxles
1244 Eric Palacios RS Las Vegas, NV Neri Sanchez, Robert Campozano vw Eric Palacios & Associates, EXA 94.5 FM, Pacific Care Chiropractic, Spinal Rehab Center, Angry Wives Club, Ahijoshu Motorsports
1207 Michael Crichton RS Escondido, CA MEMOMAN Wings Army
Class 8 4
844 Noah Ostanik Carlsbad, CA Dave Dinsmore
Todd Sanderson
FORD CERSO Racing Productions, BF Goodrich, Mastercraft Safety, UPR Racing Supply, JD Fabrication, ORW, King Shocks, Trail Ready racing rims, Fluidyne, Momo, K&N, Hella, E&J Wireworks, Keith's Auto Electric Encinitas, Sandy Cone, Racing Products, Signart Graphix Vista CA
811 James Burman Heber city, UT Chris Sayre, David Clay, Doug Burns, Wally Shelley, Michael John Will GM Filtagreen International, Raceline Wheels, Yukon Gear, BF Goodrich tires, 
839 Chris Wilson - Sykes RS Vista, CA FORD BF Goodrich, Ultra Wheels, FOX, PCI, Mastercraft Safety, Camburg, ORW
Class 1/2-1600 11
1666 Tony Vanilo, Sr.  Northridge, CA Brandon H. Steele, Tony Vanillo Jr., Pablo Torres VW ProAm Racing Products, The Great Candy Cane Off-Road Race Team
1647 Wes Mckenzie Dallas, TX Martyn Hammer, George Jimenez, Cisco Bio, Josh Bertschy VW McKenzie Building, Inc. Jimenez Racing Engines, Wes McKenzie Custom Homes, Inc.
1614 Hiram Duran TECATE, CA ERIC DURAN
1636 Aaron Ampudia San Diego, CA Alan Ampudia, Abelardo Ruanova, David Castelan  ALUMICRAFT Papas and Beer, Method, Fox, RPM, No Worries, In Ramirez, DHAM, MasterCraft, Impact, Rigid Industries, Pit Stop.
1648 Alejandro Lozano Mexico City,  Alejandro Biehl, Alejandro Ibarrola, Federico Tejado, Guillermo Guerrero, Oscar Venegas  MAYORAL Domino's Pitza, Inix, Vencom, Precios, Watt Booster, Albatros, Starbucks
1649 Joe Castrey RS Garden Grove, CA Josh Castrey, Mike Amling, Dustin Lakin, Adam Nimmo SCORPION SRP
1605 Miguel Cortez RS Chula Vista, CA Raul Rodriguez,  Hugo Cerecero  VW Tecnovision,  Terra, Formula, Vinatech, racing BOH, Metal finish Anocote 
1684 Viry Felix RS Ensenada, BC,  Ramon Bio,
Manuel Ibarra
VW Agrocosta de Baja California
Polímeros de Ensenada
1602 Ernesto Arambula RS Ensenada, Baja california Edmundo Fernández  MONTES Arambula racing, Baja Designs, Fox racing shoxs, Yonke 13, Ayuntamiento de Ensenada
Heavy Metal
Class 7 6
712 Ikuo Hanawa Ibaraki, Japan Katsuhiko SAKAMAKI
Tomonori NOTO
NISSAN Yokohama
701 Brandon Walsh Encinitas, CA TOYOTA Toyota USA, Toyota Racing Develepment, SPEED Energy Drink, Rod End Supply, Rigid Industries LED Lighting, BFGoodrich Tires, Robby Gordon Wheels, Camburg Engineering, Spy Optic, Western State Awning, Hagen Enterprises, SignArt Graphix, Jorman Race Works, Monaghan Construction
705 Carlos Diaz Martinez Mexicali Baja California,  Miguel Sandoval - Ignacio Roberto Fimbres FORD DPU Racing
700 Dan Chamlee Summerland, CA Kurt Kimball FORD The Factory Appliance, Inc, BFGoodrich, 
727 Jim Ryan Moab, UT FORD
Starks Racing 
Class 3000 2
3030 Chad Broughton Scotts Valley, CA BAJALITE Baja Racing Adventures, Southbay Driveline, BFP Fire Protection
3003 Mike Jams Montreal, QC Ron Stobaugh TROPHYLITE Desert Race School, CARBON Off Road, Baja Sunlight Performance Lighting, Currie Enterprises, Baja
Baja Challenge 3
BC 2 Bob Bower Lake Forest, CA SUBARU BFG
Vision X
Vision Wheel
BC3 Rick Skelton Atlanta, GA SUBARU BFG
Vision X
Vision Wheel
BC1 Jon Largent Riverside, CA SUBARU BFG
Vision X
Vision Wheel 
Trophy Lite
Class 5 3
500 Jose Lopez Gonzalez Mexicali, Baja California Rodrigo Elourdy GM ecotec PUM Racing
Baja Racing
Vanguardia Promocionales
Class 7sx
Class 5-1600 7
558 Salvador Carrillo Ensenda, BC VW earth savers,  g wander bar, g street wanderbar,wrp, mrt racing, negrito transmiciones, weroloko engines, D&E custom fab, rose valey, nuny shocks, BAB bombas y aspersoras, icassa, elcampesino racing, ortem racing, aab.
554 Julio Morales RS calexico, CA jose quintero volkswagen 1600 flores race prep,negrito transmisones,pollos racing engines,morlim trucking,
579 Mary Crouch RS Santa Fe, NM Greg Crouch
Rick Morris
Diana Morris
VW Crouch Environmental Services
Port Logistics
Komputer Peripherals
578 Gustavo Aviña RS Ensenada, Baja California Faisal Diaz, Erik Rivera, Pablo Tapia Jr. Gustavo Aviña Jr. Gabriel Aviña, Eduardo Escobedo  VW Autos la 7 - Ecosan - RyR - Charlie Racing - Lucky Racers - Tapia´s Pit Suport - Clones MotorSports - Ramon Castro 
575 Erich Reisen RS West Vancouver, BC Grant Baylis, Brennon Quennel, Geoff Peterson, VW Rancho Performance, Baja Bound Insurance, NitroLube, Rok Straps,, Baja North,
Class 3 2
300 Donald Moss Sacramento, CA Ken Moss, Dave Grundman FORD BFGoodrich, RuffStuff Specialties, Transfer Flow, KC HiLites, River City Differentials,, Sunoco, King Deaver
301 Robert Morton Vista, CA Ralph Pickering, Ken Leavitt, Randy Hoselton KIA NCC Cabling
Class 3700
Class 1700
Stock Full 4
8101 Rod Hall Reno, NV Chad Hall, Chris Woo, Alex Baker, Tom Hyle, Damien Michelin, Mike Winkel CHEVY MaxTraxx, BFGoodrich, SignPros, Fox Shox, Tifco, KC Hilites, Mastercraft
8125 John Gonzales Edgewater, MD FORD Interactive Touchscreen Solutions
8155 Darren Webster Holladay, UT Marc Van Tassell
Kurt Williams
William Carroll
Ryan Davis
David Connors
TOYOTA, ARB USA, Toyota Bountiful, Nitro Gear & Axle, Ely Family Dental, Tepui Tents, Land Cruisers Direct, Equipt Expedition Outfitters, Cruiser Outfitters, Stealth Gear, Armed Workwear, Ratio AV, Platt Insurance, Sierra Expeditions, Russell & Co Construction
8161 Douglas McArdle RS Gladstone, Queensland Jose Ortega, Mickey Van Dyke, Kay  Awaad, Jock Mc Arthur, Gabriella Maudena FORD Mattey Bros, Parrots cracker, Scotchland farms
Stock Mini
Class 9
Class 11  5
1107 Jim Graham Felton, CA Toby Fray, Romy Frederick, Jenn Frederick, Chuck Gianni, Dennis Lange, Gil Medrano, Ricky Medrano, Robb Pritchard, Cyrus Roohi VW All Weather Inc., Bilstein,  BK Auto, Donaldson Filtration Solutions, Iridium, Lifetime LED, Mad Media, MaxTrax, PowderCoat-It, Wallentine Motorsports
1121 Dennis Hollenbeck Ensenada, Baja California Brian Crossson
Dave Forrest
Paul Hartl
Kailen Hill
Armando Salazar
Kevin Schlecht
Roberto Tapiz
VW GLS Spray, Baja Designs, Bilstein Shocks, PCI Radio, KW Machine Works, BFGoodrich, Maxtrax, Raceready Products, Real Life Ministries
1113 Brian Wallentine Roseville, CA Doug Nagy
Gene Moonyham
Jose Azarte
Jason Sherer
Derek Nye
VW Wallentine Motorsports, Rugged Radios, Amsoil, General Tire, Powertank, KC Lights, Pull Pal, Warn Streetwise, Wiks Racing Engines, JG Transwerks, PRP Seats Powdercoat it, Dirt Bagz, 212 Gloves, Ethan Wade Graphics Black Fly Pierside Parts Maxtrax, Azunia Tequila
1129 David Bolles RS Goodyear, AZ Ron Thomas, Jeff Sherrill, Paul Eddy, Kenny VerKuilen, KC Steiner  VW 3 Amigos Racing, Thanks Maria!, MaxTrax America and Snake Racing.
1116 Paul Nauleau RS San Francisco, CA Ryan Crook, Nate Tennis, David Oneill, Alejandro Cosue Arballo Rosas. VW Rigid Industries, Amsoil, Jaz Products,, CBCFS. 
Class 19 24
1927 Benjamin WIlson kenwood, CA Frank Bushman POLARIS Method wheels, ITP tires, Factory UTV, Mayhem Offroad Racing
1958 George Felix Houston, TX POLARIS Dirty Dawg
1939 Dan Fresh Ladera Ranch, CA POLARIS Wired2Race LLC, SCG Electric Inc, Tensor Tires, Method Wheels, Magnum Offroad, Baja Designs, OC Motorsports, Gates belts, Fox, Cobra seats, Muzzys
1988 Wes Miller Las Vegas, NV Dave Lazovsky POLARIS Polaris, Mystik, Kicker, Fox Shox, Lonestar Racing, K&N Filters, Baja Designs, Cryoheat, GoPro, Pro Armor, Rugged Radios, BFG, OMF, Alba Racing, Factory UTV, Toyskinz, Fly Racing, Coldcock Whiskey, Stratus, Rotation Motorsports
1921 Johnny Angal Mesa, AZ Brandon Sims, Eric Ringler, Craig Hammar, Jake Craver  POLARIS Polaris RZR, ITP Tires, Method Wheels, Lonestar Racing, Rigid Industries LED Lighting, Wolf Designs, CRDesigns, Summer Brothers 
1949 ALONSO LOPEZ Murrieta, CA Jose Juarez, Francisco Rodriguez, Alex Zuñiga POLARIS Glazzkraft, Alba Racing, BFGoodrich, King Shocks, Summers Brothers, Rigid Industries, UTVUnderground, Racepak, OMF Performance, Trinity Racing, Streamline Brakes, BeautyHealth Massage Chairs, Rugged Radios
1930 Sean Cook Twain Harte, CA Brendan Cook
Jesus Leon
Dave Wong
Jorge Macias
Todd Latronica
David Sexy Jackson
Steve Medley
POLARIS SPEED Energy, Polaris VillaHermosa, GBC Tires, KING Shocks, OMF, Hellwig Motorsports, TORCO, Muzzy, Factory UTV, CryoHeat, Madigan Motorsports, Hess Motorsports, Ram Mounts, Red House BBQ,  Optima Batteries, Black Rhino, Powetanks, Galfer Brakes, L&L Powdercoating, Dave's Off Road Outlet, D&D Graphx, Hill Media, Napa, RCV Axles, UTV Underground
1905 Marc Burnett Chula Vista, CA Fernando Flores POLARIS Monster Energy, Polaris, General Tires, UNI, Lincoln Welders, Beard Seats, Heatshield Products, P.C.I, Aeromotive, AEM, Lucas Oil, WD-40, Eibach, Autometer, Bink Designs, HJC Motorsports, Summer Brothers, Ridgid Industries, Factory UTV, Antigravity Batteries, Long Travel
1904 Cory Sappington Peoria, AZ CAN-AM Can-Am X-Team , Desert Toyz Motorsports, CST Tires, Elka Shocks, Tiger Lights, S3 Suspension, Triple X Seats, UTV Off-Road Magazine, Jones Ford AZ, Foddrill Motorsports, Shorai Batteries, Pro Steel Erectors, Mod Quad, Dirt Skins, Schampa 
1943 Tom Longshore Louisville, KY Ryan Longshore
Danny Longshore
Tony Conway
Sean Smith
Lee Duncan 
POLARIS Skyline Chili - Louisville,Kentucky, Waynes Polaris, RAZR Sharp Customs, PCI Race Radios, Baja Designs, LOWRANCE, Oates Flag Co., Baja Pits, Sunoco Race Fuels, First Watch Restaurants, Moab Offroad, Dr. and Mrs. Longshore
1923 Benjamin Bischoff Celista, BC  Al McBeth
Scott Kreiser
Dean Moore
Joe Loomis
Wyatt Dressler
PROSTAR Hyper Toys Dawson Creek,  Joe Loomis Trucking, Concept Distribution, Central Valley plumbing and heating, Si-Tec Welding, VP Racing fuels, Bischoff Firewood, Holz Racing Products, Graphic Enterprises, Galaxie Powder Coating, Wiseman Enterprises, My Gica,
1961 Cody Rahders Alpine, CA POLARIS Polaris, Black Rhino, Cognito Motorsports, Fox, Superchips Method, PAC Racing Spings, K&N, Sparks Racing 
1915 Thomas Graves El Cajon, CA Richard Morel, Nate Martinez, Garret Turner POLARIS TAG Engineering, Gravestone Communications, TEAM ALBA RACING, ITP Wheels and Tires, RACERX,SUNOCO FUELS,Summer Bros Axles ,HCR Suspension, PRP Seats and nets, KING SHOCKS, CP Pistons, UNI Filters, ORW, SLIME, Rich  Morel Engines, WEB Racing Cams, Baja Designs, VISION X, Wicked Built
1922 Tyler Backus Grindrod, BC POLARIS TB Racing,backus racing,backus backcountry adventures,vp fuels,my gica,dw wilson services,graphic enterprizes,fxr,enderby autobody,galixie powder coating,impact radio,lonestar,pci,utv canada,sieg services,lmg finance,marco industries,motovan,sti tires,mission trailers,am4 aviation ltd,
1971 Terry Hui British Columbia, CANADA Wayne Matlock
Sam Hayes
Derek McGaughy
POLARIS Terabbit Racing, Concord Pacific, Concord Green Motors, Matlock Racing, Polaris, Maxxis, Fox Shox, Lonestar, DWT, Alba Racing, Coyne Powersports, Baja Designs, Jimco, Cryoheat, Rugged Radios, Factory UTV, Impact, Fly Racing, Maxima, UNI, Motion Pro, IMS, KZ RV, Monster Seal, G-Fors Racing, Copy Boy Printing, Novus, Concord Green Energy
1901 Greg Row San Diego, CA Greg Row
Scott Bergen
Polaris Black Rhino, Racer X, SDRC Raceway, Bilstein Shocks, DWT, Maxima, GPS, UNI, IMS, Kenny boy, Super ATV
1910 Ryan McIntire Rockwall, TX Wesley Graves
John Saltzman
POLARIS PCI Race Radios, Lonestar Racing, UTV Inc, Queen Racing, Pyrotect, ITP Tires, BA Powder Coat, TSK Designs, Kryptonite Kustoms, ARTS (All Race Tech Safety)
1942 Scott Mcfarland Moab, UT Mickey Thomas
Nick Oldham
Carson Fisher
POLARIS Mystik Lubricants, Pit Bull Tires, Raceline Wheels, Gates Performance Belts, KC Hilites, 5150 Wraps, Wicked Bilt,, Trinity Racing, Streamline Brakes, Addict Racing Engines, Mirage Racing Products, 
1932 Brandon Schueler Phoenix, AZ Blake Van de Loo, Chad Hummer POLARIS Polaris Racing, Jagged X Racing, Polaris Lubricants, BF Goodrich, Jackson Motorsports Group, Muzzy's, Vision X, Factory UTV, Varta Powersports, CR Designs, Mountain States Contracting, Walker Evans Racing, UTV Underground
1917 Derek Murray downey, CA Jason Murray
Monty Aldrich
Dustin Jones
ROTAX Can-Am, ITP wheels and tires, Lonestar Racing, Fox, K&N, Lazerstar Lights, Torco, Beard, Shoria, Berts UTV,  Monster seal, AMR Racing, Yoshimura.
1908 Justin Lambert Bakersfield, CA Victor Herrera
Justin Sheakley
POLARIS Cognito, Polaris, Mystik Lubricants, Sparks Performance Products, ITP Tires, Method Race Wheels, Fox Shocks, Rugged Radios, Rigid Industries Lighting
1916 Cody Nygren Mesa, AZ POLARIS Lone Star Racing
Fox Racing
1924 Raul Hernandez Mexico / SLRC, DF Jorge Hernandez, Daniel Gonzalez, Poncho Chavez, Alan Lopez, Pepe Gonzalez Polaris PEC, ITEnergy, GRP Fab, P.CH, Lubriflash
1903 Jaime Romero RS Arlington, TN ARCTIC CAT Arctic Cat, IMS Products, Slick Products, Shorai Batteries, Razorback Technology, Replay XD, Dobeck Performance
Sportsman 1400 5
1409 Andrew Entwistle Boulder City, NV VORE VORE, Ford Racing, Pyrotect, Method wheels
1408 Spencer Morgan Boulder City, NV VORE Vore, Ford, Pyrotect
1407 Gary Leyendecker Boulder City, NV VORE VORE, Ford Racing, Pyrotect, Method Wheels, Mothers, AeroMotive, KC Hilites
1477 Ryan Lewis San Antonio, TX Casey Adkisson, Justin Hermann, Eric Sheetz Chevrolet  lewis energy, SRD, KMC, general tire, mastercraft impact, Ricky johnson off road, LeadNav, 
1444 Jim Bunn RS Bristol, VA MASON RPM Offroad, BFG Tires, Rigid Industries, King Shocks, Impact Safety, BDS Suspension, KMC Wheels, Par Ventures, Inc., Geiser Brothers, Dougans Engines, Rancho Drivetrain, PIN MFG
Sportsman 1500 4
1506 Bruce Brooks Cottage Grove, OR John Becker VW BFG, Fox Shocks, Capt Dan, Ardmore Auto Clinic, Becker Brothers, Genesta,Brooks, Big Choice Brewing, Front Range Motorsports
1547 Rod Lewis San Antonio, TX Clint LaRue , Brian Trotter  Chevrolet  Lewis Energy, SRD, KMC, General Tire, Mastercraft impact, Ricky Johnson offroad, LeadNav
1501 Dean Acton RS Scotch Creek, BC Mark Acton, Scott Acton, John Paulus JIMCO Captains Village Marina, CVM Motorsports, A&W, Zimmer-Wheaton, Baja North/TDC, 4WDrive Mag
Baja Race Team
1515 Derek Fletcher RS Abingdon, VA RPM RPM Offroad, BFG Tires, Rigid Industries, King Shocks, Impact Safety, BDS Suspension, KMC Wheels, Par Ventures, Inc., Geiser Brothers, Dougans Engines, Rancho Drivetrain, PIN MFG
Sportsman 2000
Sportsman UTV 2
1852 Robert Branch Watkinsville, GA Kara Dees
Notorios Hollerman
Abasiofon Bassey
John DeMerlier
Nicholas Johnson
Spencer Harp
Chris Gleiter
HISUN Georgia Southern University, S. Sterling Company, Delta Metals, Hisun Motors, FOX Racing, RPM Offroad, Mike Penland Racing, PBBrown Construction/ Cantina Racing, Statesboro Powersport Center, Savannah Honda Yamaha, Line-X, Desert Fish Racing, Fuel Safe, Robert Acer Racing, 123A Racing, Desert Toyz Racing, SuperATV, NRG Innovations, CVTech, CarlStar Group, TW Metals
1850 Matthew Pontious Seattle, WA Andrew Pontious
Matthew Rebman
Thai nguyen
Micah austin
Motos First Off Line, followed by Vehicles Above See Schedule for Times
Class Pro Moto Unlimited 11
14x Raul Hernandez Tijuana Mexico, CA Larry Serna, Miguel Munos, Ricardo Munoz, Rodolfo Patron KTM Adelit Bar,, SCAI Constructora, Compustar, Hotel Velario, Servicio Ravello, Azteca Motorsports. 
35x Nicholas Gust pescadero, CA Don Campbell
Mike Vetter
KTM Stage Ranch Racing, Nicks Restaurant, Motion Pro, KTM Twins, Gorilla BBQ, Santini Construction, MSR, FMF, Super Plush Suspension, Renthal, Lazer Racing, 
3x Mark Samuels Yucca Valley, CA HONDA Ox Motorsports, MSR, Scorpion Helmets, Coast PowderCoating, Jackson Motorsports Group/MIchelin Tires, REDi Nation, Lava Propane, Baja Bound Insurance, The Enduro Shop, Pro Circuit, Honda Pro Oils, F&L Racing Fuels, Viscomm Inc, Hinson, Pro Taper, Alpinestars, BRP, AME, Works Connection, IMS Products
11x Ulises Fierro Tijuana, B.C.,  Marco Higuera, Robert Underwood, Kyle Townsend, Irving Powers  KTM Distribuidora Yuma, Pacific Windows, Popeye's Chicken.
81x Joseph Jepsen Salt Lake City, UT Joe Jepsen

Micheal Goldman

Shawn Strong

Dusty Humphrys

Skyler Howes

Tyson Hanig
KTM Diamond J Management

South Canyon Maintenance

Goldman Racing

45x Francisco Arredondo Lake Elsinore, CA Shane Esposito
Roberto Villalobos
Ryan Penhall
HONDA Bremen Racing, Arredondo Racing, Tire Balls, Dunlop, Pro Grip, Works Connection, Acerbis, Lucas Oil, Oakley, Pro Circuit Racing, BRP, Precision Concepts, Chris Haines, 
1x Ricky Brabec Hesperia, CA Max Eddy
Justin Morgan
KAWASAKI Monster Energy-THR Motorsports-Hoosier Precision Machining- Precision Concepts- Dunlop- FMF- IMS - Maxima- Zip Ty- CryoHeat- Rekluse- Acerbis- AME Grips- GPR - VP. Fuel- DTI - ZLT- BRP- LA Piston- Baja Bound Insurance 
21X Dustin McCarthy El Cajon, CA Gavin McCarthy
Lance Lewins
Baja Bound Adventures
5x Colton Udall Yucca Valley, CA HONDA Ox Motorsports, MSR, Scorpion Helmets, Coast PowderCoating, Jackson Motorsports Group/MIchelin Tires, REDi Nation, Lava Propane, Baja Bound Insurance, The Enduro Shop, Pro Circuit, Honda Pro Oils, F&L Racing Fuels, Viscomm Inc, Hinson, Pro Taper, Alpinestars, BRP, AME, Works Connection, IMS Products
7x Joseph Wingfield Lookout Mountain, TN Jared Wingfield
Braxton Gallian
HONDA JCR Honda, Southern Honda Powersports, StrongSuit, DeerRunMedia
13x Ricky De la Pena Rancho Cucamonga, CA HONDA Monkey Business, PCT, Fast Falt, Dirt Riders, Gera, Baja Dad Prep, Bell, O'neal, Spy, IMS, GoPro, Go Puck, Sidi, Renthal, Dunlop, Stop Grip, Factory Effex
Class Pro Moto Limited 4
111x Chad Thornton Farmington, NM Tim Fitzpatrick
Alan Cameron
Mark Weirich
Travis Flateau
Grant Statley
KTM C&J Equipment Racing, TBT Suspension, FMF, Acerbis, Dunlop, ONE Industries, DH1, Sidi, Ogio, Wild West Chevy, R&S Powersports, GPR, Fasst Company Flexx Bars, Tailgaters Restaurant and Bar
128X Steve KAMEDA Chiba-shi,  Patima Kongpetch
KTM Enduro Park Thailand, STORM riding Academy, Asiana Moto, Mama Espinozas, Industrias Hale, POLLO Moto N' UTV Repairs, 462 Design, Clione Speed, Cocoro Deckachi, Auto Plaza Kame, Orange County Makuhari, Fjiyama-MC, moto is good,  Alpinestars, SUOMY and  Tortoise at Play
122x Ruben Alamo manzanillo, Manzanillo SANTIAGO CREEL
Ironman 7
705x Francisco Aldrete Valencia Tecate, BC SOLO YAMAHA n/a
731x Tyler Gagnon Danielson, CT SOLO HONDA Gagnon Sign - Whelen Motorsports - BJz Cycleshop - Alias MX - Daily Grind - Mika Metals - IMS Products - Central Cycle Club - Prince Hill Insurance - MTD971 - Acerbis - Ken Oconnor Racing - BA Racing - 
740x Boe Huckins Puablo West, CO SOLO KTM CKC racing, SPY, IMS, AXO, Rockwell, Dunlop, Pro Taper, Matrix Concepts, Dezert View Windows, Robinson Motorsports, Precision Concepts, Herrera Brothers Racing 
715x Jeff Benrud Raeford, NC SOLO HONDA Multi cam, Smith, Baja Designs, Golden Tyre, Renthal, American Offroad, Benrud Rentals, G Force suspension, Heartland Homes
Lead Nav
Crye Precision
734x Lyndon Jones South Jordan, UT SOLO KTM Lyndon Jones Construction
707x Gary Sparks Page, AZ SOLO HONDA Lake Powell Offroad Association, Precision Concepts, Klim, Wolfman Luggage, BRP, Extreme Endurance, Northland Motorsports.
706x Kevin Daniels Bishop, AZ SOLO 450 FIVE-TEN,  CBR,  FIXEhardware, 3-BROS
Class 30 3
318x Jeffery Pillon Windsor, ON RJ Clapp, Andrew Beselaere, Frank Cantin, Mike King, Macker (Tim McIntosh), Brad Dixon  HUSQVARNA RETTE JONES RACING RJR, MSR, Protaper, Absolute Tool Technologies, Dixon Tool, Integrity Tool & Mold, Superior Tool & Mold, TST VISI Software, Horizon Group, Jones Group, Speed & Strength Gear
301x Christopher Shultz Kamuela, HI Geoff Hill, John Paul Canton, John Bach Honda Baja Bound Insurance
300 Mark Winkelman Cedar hill, TX Jim O Neal, Kevin Murphy, Jason Trubey, Aaron Tuck, Chuck Dempsey  HONDA PCT Inc Monkey Business, O' Neal Motorsports,
XSR 1 Gomez Brothers
Class 40 6
444x Kyle Abney Albuquerque, NM Paul Luce, Scott Eck, Herman Johnson, Joe Marquez KTM High Velocity, AeroDyne, O'neal, Rev Designs, GasItOffroad, Team Mucho Twist, Abtor Wrestling Masks
409x Stephen Sanders Henderson, NV HONDA Velocity Training, TIER ONE Global Consulting LLC
424x Jeff Powell Reardan, WA Todd Powell, Rick Mianecki, Craig Janett, Matt Worbes HONDA M-Tech Motorcycles, Washington Tractor
403x Oscar Fazz Yuma, AZ Kenji Gauthier
Yvan Perrroud
Steve Gallegos
David Fifer
KAWASAKI Sergios House of Carpet, Transmission Express, Madison Racing, Rekluse, Rigid Industries, Slime, Ricochet, Dubya, Fasst Co, Vance & Hines, K&N, Cocopah Rv Resort and Golf Course, Cycra, RaceTech, Northland Motorsports, Trail Tech, Iron Pony, BF Goodrich , Jackson Motorsports Group
404X Jano Montoya Winter Garden, FL Francisco Septien, Gerardo Rojas, Kirk Russell KTM PBBrown, Istorage, Cantina Racing, Panca, Baja adventures
411x Colie Potter Las Vegas, NV Sterlyn Rigsby
David Glass
Lendon Smith
Jason Miller
Steve Herstad
Honda Seat concepts 
Class 50 4
556X Donald Blake Mission Viejo, CA Ken Hilgendorf, Dennis Larratt, Russ Martin, Don Melton HUSQVARNA Malcolm Smith Motorsports, Malcom Smith Adventures, Motion Pro, Black Tie Limo
505X Daniel Argano San Luis Obispo, CA Joseph Zabala
Timothy Hayes
Robert Eaton
Kurt Mills
HONDA 6D Helmets, MSR / Tucker Rocky, CoastRiders Powersports, All Automatic Transmission Rebuild, Scott's Shop, San Luis Auto Glass and Tint, Western Powersports, Neutech/Tubliss
501X Marc Prince Malibu, CA eric mckenna, doug smith, david potts, chris goolbys, bob johnson, steve williams HONDA Helmetkits, Little Deb Racing, MPA, Precision Concept,
513X Guillermo Gomez guadalajara, jalisco, mexico jose antonio rivas barba
juan pedro azanza garcia de quevedo
Class 60 1
611X Richard Jackson RS Acton, CA Mark Force, Bob Wadlow, Jim Libby, Gregg Hawks, Robert Koch, Bill Nichols HONDA Kileua Crushers, Team Rockman, TBT Suspension, GPR Stabilizers, Cycle Gear, IMS, Controlled Motion Solutions, Adventure Center
Pro Quad 2
49A Ivan Vega CHULA VISTA, CA 450cc Vega Racing 
9A Said Sanchez Meza RS San Diego, CA juan sanchez, marco moreno, julio banda, ricardo gonzalez honda fruteria california, marpeza
Sportsman Moto 9
202 x Jon Johnson Lompoc, CA Jon Johnson

Risto Niemi

Geordie Stephens
Honda One Industries, LEDX, SMI-Scandinavian Musical Instruments Ltd., Seymour Duncan Guitar PickUps , Asterisks Knee Braces, Slime,Jon Johnson Pool & Spa , Castillo Ranch, Eric Siraton Best engine Builder,Honda Al & Jack Santa Barbara Honda,
266x Clint Chew Aurora, CO Cody Schafer, Bing Satre, Laramie Bales, Jason Smith Honda Corralejo Tequila, Boulder Beer, Stompgrip, Sun Enterprises, Noone Racing,  O'neal, Fly, Acerbis, Spy, Dunlop, Fasstco, IMS
222x Francois Carrete San Clemente, CA Pacho Bedoya
Fabrice Le Det
Kyle Negus
Francois Carrete
KAWSAKI Cantina Racing
215X Walter Lemonovich Sagamore Hills, OH Brent Balika, Medina OH
Aaron Ard, Austin TX
Matt Seiler, Austin TX
Nate Nickerson, Austin TX
Honda Cleveland Ignition
Darren's speed shop
214x Lawrence Janesky Middlebury, CT Tanner Janesky 2009 Honda  Basement Systems Inc

Dr. Energy Saver Inc.

299x Wayne Schlosser Alpine, UT  Robert Lant
 Scott Hafen
 Ryan Fish 
KTM Learning Dynamics reading programs
261X Sean Tefft Liberty Lake, WA Sean Graves Honda Onyx, Graves Propane, Resolute Brewing, The Master Spokesman,
211x Shinji Kazama Japan Hiroyuki Watanabe, Shinnosuke Kazama Yamaha Eneos Gasoline&Oil, Bike-O & Company, DID, Yamaha, IMS, Forest-Support, Arai, Swana, Dirt Freak
285x Shawn Evans RS San Diego, CA Matt Kuczkowski (DOR), Christopher Carpenter, John Carter, Steve Malley Honda Potbelly Squim
Sportsman Quad 5
109A Juan Dominguez Yuma, AZ Alonzo Dominguez, Javier Curiel, Jose Contreras, Guillermo Berenguer Honda Liberty Motorsports, Baja ATV Riders Only, Elka Suspension, Barker's Exhaust, Motul Lubricants, UNI Air Filters, RK Chains, IMS Products, Fox Racing, PR Equipment Services, JC Welding, Roll Design, IMS-Roll, Yuma's Auto Glass, Yuma Park n Swap,One Stop Shop Fabrication, Memo's Autos, Impresos Modernos, Auto Vac Industrial
148A Alejandro Amador Ensenada,  Óscar Arce, Fernando amador, Norberto Arce
Jorge Pérez 
HONDA Vey's powersport, biggie C , moldcraft solutions , atv_parts
116a Adulfo Torrez San quintin,  Fidel González Tony Gonzales Efrain vazquez 450 Materiales Papalote , maderas y materiales jr
119A Rusty Batza RS Louisville, CO Marco Mercado
John Ferrari
Chuck Harvey
Anthony Romero
BOMBADIER Batza Offroad Motorsports, Steve Perry,
111A Craig Wear  RS Carson City, NV Vic Borg
Steve Wear
John Roberts
Polaris Polaris Defense
Resilient Technologies

TOP RACERS: SCORE Trophy Truck: 70 Bryce Menzies, 76 Jesse Jones, 21 Gus Vildosola Sr/Gus Vildosola Jr, 97 B.J. Baldwin, 11 Rob MacCachren/Andy McMillin, 19 Tim Herbst/Larry Roeseler, 91 Troy Herbst/Ryan Arciero, 77 Robby Gordon, 23 Dan McMillin/Chuck Hovey, 83 Luke McMillin/Jason Voss, 5 Carlos Lopez, 16 Cameron Steele/Pat Dean, 14 Heidi Steele/Cody Parkhouse, 9 Mark Weyhrich/Gary Weyhrich, 1 Steven Eugenio/Armin Schwarz, 17 Eduardo Laguna, 4 Justin Matney/Ricky Johnson, 45 Gary Magness, 28 Alan Pflueger; Class 1: Rob Archibald, Shelby Reid/Darren Ebberts/Dale Ebberts, Cody Parkhouse/Brian Parkhouse, Randy Wilson, Justin Davis, Brian Wilson/Brad Wilson, Shannon Campbell; Class 1/2-1600: Aaron Ampudia, Ernesto Arambula, Hiram Duran, J. David Ruvalcaba; Class 3: Donald Moss; Class 5: Kevin Carr, Victor Cesena; Class 5-1600: Gustavo Avina, Erich Reisen; Class 7: Dan Chamlee, Carlos Diaz, Ikuo Hanawa; Class 8: James Burman; Class 10: Cody Reid, Steve Lawler, Clay Lawrence/Mike Lawrence, Todd Winslow, Todd Winslow, Morgan Langley; SCORE Lites: Rafael Navarro III; Class 11: Jim Graham; Stock Full: John Gonzales, Rod Hall/Chad Hall; Trophy Truck Spec: Larry Connor, Elias Hanna, Jordan Brenthel, Jonathan Brenthel, Lee Banning; Class 3000: Chad Broughton; Class 19: Derek Murray/Jason Murray, Scott McFarland, Brandon Schueler, Cory Sappington, Marc Burnett; Baja Challenge: Bob Bower; Class 2: Jeff Proctor/Jason LaFortune; Open M/C: Ricky Brabec, Colton Udall, Mark Samuels, Francisco Arredondo, Ulises Fierro; Limited M/C: Fernando Beltran, Chad Thornton; CLASS 30: Mark Winkelman; CLASS 40: Kyle Abney, Jano Montoya, CLASS 50: Mark Prince; Class 60: Richard Jackson, Quad: Said Sanchez.


In the 47-year history of the SCORE Baja 1000, this will be the 41st time the race has started in Ensenada and the 23rd time it has finished in Ensenada. The last time this race ended in Ensenada was 2013.


In 4-wheel vehicle competition, Ford motor has produced 16 overall winners, Chevy is second with 13 overall winners, VW motors have with 12 overall winners, followed Porsche with 3, Toyota with 2, and Dodge with 1.


Among 4-wheel vehicles, Ford has produced the chassis for 14 overall winners while Chenowth has produced the chassis for 10 overall winners, followed by Chevy with 9, Toyota, Funco, Raceco, Jimco and Smithbuilt with 2 each and Miller, Hi-Jumper, Dodge, and Meyers Manx with 1 each.


In motorcycle competition, Honda leads with 24 overall victories, followed by Husqvarna with 11, Kawasaki with 10 and Yamaha with 2.


Among tire manufacturers in the car and truck classes, BFGoodrich Tires leads with 26 overall winners, followed by Western Auto with six, Firewtone with four, Calahan cap and Toyo with three each and Armstrong, Gates, Goodyear, Mickey Thompson and Tectira with one each.


In the motorcycle category, the Class 40 team (for riders over 40 years old) led by Kyle Abney, Albuquerque, N.M., on a KTM 500XCW is leading the overall point motorcycle point standings with 272 but is just three points ahead of fellow Class 40 competitor Colie Potter, Las Vegas, who had 269 points on a Honda CRF450X. Third with 254 points is the Class 30 (riders over 30) team led by Mark Winkelman, Cedar Hill, Texas on a Honda CRF450X and fourth is Open M/C point leader Colton Udall, Yucca Valley, Calif., with 243 points on a Honda CRF450X.

With 32 SCORE Trophy Trucks entered, leading the way in the battle for the season point championship are three racers separated by just 47 points heading into the season finale in Baja.

The top-three point leaders are all from Mexico: Gustavo Vildosola Jr, Mexicali, No. 21 Vildosola Racing Ford Raptor, Eduardo Laguna, Mexicali, No. 17 RPM Racing Chevy Silverado and Carlos Lopez, Tecate, No. 5 RPM Racing Chevy Rally Truck. Fourth is Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, No. 11 MacCachren Motorsports Ford F-150; and fifth is Steven Eugenio, Carlsbad, Calif./Armin Schwarz, Austria (Germany), No. 1 Galindo Motorsports Chevy Silverado.


RPM Racing, based in Bristol, Tenn., has five entries in this year’s Bud Light SCORE Baja 1000. RPM has recorded four SCORE class wins so far this year including two in the SCORE Trophy Truck division.

With team principals Justin Matney and Clyde Stacy, who have captured 11 SCORE season class point titles between them as drivers of record, RPM Racing has three entries in the marquee SCORE Trophy Truck division along with one in Sportsman Buggy and one in Sportsman Unlimited Truck.

The team is second and third in SCORE Trophy Truck and leading the Sportsman Buggy class points. In addition to Laguna and Lopez in SCORE Trophy Truck, Justin Matney will be driving his new four-wheel drive No.4 Chevy Silverado that qualified first in SCORE Trophy Truck, Derek Fletcher is leading the Sportsman Buggy class and Jim Bunn is driving in the Sportsman Unlimited Truck class.


Several classes enter the 48th Bud SCORE Baja 1000 with very tight title point’s races for the SCORE season championship in each class. SCORE Trophy Truck is one and Class 19 for UTVs has a total of three points separating the top three racers.

What will close the gap even more is that in order to qualify for a SCORE class point title, a racer must run four of the five races with one of them being the Bud Light SCORE Baja 1000.

In Class 19, brothers Derek and Jason Murray, Eastvale, Calif., are leading with 304 points in a Can-Am Maverick Max followed Scott McFarland, Moab, Utah, with 302 points in a Polaris RZR XP1000 and third is Brandon Schueler, Phoenix, with 301 points in a Polaris RZR XP1000.

In Class 40 for motorcycle riders over 40 years old, Kyle Abney, Albuquerque, N.M. and his team on a KTM 500XCW lead Las Vegas’ Colie Potter and his team on a Honda CRF450X by just three points, 272-269.


This year’s race will also commemorate the achievements of legendary desert racers like Rod Hall, Ron Bishop, Johnny Johnson, and Larry Roeseler. Hall, who will turn 78 on Nov. 22, has a record 22 class wins (including one overall win in 1972), and is the only racer who has competed in all 47 SCORE Baja 1000 races. Bishop, who died in 2014, is the only racer who competed in the first 40 SCORE Baja 1000 races.

Hall will be racing this year in the Stock Full class where he will split the driving with his son Chad Hall, France’s Damien Michelin and Mike Winkler in a Hummer H1. Michelin helped give Rod Hall his 22nd class win in 2012. Johnson, now retired, had 15 class wins, amazingly in eight different classes. Roeseler, has 17 class wins in this race, including a record 13 overall wins (10 on a motorcycle). Roeseler will share driving duties again this year in SCORE Trophy Truck with Tim Herbst in the No. 19 Terrible Herbst Motorsports Monster Energy Ford F-150.


Another testament to how much this race means to the sport of desert racing, winners of 20 of the 23 Pro classes that had finishers last year are back in the starting field for this year’s race.


With five straight class wins is Donald Moss, Sacramento, Calif. (and 11 in the last 13 years in Class 3, Ford Bronco).

CROSSOVERS/CELEBRITY RACERS: Among the crossover/celebrity racers officially entered in this year’s race are (as of 11/13/15):

–Robby Gordon, former NASCAR Team Owner/Driver, owner of new stadium truck series, three-time SCORE Baja 1000 Overall Winner, No. 77 SCORE Trophy Truck

–Cameron Steele, action sports TV announcer, No. 16 SCORE Trophy Truck

–Armin Schwarz, of Germany who lives in Austria, seven-time World Rally Championship race winner, No. 1, SCORE Trophy Truck

–Francisco Arredondo, a champion motorcycle international rally racer from Guatemala, No. 45x, Open Motocycle

–Ricky Johnson, legendary supercross motorcycle star, short-course off-road champion, No. 4, SCORE Trophy Truck

–Ken Losch, prominent Arizona businessman, former IndyLights driver/team owner, SCORE Trophy Truck, No. 93, SCORE Trophy Truck

–John Langley, Producer of the award-winning COPS TV series, also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, No. 878, Trophy Truck Spec

–Rich Minga, 1987 SCORE Overall Point Champion who has become a prominent Hollywood stunt driver and Wide Open Excursions Baja tour guide, BC2, Baja Challenge

–Larry Connor, prominent Ohio businessman, two-time national sports car racing champion, No. 871, Trophy Truck Spec

–Gary Magness, Film Producer and international businessman (No. 45, SCORE Trophy Truck)

–Kyle Tucker, Autocross champion, BC2, Baja Challenge

–Ikuo Hanawa, Pike’s Peak Hill Climb record-setting champion in electric race car, No. 712, Class 7

–Mike Majesky, noted Hollywood Stunt driver, No. 1068, Class 10

–Burt Jenner, short-course off-road racer, No. 59, SCORE Trophy Truck

–Brad Lovell, six-time rock-crawling season championships, and 2012 TORC short course class title, BC2, Baja Challenge

–Jamie Galles, former Trans Am and Toyota Atlantic racer whose family was a long-time IndyCar team owner, No. 873, Trophy Truck Spec

-Shannon Campbell, Hall of Fame rock crawling racer, No. 4405, Class 4400

–Max Eddy Jr, versatile speedway pavement and Freestyle motocross riders, No. 1x, Open Motorcycle


Entered in this year’s event are 14 racers who have combined for 37 overall wins in either the 4-wheel or motorycle divisions. The leaders are: Larry Roeseler, 13, (10 on a motorcycles, two years in a car, one in a truck), Andy McMillin, four, (SCORE Trophy Truck), Robby Gordon (SCORE Trophy Truck) and with two each are Gus Vildosola Sr (SCORE Trophy Truck), Troy Herbst (Class 1), B.J. Baldwin (SCORE Trophy Truck), Rob MacCachren (SCORE Trophy Truck) and Colton Udall (Open M/C). With one overall win each are: Rod Hall (Class 4), Gus Vildosola Jr (SCORE Trophy Truck), Jason Voss (SCORE Trophy Truck), Ricky Brabec (Open M/C), Max Eddy Jr (Open M/C) and Mark Samuels (Open M/C).


Entered in this year’s event are 114 racers who have combined for an amazing 357 class wins in the SCORE Baja 1000. The leaders in multiple class wins entered this year are: Rod Hall with 22 (first overall), Larry Roeseler with 17 (second overall), Chris Haines with 15 (tied for third), Richard Jackson with 15 (tied for third), Jim O’Neal with 11 (tied for seventh) and Donald Moss with 11 (tied for seventh).

FAMILY TIES: Desert racing has always been about family teams and this year’s Bud Light SCORE Baja1000 is a prime example of that fact. This year’s starting grid currently includes 52 brothers racing together and 16 racing separately. The race also has 21 fathers racing with their 16 sons and three fathers whose four sons are racing in separate vehicles. There are also two fathers and two daughters racing separately, at least three husband/wife combos racing together and one mother and son racing in separate vehicles.


Among the third generation racers are Andy McMillin (SCORE Trophy Truck), Daniel McMillin (SCORE Trophy Truck) and Luke McMillin (SCORE Trophy Truck).


Among the brothers racing together are: Gary and Mark Weyhrich (SCORE Trophy Truck), Randy and Ronny Wilson (Class 1), Eric, Hiram and Evan Duran (Class 1-2/1600), Donald and Kenneth Moss (Class 3), Brad and Brian Wilson (Class 1), Glen and Thomas Greer (SCORE Trophy Truck).


Among the father and sons racing together are Gus Vildsosola and his son Gus Vildosola Jr. (SCORE Trophy Truck), Lee Banning and his son Lee Jr. (Trophy Truck Spec), Rafael Navarro III and his son Rafael IV (SCORE Lites), Paul Broughton and his son Chad Broughton (Class 3000 and Trophy Truck Spec), Rod Hall and his son Chad Hall (Stock Full) and Miguel Tornel Sr and Miguel Tornel Jr (Class 10 and SCORE Lites).


Among the father-sons who will race in separate vehicles are John Langley (Trophy Truck Spec) and his sons Zak Langley (SCORE Trophy Truck) and Morgan Langley (Class 10).


While there are many co-drivers/co-riders, among the female racers entered as driver of record are…

–Shelby Reid—No. 168, Class 1. Son Cody Reid driving No. 1068, Class 10

–Heidi Steele–No 14, SCORE Trophy Truck. Husband Cameron Steele driving No. 14, SCORE Trophy Truck

–Chelsea Magness—No. 854, Trophy Truck Spec. Father Gary Magness driving No. 45, SCORE Trophy Truck

–Paige Sohren—No. 722, Class 7. Father Pete Sohren driving No. 862, Trophy Truck Spec

–Mary Crouch—No. 579, Class 5-1600, driving with husband Greg Crouch

–Viry Felix—No. 1684, Class 1/2-1600

General Class Descriptions:
Pro Cars & Trucks

SCORE Trophy Truck (Unlimited Production Trucks) 1-99

Class 1 (Unlimited single or two-seaters) 100-199

Class 1/2-1600 (single or two-seaters to 1600cc) 1600-1699

Class 2 (Unlimited open-wheel, car/truck, 3.6-Liter Turbo or supercharged) 200-249

Class 3 (Short wheelbase 4X4) 300-399

Class 3000 (Unlimited mini-truck, 2.2/2.4-Liter Ecotec engine) 3000-3099

Class 5 (Unlimited Baja Bugs) 500-549

Class 5-1600 (1600cc Baja Bugs) 550-599

Class 6 (Unlimited, Sealed V6) 600-699

Class 7 (Unlimited, Open Production mini trucks) 700-739

Class 7SX (Modified, stock mini-trucks) 740-759

Class 8 (Full-sized two-wheel drive trucks) 800-839

Class 9 (Short wheelbase, single or two-seaters) 900-999

Class 10 (Single or two-seaters limited engine) 1000-1099

SCORE Lites (Limited single-1776cc-or two-seaters-1835cc) 1200-1299

Class 11 (Stock VW Sedans) 1100-1199

Stock Full (Stock full-sized trucks) 8100-8199

Stock Mini (Stock mini trucks) 760-799

Protruck (Limited Production Trucks) 1350-1399

Trophy Truck Spec (unlimited trucks/sport utility vehicles,stock,sealed V-8s) 840-884

Class19 STOCK (UTV) 1900-1949

Baja Challenge (Spec open wheel cars) BC1-BC99

Heavy Metal (Open Production Trucks, V8 Engines) 8000-8099

Trophy Lite (Unlimited Mini-Truck, 2.2/2.4-Liter Ecotec engine) 6000-6099

Class 1700 (Jeep Speed Challenge) 1700-1799

Class 3700 (Jeep Speed Cup) 3700-3799

Class 4400 (Rock Crawler) 4400-4499

Pro Motorcycles

SCORE Ironman (Solo) 700x-799x

Open (401cc or more) 1x-49x

Limited (400cc or less) 100x-149x

Class 30 (Riders over 30 years old) 300x-349x

Class 40 (Riders over 40 years old) 400x-449x

Class 50 (Riders over 50 years old) 500x-549x

Class 60 (Riders over 60 years old) 600x-609x


Pro Quads (450cc or more) 1a-49a


Sportsman Buggy 1500-1599

Sportsman Unlimited Truck 1400-1499

Sportsman Limited Truck 2000-2099

Sportsman Unlimited UTV 1950-1999

Sportsman M/C (any engine size) 200x-299x

Sportsman ATV (any engine size) 100a-149a


47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, Final round of five-race 2014 SCORE World Desert Championship

Nov. 13-15, 2014— Ensenada, Baja California to La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico–1,275 miles


Pro Cars and Trucks

1. Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas/Andy McMillin, San Diego/Jason Voss, Gilroy, Calif., Ford F-150, 22:31:28 (56.64 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

2. Luke McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Dan McMillin, La Mesa, Calif., Ford F-150, 23:00:08 (55.56 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

3. Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif./Pat Dean, Las Vegas/Cody Stuart, Capistrano Beach, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 23:41:18 (54.29 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

4. Troy Herbst, Las Vegas/Ryan Arciero, Foothill Ranch, Calif., Ford F-150, 24:04:23 (53.04 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

5. Justin Davis, Chino Hills, Calif./Scott Schovajsa, Humble, Texas, Jimco-Chevy, 24:31:27 (52.14 mph) (Class 1)

6. Mark McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./ Chuck Hovey, Escondido, Calif., Ford F-150, 24:40:40 (51.70 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

7. Steven Eugenio, Carlsbad, Calif./Gus Vildosola, Mexicali, Mexico/Adam Pfankuch, Carlsbad, Calif./T.J. Flores, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 24:46:26 (51.54 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

8. Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn./Ricky Johnson, Trabuco Canyon, Calif., Geiser-Chevy, 25:01:03 (51.51 mph) (Class 1)

9. Damen Jefferies, Apple Valley, Calif./Kyle Jergensen, Oak Hills, Calif./Louis Chamberland, Gilbert Ariz., Jefferies-Chevy, 25:15:22 (50.50 mph) (Class 1)

10. Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va./Eduardo Laguna, Mexicali, Mexico/Carlos Lopez, Tecate, Mexico, Chevy Rally Truck, 25:15:23 (51.36 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

11. Cody Parkhouse/Brian Parkhouse, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 25:15:46 (50.47 mph) (Class 1)

12. Zak Langley, Santa Monica, Calif./Rick D. Johnson, Barstow, Calif., Ford F-150, 25:17:50 (50.53 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

13. Randy Wilson, Lakewood, Calif./Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./John Herder, Tucson, Ariz., Jimco-Chevy, 25:24:20 (50.32 mph) (Class 1)

14. Gary Magness/Devin Housh, Desert Hot Springs, Calif., Ford F-150, 26:11:38 (48.68 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

15. Larry Connor, Centerville, Ohio/Jason Ruane/Sean Moore, Temecula, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 26:18:01 (48.49 mph) (Trophy Truck Spec)

16. Mike Johnson, Santa Monica, Calif./Mike Majesky, Newbury Park, Calif./Brent Fletcher, Sherman Oaks, Calif., Alumi Craft-Chevy, 26:49:13 (47.54 mph) (Class 10)

17. David Kleiman, Carlsbad, Calif./Brian Wilson, Long Beach, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 26:50:23 (48.08 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

18. Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C., Chevy Silverado, 26:57:00 (47.37 mph)(SCORE Trophy Truck)

19. Kash Vessels, Bonsail, Calif./Cam Theriot, Tustin, Calif./Andy Grider, Los Olivos, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 27:50:20 (46.08 mph) (Class 10)

20. Scott Bailey/Brandon Bailey, Riverside, Calif./Larry Job, Las Vegas, Alumi Craft-Chevy, 27:53:10 (45.72 mph) (Class 1)

Pro Motorcycles

1. Ricky Brabec, Oak Hills, Calif./Robby Bell, Glendora, Calif./Steve Hengeveld, Flagstaff, Ariz./Max Eddy Jr, Barstow, Calif., Kawasaki KX450F, 24:24:01 (52.36 mph) (Open MC)

2. Colton Udall, Oceanside, Calif./Mark Samuels, Yucca Valley, Calif./Ian Young, San Clemente, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 25:01:00 (51.67 mph) (Open MC)

3. Francisco Arredondo, Guatemala/Ryan Dudek/Shane Esposito/Matt Eddy/Chris Haines, Honda CRF450X, 25:19:02 (50.36 mph) (Class 30)

4. Mark Winkelman, Cedar Hill, Texas/Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif./Kevin Murphy/Morgan Crawford/Gerardo Rojas, Guerrero Negro, Mexico, Honda CRF450X 28:32:39 (45.04 mph) (Class 30)

5. Mike Prunty, Temecula, Calif./Sterlyn Rigsby/David Glass/Bill Sekeres, Honda CRF450X, 30:43:01 (41.51 mph) (Class 40)

Pro ATVs

1. Javier Robles, Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico, Manlio Diaz/Felipe Velez/Michael Cafro/Jorie Williams/Josh Row, Honda TRX450R, 27:59:29 (45.83 mph) (Pro ATV)

2. Sergio Valverde, Constitucion, Mexico/Stephen Davis/Juan Sandez/Pedro Loya/Luis Kinijara, Honda TRX450R, 33:08:34 (39.36 mph) Pro ATV


46th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, Final round of the 2013 SCORE Desert Series

Nov. 12-17 – Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico (883.1 miles)


Pro Cars & Trucks

1. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 18:36:10, (47.5 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

2. Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas/Andy McMillin, San Diego, Ford F-150, 18:43:28 (47.2 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

3. Troy Herbst, Las Vegas/Ryan Arciero, Foothill Ranch, Calif., Ford F-150, 19:15:3 (45.9 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

4. Juan C. Lopez/Carlos Lopez, Tecate, Mexico, Ford Raptor, 19:37:56; (45.0 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

5. Dan McMillin, La Mesa, Calif./Luke McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Chuck Hovey, Escondido, Calif., Ford F-150, 19:54:23; (44.4 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

6. Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C., Chevy Silverado, 20:19:51; (43.5 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

7. Damen Jefferies, Apple Valley, Calif./Luis Ramirez Jr., Mexico, Jefferies-Chevy, 20:27:55 (43.2 mph)

(Class 1)

8. Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Randy Wilson, Lakeside, Calif./John Herder, Tucson, Ariz., Jimco-Chevy, 20:35:11 (42.9 mph) (Class 1)

9. Cody Parkhouse/Brian Parkhouse, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 21:01:04 (42.0 mph) (Class 1)

10. Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn./Ricky Johnson, Trabuco Canyon, Calif., Geiser-Chevy, 22:04:17 (40.0 mph) (Class 1)

11. Ron Whitton/Chas Dana, Mesa, Ariz., Ford F-150, 22:30:12 (39.2 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

12. Jon Walker, Guam/Brian Steele, Hesperia, Calif., Kreger-Chevy. 22:33:57 (39.2 mph) (Class 1)

13. Mark Post/Ed Herbst, Las Vegas/Jimmy Smith, Ford F-150, 23:02:47 (38.3 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

14. Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va./Eduardo Laguna, Mexicali, Mexico/Rodolfo Iribe, Tijuana, Mexico, Chevy Colorado, 23:33:19 (37.5 mph) (Trophy Truck Spec)

15. Bryce Menzies, Las Vegas/Jesse Jones, Phoenix, Ford F-150. 23:39:48 (37.3 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

16. Brad Wilson/Brian Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Kyle Quinn, Lakewood, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 24:21:52 (36.3 mph) (Class 10)

17. Ernesto Arambula/Edmundo Fernandez, Ensenada, Mexico, Romo, 24:36:04 (35.9 mph) (Class 1/2-1600)

18. Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif./Cody Stuart, Capistrano Beach, Calif./Josh Daniel, Vista, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 24:40:36 (35.8 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

19. Rafael Navarro IV, Temecula, Calif./Vic Bruckmann, Lemon Grove, Calif./Patrick Long, Playa del Rey, Calif., Jimco, 25:01:24 (35.3 mph) (SCORE Lites)

20. Peter Hajas, Wayzata, Minn./Steven Hajas, Delano, Minn./Kevin Sechow, Lester Praire, Minn., Kreger-Chevy, 25:02:19 (35.3 mph) (Class 10)

Pro Motorcycles

1. Timmy Weigand, Valencia, Calif./Colton Udall, San Clemente, Calif./David Kamo, Caldwell, Idaho/Mark Samuels, Yucca Valley, Calif. , Honda CRF450X, 18:29.14 (47.8 mph) (Class 22)

2. Robby Bell, Glendora, Calif./David Pearson, Panaca, Nev./Taylor Robert, Scottsdale, Ariz./Ricky Brabec, Oak Hills, Calif., Kawasaki KX450F, 20:21:19 (43.4 mph) (Class 22)

3. Francisco Arredondo, Guatemala/Ryan Dudek/Shane Esposito, Menifee, Calif./Scott Myers/Brian Pinard, Temecula, Calif./Chris Haines, Honda CRF450X, 20:57:09 (42.5 mph) (Class 30)

4. Mike Johnson, El Paso, Texas/Rex Cameron, Albuquerque, N.M./Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico/Gerardo Rojas, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico/Jason Trubey, Lake Havasu City, Ariz., Honda CRF450X, 22:14:10 (39.7 mph) (Class 30)

5. Dustin Paloposki/Klade Glasgow/Geoffe Nelson/Tyler Murray, Canada, KTM, 23:34:18 (37.8 mph) (Class 22)

6. Ryan Gutile, Madera, Calif./Kyle Abney/Paul Luce, Albuquerque, N.M., Yamaha WR450F, 24:34:15 (35.9 mph) (Class 30)

7. Jeff Benrud, Raeford, N.C./Clint LaRue, Virginia Beach, Va., Honda CRF450X, 24:59:52 (35.3 mph) (Class 30)

8. Cody Schafer, Wheatridge, Colo./Olaf Satre, Steamboat Springs, Colo./Matt Kukendall, Las Vegas, Kawasaki KX450F, 25:01:22 (35.3 mph) (Class 21)

9. Brian Garrahan, Boulder Creek, Calif./Arik Swan, Santa Cruz, Calif./Bobby Bartholomew, Boulder Creek, Calif., Kawasaki KX450F, 25:32:36 (34.6 mph) (Class 22)

10. Scott Yenzer, Golden, Colo./Bill Gilbert, Ladera Ranch, Calif./Marin Camp, South Africa/Shihab Alireza, Saudi Arabia, Honda CRF450X, 25:36:27 (34.5 mph) (Class 40)


1. Adolfo Arellano, Tijuana, Mexico/Wayne Matlock, Alpine, Calif./Wes Miller, Las Vegas/Roberto Villalobos, Dulzura, Calif., Honda TRX450R, 21:55:23 (40.3 mph) (Class 25)

2. Juan Dominguez/Alonzo Dominguez/Gilberto Perez/David Scott/Travis Dillon, Yuma, Ariz., Honda TRX450R, 24.16.10 (36.4 mph) (Class 24)

3. Javier Robles Jr., Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico/Mike Cafro, Fallbrook, Calif./Jorie Williams, Longview, Wash./Cyle Chislock, Murrieta, Calif./Felipe Velez, San Felipe, Mexico, Honda TRX450R, 24.19.29 (36.3 mph) (Class 25)

4. Oscar Ruiz/Antonio Contreras/Luis Delfin, Ivan Mejorado, El Centro, Calif., Honda TRX450R; 25:42:30 (34.4 mph) (Class 24)

5. Shawn Robins/Landis Albrecht, Canada/Stephen Davis, Los Barriles, Mexico/Sergio Valverde, Ciudad Constitucion, Mexico, Honda TRX450R, 27:01:32 (32.7 mph) (Class 24)


45th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, final round of five-race 2012 SCORE Desert Series

Nov. 14-17, 2012–Ensenada, Baja California to La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico—1,121.55 miles

Total Starters: 298; Total Finishers 174 (58.38 percent)


Pro Cars & Trucks

1. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 20:00:59 (56.03 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

2. Mark Weyhrich/Gary Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore., Ford F-150, 20:14:48 (55.39 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

3. Ryan Arciero, Foothill Ranch, Calif./Troy Herbst, Las Vegas, Ford F-150, 20:37:46 (54.37 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

4. Dan McMillin, La Mesa, Calif./Mark McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Chuck Hovey, Escondido, Calif., Ford F-150, 20:38:25 (54.34 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

5. Steven Strobel, Clarks, Neb./Dale Ebberts, Wilton, Calif./Gay Smith, Colorado Springs, Colo., Ford F-150, 20:39:05 (54.31 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

6. Andy McMillin, San Diego/Scott McMillin, Coronado, Calif./Jessica McMillin, National City, Calif., Ford F-150, 20:43:41 (54.11 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

7. Bryce Menzies, Las Vegas/Jesse Jones, Phoenix/Larry Job, Las Vegas, Ford F-150, 21:08:03 (53.07 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

8. Gus Vildosola/Gus Vildosola Jr., Mexicali, Mexico, Ford Raptor, 21:15:00 (53.04 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

9. Luke McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Justin Smith, Capistrano Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 21:30:42 (52.14 mph) (Class 1)

10. Nick Vanderwey, Phoenix/Curt LeDuc, Cherry Valley, Calif./Larry Vanderwey, Litchfield Park, Ariz./Michael Vanderwey, Phoenix, Chevy Silverado, 21:43:38 (51.62 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

11. Sergio Salgado, Mexicali, Mexico/Matt Loidice/Mike Julson, Santee, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 21:52:29 (51.27 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

12. Pete Sohren, Glendale, Ariz., Ford F-150, 22:37:20 (49.58 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

13. Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Randy Wilson, Lakewood, Calif./John Herder, Tucson, Ariz., Jimco-Chevy, 22:50:21 (49.11 mph) (Class 1)

14. Juan C. Lopez, Tecate, Mexico/Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C., Chevy Silverado, 22:56:36 (48.88 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

15. Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va/Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn./Justin Davis, Chino Hills, Calif., Geiser-Chevy, 23:07:59 (48:48 mph) (Class 1)

16. Lee Banning, Laveen, Ariz./Lee Banning Jr, Litchfield Park, Ariz./Rick Graf, Scottsdale, Ariz./Cory Boyer, Bakersfield, Calif., Banning-Ford, 23:14:19 (48.26 mph) (Class 10)

17. Tim Herbst, Las Vegas/Larry Roeseler, Huntington Beach, Calif., Ford F-150, 23:32:23 (47.64 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

18. Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif./Josh Daniel, Vista, Calif./Mark Miller, Cave Creek, Ariz./Mike Johnson, Santa Monica, Calif./Larry Job, Las Vegas, GMC Sierra, 23:52:42 (46.97 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

19. Jose Flores, Culiacan, Mexico/Eduardo Perez, San Diego/Jesus Lara, Cd. Constitucion, Mexico, Chevy Silverado, 24:07:18 (46.50 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

20. Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas/Robbie Pierce, Santee, Calif., Ford F-150, 24:31:49 (45.72 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

Pro Motorcycles

1. Colton Udall, San Clemente, Calif./Timmy Weigand, Valencia, Calif./David Kamo, Caldwell, Idaho, Honda CRF450X, 20:09:30, (55.64 mph) (Class 22)

2. Kurt Caselli, Murrieta, Calif./Ivan Ramirez, Ensenada, Mexico/Mike Brown, Murrieta, Calif./Quinn Cody, Los Olivos, Calif., KTM 450SX-F, 21:12:50 (52.87 mph) (Class 22)

3. Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif./Shane Esposito/./Ricky Brabec, Oak Hills, Calif.,/Max Eddy, Barstow, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 22:00:36 (50.96 mph) (Class 21)

4. Mark Samuels, Yucca Valley, Calif./Ian Young, San Clemente, Calif./Evan Kelly, Mojave, Calif./Justin Jones, Norco, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 22:32:35 (49.75 mph) (Class 22)

5. Mike Johnson, El Paso, Texas/Rex Cameron, Albuquerque, N.M./Jason Trubey, Henderson, Nev./Ben Brinkley, Bothell, Wash./Clint Braun, Henderson, Nev., Honda CRF450X, 22:47:24 (49.21 mph) (Class 30)

6. Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico/Roberto Villalobos, Tecate, Mexico/David Zarate, Los Cabos, Mexico/Adam Neuwirth, Malibu, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 23:30:39 (47.70 mph) (Class 21)

7. Francisco Arredondo, Guatemala/Pal Anders, Norway/Ryan Dudek/Matt Karlsen, USA, Honda CRF450X, 23:39:02 (47.42 mph) (Class 30)

8. Warren Strange/Vernon Strange/Jake Smith, Australia, Honda CRF450X,23:41:39 (47.33 mph) (Class 22)

9. A.J. Stewart, Jamul, Calif./Justin Morgan, Alpine, Calif./Corey Freeman, Fallbrook, Calif./Kevin Johnson, Boulder City, Nev., Honda CRF450Xm 24:21:31 (46.04 mph) (Class 22)

10. Jeff Kaplan, Thousand Oaks, Calif./Ron Wilson, Encinitas, Calif./Scott Dunlavey, Lafayette, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 25:14:10 (44.44 mph) (Class 40)

Pro ATVs

1. Josh Frederick, Moapa, Nev./Jeremie Warnia, Lake Elsinore, Calif./Jarred McLure, Kaska, Pa./Collin Webster, Las Vegas, Can-Am DS450, 27:03:00 (41.46 mph) (Class 25)

2. Brandon Brown, Umatilla, Ore./Jorie Williams, Longview, Wash./Kenny Sanford, Tacoma, Wash./Jamie Kirkpatrick, Olympia, Wash./Richie Brown, Dahlonega, Ga./Garrin Fuller, El Cajon, Calif., Honda TRX450R, 29:50:15 (37.59 mph) (Class 25)

3. Craig Christy, Burbank, Calif./Dave Scott, Belen, N.M./Andy Lagzdins, Burbank, Calif./Robin Fawcett, Santee, Calif./Doug Eichner, El Cajon, Calif., Honda TRX450R, 31:19:12 (35.81 mph)

4. Rafael Torres/Juan Naranjo/Arnoldo Castaneda/Carlos Martinez/Jose Meza/Julio Lizarraga, San Felipe, Mexico/Stefano Caputo, San Felipe, Mexico (Italy), Honda TRX450R, 31:53:49 (35.16 mph)

5. Shawn Robins, Landis Albrecht/Rocky Glasgo, Canada/Pedro Trango, La Paz, Mexico/Stephen McKenzie, Los Barrices, Mexico, Honda TRX450R, 33:51:55 (33.12 mph) (Class 24)


44th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Top Overall Finishers

Nov. 18-19, 2011—Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico (705 miles)

TOTAL STARTERS: 278, TOTAL FINISHERS 155 (55.76 Percent) (34 States, 16 Countries) (NOTE: SCORE Trophy Trucks ran 700 miles)

Pro Cars & Trucks

1. Andy McMillin/Scott McMillin, National City, Calif., Ford F-150, 14:51:36 (47.11 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

2. Nick Vanderwey, Phoenix/Curt LeDuc, Cherry Valley, Calif./Larry Vanderwey, Litchfield Park, Ariz., Chevy Silverado, 14:54:11 (46.97 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

3. Bryce Menzies, Las Vegas/Ricky Johnson, Encinitas, Calif./Larry Job, Las Vegas, Ford F-150, 14:55:40 (46.89 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

4. Mark McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Daniel McMillin, LaMesa, Calif./Chuck Hovey, Escondido, Calif., Ford F-150, 15:19:53 (45.66 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

5. Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va./Juan Carlos Lopez, Tecate, Mexico/Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn., Chevy Silverado, 15:40:38 (44.65 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

6. Justin Davis, Chino Hills, Calif., ESM-Chevy, 16:17:55 (43.26 mph) (Class 1)

7. Jesse James, Austin, Texas, Chevy Silverado, 16:24:02 (42.68 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

8. Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./John Herder, Tucson, Ariz., Jimco-Chevy, 16:27:31 (42.83 mph) (Class 1)

9. Ken Losch, Chandler, Ariz./Greg Nunley, Tulare, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 16:28:36 (42.48 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

10. Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C., Chevy CK1500, 16:47:15 (41.70 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

11. Troy Herbst, Las Vegas/Ryan Arciero, Foothill Ranch, Calif., Ford F-150, 16:50:32 (41.56 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

12. Rick Geiser, Desert Hills, Calif./Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif./Cody Stuart, Capistrano Beach, Calif./Pat Dean, Las Vegas, GMC Sierra, 17:07:00 (40.90 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

13. Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas/Robbie Pierce, Santee, Calif., Ford F-150, 17:08:01 (40.86 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

14. Brian Parkhouse/Cody Parkhouse, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 17:16:13 (40.82 mph) (Class 1)

15. Dave Crinklaw, Reedley, Calif./Mike Thurlow, Kingsburg, Calif., Ford F-150, 17:31:48 (39.93 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

16. Gary Weyhrich/Mark Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore., Ford F-150, 17:38:58 (39.66 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

17. Adam Householder/Terry Householder, Orange, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 18:09:33 (38.55 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

18. Mark Hutchins, Henderson, Nev./Christopher Hutchins, Las Vegas, Kreger-Chevy, 18:11:30 (38.75 mph) (Class 1)

19. Damen Jefferies/Mike Voyles Sr., Temecula, Calif., Jefferies-Chevy, 18:47:12 (37.53 mph) (Class 1)

20. Armin Schwarz, Germany/Martin Christensen, Escondido, Calif. (Denmark), BMW, 18:57:58 (36.91 mph) (SCORE Trophy Truck

Pro Motorcycles

1. Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif./Quinn Cody, Los Olivos, Calif./Logan Holladay, Buellton, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 14:14:25 (49.51 mph) (Class 22)

2. Shane Esposito, Lake Elsinore, Calif./Robby Bell, Menifee, Calif./Steve Hengeveld, Flagstaff, Ariz./Bobby Garrison, Hesperia, Calif./David Pearson, Panaca, Nev., Kawasaki, KX450F, 14:24:55 (48.91 mph) (Class 22)

3. Colton Udall, San Clemente, Calif./David Kamo, Caldwell, Idaho/Timmy Weigand, Valencia, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 14:31:10 (48.56 mph) (Class 22)

4. Trevor Insley, San Clemente, Calif./Bill Gilbert, Ladera Ranch, Calif./Morgan Crawford, Sanger, Calif./Ian Young, San Clemente, Calif., Ryan Kudla, Oxnard, Calif., Dennis Green, Palm Springs, Calif., Matt Carlson, Sachse, Texas, Honda CRF450X, 16:31:27 (42.66 mph) (Class 21)

5. A.J. Stewart, Jamul, Calif./Donald Stanley, San Clemente, Calif./Justin Morgan, Alpine, Calif./Corey Freeman, Fallbrook, Calif./Kevin Johnson, Boulder City, Nev., Honda CRF450X, 17:00:59 (41.43 mph) (Class 22)

6. Mike Johnson, El Paso, Texas/Brian Pinard, Sun City, Calif./Rex Cameron, Albuquerque, N.M./Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico/Chuck Dempsey, Oak Hills, Calif./Scott Myers, Menifee, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 17:08:10 (41.14 mph) (Class 30)

7. Francisco Arredondo, Guatemala/Nicholas Burson, Ridgecrest, Calif./Justin Morrow, Pinon Hills, Calif./Ryan Dudek, Long Beach, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 17:13:24 (40.93 mph) (Class 22)

8. Jeff Kaplan, Thousand Oaks, Calif./Ron Wilson, Encinitas, Calif./Jeff Sheets, Henderson, Nev./Brett Helm, Poway, Calif./Chuck Dempsey, Oak Hills, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 17:47:09 (39.64 mph) (Class 40)

9. Chris Parker, Costa Mesa, Ariz./Austin Miller, Dripping, Texas/James Hall, Malibu, Calif./Graham Gustin, Costa Mesa, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 18:46:52 (37.55 mph) (Class 21)

10. Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif./Mark Winkelman, Cedar Hill, Texas/Andy Kirker, Lake Forest, Calif./Dan Dawson, Agua Dulce, Calif./Steve Williams, Tehachapi, Calif./Bob Johnson, Oceanside, Calif./Greg Fountain, Lake Forest, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 19:03:35 (36.99 mph) (Class 50)

Pro ATVs

1. Wayne Matlock/Josh Caster, El Cajon, Calif./Wes Miller, Los Angeles, Honda TRX700XX, 18:43:21 (37.66 mph) (Class 25)

2. Brandon Brown, Umatilla, Ore./Jorie Williams, Longview, Wash./Kenny Sanford, Tacoma, Wash./Richie Brown, Dahloneca, Ga./Jamie Kirkpatrick, Olympia, Wash., Honda TRX450R, 19:00:21 (37.09 mph) (Class 24)

3. Juan Sanchez/Angel Sanchez, Chula Vista, Calif./Gerard Ibarra, San Ysidro, Calif./Christian Rojas, Santos Perez, Tijuana, Mexico, Honda TRX450X, 19:43:06 (35.75 mph) (Class 24)

4. Heriberto Marquez/Julio Gomez/Adrian Lopez, Ensenada/Raul Cano, Tijuana, Mexico, Stefano Caputo, San Felipe, Mexico (Italy), Honda TRX450R, 20:23:33 (34.57 mph) (Class 24)

5. Rafael Torres/Juan Naranjo/Damaria Maduena/Carlos Cansteneda, San Felipe, Mexico, Honda TRX450R, 21:01:39 (33.53 mph) (Class 25)


43rd Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Top Overall Finishers

Nov. 18-20, 2010—Ensenada, Baja California, to La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico – 1061.69 miles


Pro Cars & Trucks

Top Overall Finishers

1. Gus Vildosola Jr. /Gus Vildosola Sr., Mexicali, Mexico, Mexico, Ford F-150, 19:00:04 (55.87 miles per hour) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

2. Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C., Chevy CK1500, 19:24:22 (54.12 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

3. Roger Norman, Reno, Nev., Ford F-150, 19:56:27 (53.24 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

4. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas/Chad Ragland, Vista, Calif., Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 19:57:20 (53.20 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

5. Gary Weyhrich/Mark Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore., Ford F-150, 20:08:04 (52.73 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

6. Steve Appleton/Chris Appleton, Boise, Idaho, Jimco-Chevy, 20.32:18 (51.69 mph) (Class 1)

7. Troy Herbst/Brian Collins, Las Vegas, Dodge Ram1500, 20.49:39 (50.97 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

8. Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas/Will Staats, Valencia, Calif., Ford F-150, 20:54:18 (50.78 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

9. Nick Vanderwey, Phoenix/Curt LeDuc, Cherry Valley, Calif./Larry Vanderwey, Litchfield Park, Ariz., Chevy Silverado, 21:10:11 (50.15 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

10. Jason Voss/Rich Voss, Cupertino, Calif./John Swift, Santa Ynez, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 21.13:14 (50.03 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

11. Mark McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Chuck Hovey, Escondido, Calif., Ford F-150, 21:15:03 (49.96 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

12. Robbie Pierce/Mike Julson, Santee, Calif., Ford F-150; 21:25:08 (49.56 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

13. Jesse Jones, Litchfield Park, Ariz./Larry Ragland, Cave Creek, Ariz., Chevy Silverado, 21:30:39 (49.35 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

14. Daniel McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Steve Sourapas, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif./Gary Arnold, El Cajon, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 21:39:47 (49.01 mph) (Class 1)

15. Adam Householder/Terry Householder, Orange, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 22:02:06 (48.18 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

16. Steve Strobel, Clarks, Neb./Dale Ebberts, Wilton, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 2:02:48 (48.16 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

17. Nick Johnson, Anaheim Hills, Calif./James DeGaine, Indio, Calif., BTC-Subaru, 22:28:17 (47.25 mph) (Class 1)

18. Justin Davis, Chino Hills, Calif./Daniel Folts, La Habra, Calif./Francisco Villagomez, San Jose del Cabo, Seagrove, 22:53:05 (46.39 mph) (SCORE LITES)

19. David Caspino, Woodland Hills, Calif./Robert Mason, Valley Center, Calif., Ford Ranger, 22:54:37 (46.34 mph) (Class 6)

20. Juan C. Flores, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico/Victor Barreda, San Ysidro, Calif./Steve Barry, San Jose del Cabo/Luis Ramirez, Cabo San Lucas, Calif., Racer-Chevy, 23:09:39 (45.83 mph) (Class 1)

21. Rob Bruce, Sublimity, Ore./Mark Witte, Silverton, Ore., Chevy Silverado, 23:35:09 (45.01 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

22. Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va./Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn., Chevy Silverado, 23.50.23 (44.53 mph) (Class 8)

23. Sergio Salgado/Gustavo Pinuelas/Cesar Castillo, Mexicali, Mexico, Jimco-Honda, 24:22:42 (43.55 mph) (Class 10)

24. John McInnis III, Gulf Shores, Ala./John McInnis Jr./Rick Skelton, Atlanta/Todd Clement, San Juan Capistrano, Calif., 24:26:16 (43.44 mph)

25. Lee Banning, Laveen, Ariz./Lee Banning Jr., Litchfield Park, Ariz./Gary Wilhelm, Jr., Dana Point, Calif./Rick Graf, Scottsdale, Ariz./Rick Boyer, Bakersfield, Calif., Foddrill, 24:58:14 (42.52 mph)

Pro Motorcycles

1. Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif./Quinn Cody, Buellton, Calif./Johnny Campbell, San Clemente, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 19:20:52 (54.87 mph) (Class 22)

2. Louie Franco, Sherman Oaks, Calif./Ricky Johnson/Trabuco Canyon, Calif./Jeff Kaplan, Thousand Oaks, Calif./Brett Helm, Poway, Calif./Scott Myers, Menifee, Calif., Trabuco Canyon, Calif./Bob Johnson, San Diego/Troy Lee, Corona, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 22:32:17 (47:11 mph) (Class 40)

3. Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico/Shane Esposito, Lake Elsinore, Calif./Brian Pinard, Sun City, Calif./Noe Ibarra, Banning, Calif./Mike Johnson, El Paso, Texas/Rex Cameron, Albuquerque, N.M., Honda CRF450X, 22:37:03 (46.94 mph) (Class 30)

4. Sol Saltzman, Vail, Colo./Matthew Karlsen, Denver/Bill Boyer, Lomita, Calif./Ryan Kudla, Oxnard, Calif./Mike Blackman, Encinitas, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 22:45.41 (46.64 mph) (Class 21)

5. A.J. Stewart, Jamul, Calif./Bryce Stavron, Palmdale, Calif./Kevin Johnson, Boulder City, Nev./Jesse Sharpe, Escondido, Calif./Craig Smith, Brawley, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 23.16:39 (45.61 mph) (Class 22)

6. Adam Neuwirth, Los Angeles/Bill Gilbert, Ladera Ranch, Calif./Dennis Greene, Sky Valley, Calif./Scott Yenzer, Golden, Colo./Colie Potter, Murrieta, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 23:54:41 (44.40 mph) (Class 21)

7. Jim Dizney, Alpine, Calif./Doug Smith, Upland, Calif./Dave Potts, Burbank, Calif./Jimmy Sones, Banning, Calif./Charlie Marshal, Carmichael, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 24.53:57 (42.64 mph) (Class 50)

8. Jesus Rios, Calexico, Calif./Joe Leal, Mexicali, Mexico/Edgar Espinoza, El Centro, Calif./Jonan Medrano, Imperial, Calif., Honda CRF250X, 25:07:00 (42.27 mph) (Class 20)

10. Steve Garnett/Charles Machester, Carson City, Nev./David Brewer, Cedar Park, Texas/Pete Cochran, Honda CRF450X, 26:23:32 (40.23 mph) (Class 30)

Pro ATVs

1. Brandon Brown, Umatilla, Ore./Jorie Williams, Longview, Wash./Mike Kelley III, Edgewood, Wash./Kenny Sanford, Tacoma, Wash./Nick Nelson, Tehachapi, Calif., Honda TRX450R, 24:54:08 (42.63 mph) (Class 24)

2. Felipe Velez, San Felipe, Mexico/Malio Diaz, La Paz, Mexico/Carlos Lopez, San Felipe, Mexico/Maro Gonzalez, La Paz, Mexico/Stefano Caputo, San Felipe, Mexico (Italy), Honda TRX700XX, 24:54:27 (42.63 mph) (Class 25)

3. Wayne Matlock/Harold Goodman, Brownstown, Mich./Josh Caster, El Cajon, Calif./Wes Miller, Fallbrook, Calif., Honda TRX700XX, 25:10:19 (42.18 mph) (Class 25)

4. Efren Carrasco, San Diego/Adrian Valdez/Julio Covas/Mario Yorba, Tijuana, Mexico, Honda TRX450R, 28:21:03 (37.45 mph) (Class 24)

5. Manny Jimenez/Samuel Garcia, San Felipe, Mexico, Honda TRX450R, 35:04:26 (30.70 mph) (Class 24)


42nd Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Top Overall Finishers

Nov. 20-21, 2009—Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico (672.85 miles)

TOTAL STARTERS: 324, TOTAL FINISHERS: 184 (56.1 percent)

Top Overall Finishers

Pro Cars & Trucks

1. Andy McMillin/Scott McMillin, National City, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 14:19:50 (46.95 miles per hour) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

2. Roger Norman, Reno, Nev./Larry Roeseler, Boulevard, Calif., Ford F-150, 14:52:27 (45.24 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

3. Rick D. Johnson/Brian Sallee, Barstow, Calif., Ford F-150, 15:02:36 (44.73 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

4. Gus Vildosola Jr. /Gus Vildosola Sr., Mexicali, Mexico, Ford F-150, 15:12:05 (44.26 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

5. Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C., Chevy CK1500, 15:14:31 (44.14 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

6. Robbie Pierce/Mike Julson, Santee, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 15:29:42 (43.42 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

7. Jerry Penhall, Costa Mesa, Calif./Dan Martin, Monrovia, Calif., Penhall-Chevy, 15:38:19 (43.02 mph) (Class 1)

8. Armin Schwarz, Germany/Martin Christensen, Escondido, Calif. (Denmark), Jimco-BMW, 15:52:02 (42.41 mph) (Class 1)

9. Randy Wilson, Lakewood, Calif./Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Jeff Quinn, Irvine, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 16:14:05 (41.46 mph) (Class 1)

10. Mark McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Brian Ewalt, Bonita, Calif., Ford F-150, 16:15:25 (41.39 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

11. Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif./Rick Geiser, Phoenix, GMC Sierra, 16:30:52 (40.74 mph) 9SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

12. Tim Herbst/Troy Herbst, Las Vegas, Ford F-150, 17:07:19 (39.30 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

13. Ron Whitton/Chas Danna, Mesa, Ariz./Todd LeDuc, Cherry Valley, Calif., Ford F-150, 17:20:43 (38.79 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

14. Chuck Dempsey, Oak Hills, Calif./John Marking, El Cajon, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 18:00:40 (37.36 mph) (Class 1)

15. Eric Duran/Hiram Duran, Tecate, Calif., Neth, 18:10:57 (37.01 mph) (Class 1-2/1600)

16. Brian Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Sammy Ehrenberg, Las Vegas/LJ Kennedy, Orange, Calif./Brad Wilson, Long Beach, Calif., Kreger, 18:11:20 (36.99 mph) (Class 1-2/1600)

17. Juan C. Lopez/Marco Martinez, Tecate, Mexico, Ford F-150, 18:16:30 (36.82 mph) (Class 8)

18. Richard Boyle, Ridgecrest, Calif./Ron Brant, Oak Hills, Calif./Tommy Kirkmeyer, Adelanto, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 18:21:05 (36.66 mph) (Class 1)

19. Dale Lenk/Brett Lenk/Grant Lenk, Costa Mesa, Calif., Penhall-Chevy, 18:23:45; (36.58 mph) (Class 1)

20. Arnoldo Ramirez/Misael Arambula, Ensenada, Mexico, Curry, 18:25:46 (36.51 mph) (Class 1-2/1600)

Pro Motorcycles

1.Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif./Timmy Weigand, Santa Clarita, Calif./Quinn Cody, Los Olivos, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 13:27:50 (49.97 mph) (Class 22)

2. Robby Bell, Sun City, Calif./Steve Hengeveld, Oak Hills, Calif./Ryan Penhall/Connor Penhall, Corona, Calif./Destry Abbott, Peoria, Ariz., Kawasaki KX450, 13:30:47 (49.79 mph) (Class 22)

3. Colton Udall, San Clemente, Calif./Matt Eddy/Max Eddy, Barstow, Calif./Brent Harden, Menifee, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 14:10:10 (47.49 mph) (Class 22)

4. Ivan Ramirez, Ensenada, Mexico/Brandon Prieto, Ensenada, Mexico/Noe Ibarra, Tijuana, Mexico, Shane Esposito, Lake Elsinore, Calif./Mike Childress, Wrightwood, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 14:27:38 (46.53 mph) (Class 22)

5. Ronnie Wilson, Canyon Country, Calif./Shane Esposito, Lake Elsinore, Calif./Brian Pinard, Sun City, Calif./Steve Garnett, Carson City, Nev./Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico/Gerardo Rojas, Ensenada, Mexico, Honda CRF450X, 15:43:08 (42.81 mph) (Class 21)

6. Cameron Corfman, El Centro, Calif./Craig Smith, Brawley, Calif./Kyle Corfman, El Centro, Calif./Aaron Tuck, Brawley, Calif./Steven Eugenio, Alpine, Calif., Beta 450RR, 16:11:00 (41.58 mph) (Class 22)

7. Scott Myers, Menifee, Calif./Brett Helm, Poway, Calif./Lou Franco, Sherman Oaks, Calif.,/Jeff Kaplan, Thousand Oaks, Calif./Bob Johnson, San Diego/Craig Adams, San Clemente, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 16:13:31 (41.47 mph) (Class 40)

8. Bill Boyer, Lomita, Calif./Stuart Goggins, Upland, Calif./Nicholas Blais, Chino, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 16:30:11 (40.79 mph) (Class 21)

9. Carlos Casas, Chula Vista, Calif./Chris Parker, Costa Mesa, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 16:48:33 (40.03 mph) (Class 21)

10. Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif./Andy Kirker, Santa Ana, Calif./Dan Dawson, Agua Dulce, Calif./Jeff Kaplan, Thousand Oaks, Calif./Craig Adams, San Clemente, Calif./Tim Withers, Pepeekeo, Hawaii/Eric McKenna, Sacramento, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 17:03:37 (39.44 mph) (Class 50)

Pro ATVs

1.Wayne Matlock, El Cajon, Calif./Harold Goodman Jr., Brownstown, Mich./Wes Miller, Fallbrook, Calif./Josh Caster, El Cajon, Calif., Honda TRX700XX, 16:54:52 (39.78 mph) (Class 25)

2. Greg Row, Alpine, Calif./Travis Dillon, Spring Valley, Calif./Jose Ramirez, Albuquerque, N.M., Honda TRX450R, 18:43:03 (35.95 mph) (Class 25)

3. Nick Nelson, Tehachapi, Calif./Brandon Brown, Amantilla, Ore.; Jason Greenhaw, Bakersfield, Calif./Jorie Williams, Longview, Wash., Suzuki LTR450, 20:37:30 (32.62 mph) (Class 25)

4. Tom Wright, Tabernacle, N.J./Renaud Fortina/Pierre Yeves Deneault, Canada/Eric Gerber, Medford, N.J., 20:57:44 (32.10 mph) (Class 24)

5. Fernando Amador, Ensenada, Mexico/Jorge Perez, San Quintin, Mexico/Norberto Acce Contreras, Ensenada, Mexico, Honda TRX450R, 22:18:03 (30.17mph) (Class Sportsman ATV)


41st annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 (631.35 miles)

Nov. 19-23, 2008—Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

TOTAL STARTERS: 347, TOTAL FINISHERS: 227 (65.4 Percent)

Pro Cars & Trucks

1. Roger Norman, Reno, Nev./Larry Roeseler, Irvine, Calif., Ford F-150, 12:40:33 (49.81 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

2. B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 12:45:26 (49.49 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

3. Chad Ragland, Vista, Calif./Larry Ragland, Cave Creek, Ariz., Toyota Tundra, 13:26:19 (46.98 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

4. Mark Post, Laguna Beach, Calif./Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, Ford F-150, 13:31:11 (46.70 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

5. Dan Friedkin, Houston, Danny Sullivan, Vista, Calif./Steve Hengeveld, Oak Hills, Calif., Toyota Tundra, 14:34:55 (43.30 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

6. Justin Lofton/Bob Lofton, Westmorland, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 14:51:08 (42.51 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

7. Chuck Dempsey, Oak Hills, Calif./John Herder, Tucson, Ariz., Jefferies-Chevy, 14:59:57 (42.09 mph) (Class 1)

8. Harley Letner/Kory Halopoff, Orange, Calif., Alpha Performance-Chevy, 15:16:53 (41.31 mph) (Class 1)

9. Ron Brant, Oak Hills, Calif./Richard Boyle, Ridgecrest, Calif./Tom Kirkmeyer, Apple Valley, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 15:28:15 (40.81 mph) (Class 1)

10. Robbie Pierce/Mike Julson, Santee, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 15:30:45 (40.70 mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

Pro Motorcycles

1. Robby Bell, Sun City, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif./Johnny Campbell, San Clemente, Calif. Honda CRF450X, 12:29:18 (50.56 mph) (Class 22)

2. Caleb Gosselaar, Juniper Hills, Calif./Timmy Weigand, Santa Clarita, Calif./Quinn Cody, Buellton, Calif./Tim Morton, Escondido, Calif./Johnny Campbell, San Clemente, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 12:55:35 (48.84 mph) (Class 22)

3. Scott Myers, Menifee, Calif./Shane Esposito, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif./Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico, Kawasaki KLX450, 13:06:12 (48.18 mph) (Class 30)

4. Ryan Penhall, Corona, Calif./Brent Harden, Sun City, Calif./Mike Childress, Wrightwood, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 13:15:51 (47.60 mph) (Class 22)

5. Jim O’Neal/Jimmy O’Neal Jr., Simi Valley, Calif./Jason Trubey, Mohave Valley, Ariz./Mac Stewart, N. Las Vegas/Gerardo Rojas, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico/Luke Dodson, Castaic, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 13:20:25 (47.33 mph)

Pro ATVs

1. Wayne Matlock, El Cajon, Calif./Harold Goodman, Brownstown, Mich./Marc Spaeth, Ramona, Calif./Wes Miller, Fallbrook, Calif., Honda TRX700XX, 14:47:25 (42.69 mph) (Class 25)

2. Danny Prather, Ramona, Calif./Mike Cafro, Bonsall, Calif./Chad Prull, Laveen, Ariz./Levi Marana, Hemet, Calif., Honda TRX700XX, 14:56:24 (42.26 mph) (Class 25)

3. Stefano Caputo, San Felipe, Mexico (Italy)/Felipe Velez, San Felipe, Mexico/Heriberto Marquez, Ensenada, Mexico/Nick Destaut, San Felipe, Mexico/Alfonso Alonzo, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico, Honda TRX450R, 16:14:27 (138.87 mph) (Class 25)

4. Greg Row, Alpine, Calif./Travis Dillon, Santee, Calif./Tony Baker, Alpine, Calif./Rich Kappel, Remsenburg, N.Y., Bombardier DS650, 16:30:15 (38.25 mph) (Class 25)

5. Craig Christy, Burbank, Calif./ Steve Abrego, Covina, Calif./David Scott, Belen, N.M., Honda TRX450R, 16:57:53 (37.22 mph) (Class 24)


40th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 (1,296.39 miles)

Nov. 11-16, 2007—Ensenada, Baja California to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

TOTAL STARTERS: 424, TOTAL FINISHERS: 237 (Race Record) (55.9 Percent)

Pro Cars & Trucks

1. Mark Post, San Juan Capistrano, Calif./Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas/Carl Renezeder, Laguna Beach, Calif., Ford F-150, 25:21:25 (53.43mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

2. Gus Vildosola/Gus Vildosola Jr., Mexicali, Mexico, Ford F-150, 25:42:20 (50.43) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

3. Larry Roeseler, Hesperia, Calif./Troy Herbst, Las Vegas, Smithbuilt-Ford, 26:30:10 (48.92) (Class 1)

4. Robby Gordon, Mooresville, N.C./Dale Ebberts, Canyon Lake, Calif., Chevy CK1500, 27:12:14 (47.64) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

5. Steve Strobel, Clarks, Neb./Gay Smith, Colorado Springs, Colo./Bob Lofton, Westmorland, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 27:26:44 (47.24) (Class 1)

6. Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, Calif./Randy Wilson, Lakewood, Calif./Rick Wilson, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 27:50:35 (46.56) (Class 1)

7. Mark McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Brian Ewalt, Bonita, Calif./Mike Julson, Santee, Calif./Cameron Parrish, San Marcos, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 28:02:02 (46.24) (Class 1)

8. Rick L. Johnson, Oak Hills, Calif./Dane Cardone, Huntington Beach, Calif./Jimmy Nuckles, Brawley, Calif., Toyota Tundra, 28:28.44 (45.52) (Pro Truck)

9. Tim Noe, San Diego/Tom Watson, El Centro, Calif./Gary Arnold, El Cajon, Calif./Vic Bruckmann, Lemon Grove, Calif., Jimco-VW, 28:30:44 (45.47) (SCORE Lite)

10. Billy Gasper, Chino Hills, Calif./Dave Gasper, Santa Barbara, Calif./Scott Schovajsa, Humble, Texas, Porter-Chevy, 28:35:52 (45.33) (Class 1)

Pro Motorcycles

1. Robby Bell, Sun City, Calif./Steve Hengeveld, Hesperia, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif./Johnny Campbell, San Clemente, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 24:15:50 (53.43mph) (Class 22)

2. Tim Morton, Escondido, Calif./Ron Wilson, Encinitas, Calif./Jason Trubey, Bullhead City, Ariz./Caleb Gosselaar, Valencia, Calif., Jonah Street, Ellensburg, Wash., Honda CRF450X, 25:34:45 (50.68) (Class 22)

3. Quinn Cody, Buellton, Calif./David Pearson, Las Vegas/Cyril Despres, France, KTM 690Baja, 25:56:00 (49.99) (Class 22)

4. Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif./Scott Myers, Sun City, Calif./Jeff Sheets, Henderson, Nev./Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico /Taber Murphy, Wenatchee, Wash./Mouse McCoy, Santa Monica, Calif./Jimmy O’Neal Jr., Chatsworth, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 26:48:15; (48.37) (Class 30)

5. Gerardo Rojas, Vincent Guerrero, Mexico, Honda XR650R, 27:05:53 (47.84) (Class 30)

Pro ATVs

1. Danny Prather, Ramona, Calif./Mike Cafro, Bonsall, Calif./Levi Marana, Hemet, Calif./Marc Spaeth, Warner Springs, Calif./Dana Creech, Murrieta, Calif., Honda TRX450R, 29:48:58 (43.48) (Class 25)

2. Wayne Matlock, El Cajon, Calif./Chad Prull, Laveen, Ariz./Wes Miller/Keith Little/Harrold Goodman, Honda TRX450R, 29:57:57 (43.26) (Class 25)

3. Carmen Cafro, Vista, Calif./Lance Schoonmaker, Alpine, Calif./Earl Thigpen, Murrieta, Calif./Allen Fox, Alpine, Calif./Scott Callen, El Cajon, Calif./Mike Findlay, Temecula, Calif., Honda TRX650R, 31:45:31 (40.82) (Class 25)

4. Francisco Servin, Chula Vista, Calif., Honda TRX450R, 32:05:50 (40.34) (Class 24)

5. Josh Row/Geg Row, El Cajon, Calif./Travis Dillon, Spring Valley, Calif./Alfonso Cota,Alpine, Calif./Chris Row, Ruldoso, N.M., Bombardier DS650; 36:56:30 (35.09) (Class 25)


2006 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000—Ensenada to La Paz (1,047.8 miles)

431 Total Starters (Race Record), 234 Total Finishers (54.3 percent)

Pro Cars & Trucks

1. Andy McMillin, Poway, Calif./Robby Gordon, Charlotte, N.C., Chevy CK1500, 19:15:27 (54.41mph) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

2. Troy Herbst, Las Vegas/Larry Roeseler, Hesperia, Calif., Smithbuilt-Ford, 19:56:22 (52.55) (Class 1)

3. B.J. Baldwin/Tom Bradley Jr., Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 20:01:25 (52.33) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

4. Ron Whitton, Maricopa, Ariz., Ford F-150, 20:39:49 (50.71) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

5. Gary Weyhrich/Mark Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore./B.J. Richardson, Las Vegas, Jimco-Chevy, 20:44:56 (50.50) (Class 1)

6. Brian Collins, Las Vegas/Larry Ragland, Cave Creek, Ariz., Chevy Silverado, 21:07:51 (49.59) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

7. Richard Boyle, Ridgecrest, Calif./Ron Brant, Oak Hills, Calif./Travis Howard, South Padre Island, Texas, HMS-Chevy, 21:27:33 (48.83) (Class 1)

8. Todd Wyllie, New River, Ariz./John Marking, El Cajon, Calif./Eduardo Gastelum, La Paz, Mexico, Chevy Silverado, 21:28:16 (48.80) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

9. Darren Hardesty, Ramona, Calif./Mark Randazzo, Poway, Calif., AlumiCraft-VW, 21:34:28 (48.57)(Class 10)

10. Josh Baldwin, Newport Beach, Calif., Ford F-150, 21:35:40 (48.52) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

11. Mark Post, Laguna Beach, Calif./Curt LeDuc, Cherry Valley, Calif./Jeff Lewis, San Clemente, Calif., Ford F-150, 21:43:02 (48.25) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

12. Eli Yee/Perry McNeil, Lemon Grove, Calif., Jimco-Honda, 21:56:50 (47.74) (Class 10)

13. Mark McMillin, El Cajon, Calif./Brian Ewalt, Bonita, Calif./Cameron Parrish, San Marcos, Calif./Scott McMillin, Coronado, Calif., Jimco-Chevy, 22:17:52 (46.99) (Class 1)

14. Chad Ragland, Phoenix/Danny Anderson, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 22:24:37 (46.76) (SCORE TROPHY TRUCK)

15. John Cooley, Santee, Calif./Chris Harrold, Chula Vista, Calif., AlumiCraft-VW, 22:32:48 (46.47) (Class 10)

16. Sammy Ehrenberg, Las Vegas/L.J. Kennedy, Orange, Calif., Jimco-VW, 22:44:30 (46.07) (Class1-2/1600)

17. Nick Vanderwey/Michael Vanderwey, Phoenix/Larry Vanderwey, Litchfield Park, Ariz., GMC Sierra, 22:45:39 (46.04) (Class 8)

18. Rick L. Johnson, Oak Hills, Calif./Dane Cardone, Huntington Beach, Calif./Jimmy Nuckles, Brawley, Calif., Toyota Tundra, 23:09:10 (45.26) (ProTruck)

19. Brian Burgess, Riverside, Calif./Daniel Folts, Chino, Calif., 23:13:09, Bunderson-VW (45.13) (Class 1-2/1600)


1. Steve Hengeveld, Oak Hills, Calif./Mike Childress, Wrightwood, Calif./Quinn Cody, Santa Barbara, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 18:17:50 (57.27mph) (Class 22)

2. Robby Bell, Murrieta, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif./Johnny Campbell, San Clemente, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 20:31:08 (51.07) (Class 22)

3. Jim O’Neal, Chatsworth, Calif./Tim Withers, Pepeekeo, Hawaii/Jeff Kaplan, Newberry Park, Calif./Randy Morales, Prescott, Ariz./Tom Willis, Las Vegas, Honda XR650R, 21:28:45 (48.78) (Class 40)

4. Gerado Rojas, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico/Jorge Hernandez/Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico, Honda XR650R, 21:32:38 (48.64) (Class 30)

5. Ron Wilson, Encinitas, Calif./Scott Myers, Sun City, Calif./Steve Garnett, Carson City, Nev./Tim Morton, Escondido, Calif., Honda XR650R, 21:36:50 (48.48) (Class 30)

6. Dan Walsh/Chris Gunnett/Rob Gibson, Ramona, Calif., Honda XR650R, 22:43:17 (46.12) (Class 22)

7. Tom Grisham, Chula Vista, Calif./Carl Fischer, Highland, Calif./Mike Mitchell, Salt Lake City, Utah/Mark Chicado, Las Vegas, Honda CRF450X, 23:31:50 (44.53) (Class 21)

8. Shaun Hanson, Murrieta, Calif./Jim McKay, Hemet, Calif./Mark Milne, Aztec, N.M., Honda CRF450X, 23:34:27 (44.45) (Class 21)

9. Brian Pinard, Wildomar, Calif./Taber Murphy, Wenatchee, Wash., Sergio Vega, Ensenada, Mexico, Honda XR650R, 23:41:50 (44.22) (Class 30)

10. Scott Atchison/Greg Hauser/Larry Collins, Bakersfield, Calif., Honda XR650R, 23:44:02 (44.15) (Class 40)


1. Danny Prather, Ramona, Calif./Mike Cafro, Carlsbad, Calif./Levi Marana, Hemet, Calif./Marc Speath, Warner Springs, Calif., Honda TRX450R, 22:37:46 (46.30mph) (Class 25)

2. Jeff Hancock, Salome, Ariz./Joshua Edwards/Kirk Schreier, Phoenix, Honda TRX450R, 24:27:16 (42.85) (Class 25)

3. Josh Frederick, Moapa, Nev./Tony Baker, El Cajon, Calif./Shane Strunk, Phoenix/Michael Swift, Can-Am Renegede, 24:55:54 (42.03) (Class 25)

4. Alex Camanini, El Cajon, Calif./Carmen Cafro, Vista, Calif./Earl Thigpen, Murrieta, Calif./Allen Fox, Alpine, Calif./Scott Prather, Ramona, Calif., Honda SRP650, 25:04:37 (41.78) (Class 25)

5. Wayne Matlock, El Cajon, Calif./Chad Prull, Laveen, Ariz./Keith Little, Russelville, Al./Wes Miller, Costa Mesa, Calif., Honda TRX450R, 26:48:04 (39.10) (Class 25)

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