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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Biker Sherlock Former Championship Off Road Racing Team Leader Dead Suicide

*UPDATED! June 2, 2016

Dave Mirra confirmed to have had CTE damage at the time of his death!

His wife, confirms to, had his brain tested.

He committed suicide, as he suffered from depression, related to his CTE's. is following this story.


*UPDATE April 16, 2016

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Prayers for Biker Sherlock. Light a candle.


*UPDATE January 12, 2016

More racing stories with Bikers Friends have been collaborated over the last month-We look forward to sharing Bikers Life, here on

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*December 11, 2015; NEWS BULLETIN!

John Hartwell logs onto and makes claim about Biker Sherlock:

"If the guy that wrote this article had done any research, he would have found that biker was suffering from repetitive head trauma. Biker recently had a bad fall downhill skating that broke his helmet and greatly aggravated his condition. I Know biker very well and have been his crew chief and friend since 2003. Biker was a true winner and friend and will be dearly missed, may he have Godspeed!"

Reported December 2, 2015:
Biker Sherlock, dies by suicide. 

Sherlock was the team leader of a shortcourse off-road racing team called, Dregs Racing. The team competed in Championship Off-Road Racing back in the Chula Vista Track days (2006). The Dregs team ran in Desert Truck Class 7.
Biker also competed in the Lucas Oil Regional Off-Road Series.


His death was discovered on Wednesday, December 2. The death is confirmed by his family and his racing spotter from Dregs.

From SURFER board post; Suicide in Pacific Beach California:
"A buddy of mine said he went to check the surf yesterday at the point and there was a dead body just right of the stairs. He was pretty shaken up and said the guy had blown his head off. Turns out it was that street luge guy Biker Sherlock. Rough times for so many." 

Back in the day, when OFF-ROAD LIVE! was producing live race radio shows with ESPN in San Diego, Biker was interviewed. He told us at the time, "Brian Deegan was a silent partner in his CORR team"

He also told us, "Deegan will be racing shortcourse in the near future". Deegans next venture was into shortcourse, but he ditched Biker and Sherlock told friends, "Deegan never paid up on his sponsorships of Dregs Racing".   

Brian Deegan is now one of the lucrative personalities in shortcourse, with tires, rims and assorted off-road industry products named and sponsored for millions of dollars. One report claims Biker never recovered from Deegans ditching. 

"Michael Sherlock, "Biker", grew up surfing on the Jersey shore. While one his passions was surfing, Biker always excelled in sports most popularly referred to as "extreme", including skateboarding (since age 11) and snowboarding. During one Championship Off-Road Racing season, Dregs participated.

Sherlock was entered into driving in the 2013 Baja 1000, the record reflects, "SPT UNLIMITED TRUCK–
1401 Hassim Mendez/Biker Sherlock/Enrique Gomez, Pomona, Calif., Toyota Tacoma

In October 1995, a friend introduced 'Biker' Sherlock to street luging and he was immediately hooked-up. By June 1996, only 8 months after taking up the sport, Biker competed in the ESPN X-Games, his first professional race, and won gold, shocking fellow lugers and rocking the downhill racing world! He was the most decorated downhill skateboard and street luge athlete in the history of the ESPN X-Games (4 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze) and NBC Gravity Games (2 gold, 3 silver). 

In 1998 Biker landed a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most gold medals won at the ESPN X-Games. He held the title of 2000 EDI Downhiller of the Year and 2000 EDI World Champion Downhill Skateboarder and held the title of EDI National Street Luge Champion from 1996-1999. 

In conjunction with Tech Deck , Biker developed the Tech Deck Biker Sherlock Street Luge Play Set, which was offered in major retail stores during  the 2000 Christmas season. 

In 1996, Biker successfully sought business opportunities that complimented his competitive success. He became president and owner of Extreme Downhill International (EDI), the premier sanctioning body of downhill skateboarding and street luging. Biker took EDI to the next level of sport organizing when he served as consultant to NBC Sports and sport organizer to emap Petersen Publishing and Octagon Sports Marketing for the inaugural 1999 NBC Gravity Games. Heralded by NBC as the best sport organizer at the inaugural games, Biker and EDI eclipsed their performance as sport organizer at the 2000 Gravity Games and was contracted for the 2001 coverage. 

Also in 1996, Biker founded and owned Dregs Skateboards Company, specializing in the sale of street luge equipment and longboard skateboards.

Biker Sherlock was also team leader and owner of Team Dregs, which was a downhill skateboarding company, that included other forms of extreme sports. 'Team Dregs' collectively won 50% or 6 medals awarded for downhill racing at the 2000 NBC Gravity Games."


 Some Comments on this piece from the interweb:
Redit comments on this piece


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, fuck you guys just a little bit for reporting this death in this manner. Biker was a huge figurehead in Downhill Longboarding and deserves better then this petty bullshit article. Go fuck yourselfs.

10:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really in poor taste.

12:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You come off as a real asshole in this article.

3:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go fuck yourselves Baja Racing Live!

8:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow ! When live gets shitty you don't blow your head off you MAN up ! What a dope smoking scum bag idiot for doing that to his family !!!!

12:05 PM

Blogger Team Jugular said...

THANK YOU BIKER: I had the pleasure of racing with and against Biker in several street luge races. Biker helped give many of us more than our share of "15 minutes of fame", he helped us achieve dreams and he was our friend. He was an fierce competitor that pushed all of us to be better. Thank you for everything Biker and rest in peace my friend. Any of us would have helped if we had only known.

6:16 AM

Blogger Sharon Kavanagh said...

Really you need a course in class and common sense. You did not need to lead with the cause of death. There was much more to him than the manner of death. Remember this was someones very loved son, brother, uncle,husband and father.

6:38 PM

Blogger Sharon Kavanagh said...

I hope that you do not consider yourself a journalist. There was no need to lead with the manner of death. A true journalist would have lead with how he lived his life and the impact he had on this world. Did you forget that this was a much loved son, brother, nephew,uncle spouse and FATHER?

6:42 PM

Blogger Lyn Kusher said...

I thought this article was OK. It was informative as I knew Biker but did not know all these very cool details about him. WOW! So so sad. I just saw him a couple of weeks ago and he seemed good. I had left him a message and a text and thought it weird I did not hear back from him. My thoughts and prayers to his family. Sadness!!

2:07 PM

Anonymous Dread said...

Wow, Mr Man up. Its easy to sit home on your couch and pop shit about Biker (RIP) on the internet when you obviously dont know much about anything at all.You or anyone for that matter have no idea what was going on in his head nonetheless know how many concussions Biker has had in his lifetime. Have some respect for the deceased and his family .You obviously have NO RESPECT for yourself.You couldnt even sign your name you fuckin kook.You says when life gets tough,man up,well,take your own advice and kick rocks anonymous guy.

12:37 AM

Anonymous pattimartin said...

No concern for Biker the family man or the legend! You are crude and I hope you get your bad karma! Report his good ! We will never know what led him to make that poor decision but he did and let us remember him in a positive light! His kids will look this up! Do you really need to hurt the family anymore! Repost with kindness!

10:42 AM

Blogger Pistons and Pistols Film Co. said...

Bikers a professional, he excelled in a variety of action spots genre, and was true champion. Sad day for Action Sports and the Crusty Family.

3:11 PM

Blogger John Hartwell said...

If the guy that wrote this article had done any research, he would have found that biker was suffering from repetitive head trama. Biker recently had a bad fall downhill skating that broke his helmet and greatly aggravated his condition. I Know biker very well and have been his crew chef and friend sense 2003. Biker was a true winner and friend and will be dearly missed, may he have Godspeed!

6:04 PM

Anonymous Dread said...

Thank you John for making it clear that Biker was going thru a lot w his concussions.Head injuries are no joke.Biker was indeed the man.He did so much for so many of us.We will all miss that guy.Much love to his family.May he rest in peace! Team Dregs forever!

11:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hard to understand all the self-righteous outrage at this article, which reports the facts as known.
I surfed with Biker; he was a great guy, always upbeat and encouraging. Everyone who knew him knew that. But that's not news and the news is that he took his own life.
The article did a good job of presenting his many accomplishments. And those accomplishments make his death even more tragic.
It's not up to the writer to speculate about medical issues unless they have been reported. That said, having experienced an almost overwhelming desire to commit suicide as the result of TBI (traumatic brain injury), I can say from experience that the desire is unrelated to personal problems. There is some part of your brain that is temporarily (and/or intermittently) misfiring. Luckily I had someone present to help me talk through it an recognize that what I was feeling was not me and would pass. Which it did.
The one really bad sentence in the article was the part about "never recovered from Deegan's ditching;" this type of crap belongs in Gossip Magazine. But maybe that's the age we're living in. If the writer has any ability to learn from mistakes, that sentence will be edited out, because it contributes nothing and does not belong.

6:22 AM

Blogger HabuMach3Plus said...

I talked to him over the phone about street luging back in the 90s at his store.He would take the time to explain it all in detail.Still have a luge and will do it again soon at age 54.He needed special help but it was not there probably.He left a good impression on me that has lasted to this day.

7:12 PM

Anonymous LAV said...

Biker was a neighbor. I'm a few years younger, so his well-earned reputation as an innovator and competitor was known to me. I was/am in awe of him, but he was SUPER CHILL. I talked with him dozens of times over a 5 year span. He was ALWAYS HAPPY And willing to work. That man was NEVER afraid to work. Dude could put in work!!! Seriously!!!

He had a GREAT smile, and again, as a youngster (30s) I knew he was a legend, an OG, and I acted with respect. But he never fronted an ego or fame. He was and is ALWAYS... Biker.. the MAN, a LEGEND, a self-made man. May God Bless and see his family is successful and healthy in all that hey do! Biker was a great man and Nothing will make him happier than seeing his family innovate, compete, and work.

His competitive streak is legendary, pushing himself toward 100mph on a board 2" from cement. I think some think he was aggressive with his competitors, BUT HE WAS NOT. He loved competition and competitors. In my opinion, it was never about the other guy. Biker wanted to push himself, to compete with HIS potential, and I pray his family, his sons, will learn their greatest potential, without fear, because they are loved by their DAD!!! I wish them all GLORY in their push to move on, with respect for his love, his life, his family.

9:07 AM

Blogger AJS said...

I knew Mike here in New Jersey and he was weird never a typical teen growing up. I am not surprised by this sad news.

3:36 PM

Blogger vandyke said...

i grew up with biker in his hometown use to watch him surf on jersey shore ,as we stayed at his families house in lavalette nj rest in peace my brother your memory is always in our hearts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:08 AM


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