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SCORE Drops Paradise From The Schedule! Cancellation of Baja Sur 500 Announced From La Paz, Press Release Follows! Baja Surenos Reject Roger Norman and stop all tourism payments

UPDATE! August 22
FROM February 22, Original Reporting

By: Gary Newsome, Editor
LIVE! From La Paz, The Capital of Off-Road Racing:

Roger begged to return to paradise. Paid money to Baja South for approval after sucking at promoting his gringo death circus...

Now! Norman has to pay to play in paradise! No more tourism welfare from Baja Sur!

UPDATE April 9


The Scheduled 2017 is now at risk, Baja Sur Officials said today, "Roger Norman has made significant mistakes in our state, the government is considering levying fines on the racing organization from the north and until he pays the fines and begins a 'professional negotiation', SCORE International WILL NOT be invited back to Baja Sur".

"Enviromental, private ranchland and ejido damages from previous SCORE races in our state must be taken of, first, before any further discussions about a future race here".

Small business associated with the races are also voicing displeasure and demands for compensation, here in La Paz. "SCORE has owed us money for the last two years", an important business functionary said today.

Sal Fish never told Roger Norman about the real, severe problems here in Baja Sur. Sal wanted to take Rogers money and retire, with no hassles, here in La Paz.

Sal's failure to disclose the entire story to the 'new' owner fits into the way desert racing had ignored all of the ongoing issues.

The locals always looked at Sal as the 'money bags' from the north. At the point of the sale to Roger, Roger has looked at the Baja south locals as 'his' money bags.

Money bags to grab and run to his bank accounts, north. 

For years, the ejido problems damaged the operations of gringo racing in Baja Mexico. There are wide swaths of roads here in Baja south, off-limits to SCORE.

Gringo racers know the reality on the ground. There are places, obvious race cars cannot tread. All the bad feelings result in stolen cars and equipment. 

Of course, the hacks in off-road media ignore, cover-up and white-wash the reality. More victims are produced.

Ignorant first timers get jacked from raised prices for gringos and back-handed retribution from fellow racers, keep the gringos from returning. 

One year the presidente of Loreto was paid to fix the damaged roads after the Baja 1000 to La Paz that year.

The roads didn't get fixed, they never have. It's mainly because it just wasn't important to SCORE. Sal and Roger never have had an official representative dedicated to this southern state.

*And the obvious...

Locals are complaining about the general insecurity. Ten years ago, this was non-existent. Baja south was very secure.

The State Department of the USA has some travel advise for La Paz and Los Cabos. 

Everything now, is destabilized. General crime is rampant. Most local governments are bankrupt or soon to be bankrupt.

Things are so bad, the Los Cabos municipality folded up its police force. Now, they have a 'State police' force, looking over things.

Situation report end. Gary 

UPDATE! March 8

State Tourism Chief asserts Roger Norman "did not show the interest that is needed for a professional event" and "regrets that the Off Road automobile race "Baja Sur 500" has been cancelled unilaterally by the company Score International ".

UPDATE! February 25, 2016
The INSIDE Story of the Baja Sur 500 SCORE FAIL

*Local business very pissed about SCORE cancelling this event. Here are some of the comments:

*"Don't bother coming back for another race, without lots of gringo dollars...or we'll forcibly take them from you". Locals, very upset.

*On February 19, Baja Sur Tourism stated, a "failure to reach a final agreement".

*On February 20, Baja Sur Tourism rebutted Roger Normans press release. 




El Vigia Newspaper: Ensenada, BC - The Government of Baja California Sur and replied to Roger Norman after stating that because of the Mexican authorities the Baja Sur 500 race was canceled, indicating that if this happened was that the President of Score International had no contract signed for that event (2016 Baja Sur 500).

This was disclosed by the Secretary of Tourism of the state, Genaro Ruiz Hernández.

Ruiz Hernandez said until today (Saturday) no signed contract to hold what would be the second round of the World Championship 2016 Score International is had and also making it clear that SCORE showed no interest in a year, and never submitted a final 'race course'. The responsibility for much of those reasons, was the owner of SCORE, Roger Norman.

"There was interest from Score" Ampudia
Rogerio Ampudia, Secretary of Tourism in Baja California Sur, clarified that it is not true that the Baja Sur 500 has come down because of the authorities headed by Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis.

Some meetings with the legal representative of SCORE, Javier Tamayo were accomplished, as well as phone calls with Roger Norman and race director Abelardo Grijalva, but the state and SCORE never reached a final agreement .

"Sadly, Roger Norman managed a version that is not correct, since he did not show the interest that is needed for a professional event, even had a meeting with us and did not attend, the original route was changed because he wanted to and did not take us account for it", Ampudia said.

Ampudia also was disappointed Norman and Score to learn that while they expected green light to continue with the project of the Southern Baja 500, the Off-Road company was looking for an agreement to move the venue to Tijuana, "that is something not at all ethical and responsible for part of it", concluded the tourism authority in the state of Baja South.

"Today there is no any contract and / or agreement signed with the company Score International, the times for the company were shorter and did not specify the design of the final route "
Genaro Ruiz Hernández
Secretary of Tourism of Baja California Sur


The Mexican Welfare check didn't come in this month from the state of Baja Sur... 


SCORE: "February 17, 2016 San Felipe season opener next week SCORE forced to cancel April’s SCORE Baja Sur 500; four races in 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship four-race series for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles, quads features all SCORE Baja races; 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship airing on CBS Sports Network, global syndication; RENO, Nev.— SCORE International announced today that they have been forced to cancel the SCORE Baja Sur 500 that was originally scheduled to be held in April in La Paz, BCS, Mexico. The decision came when the government of Baja California Sur confirmed they were unable to honor their contractual agreement with SCORE. “We are extremely disappointed but this decision is in the best interest of all concerned,” said Roger Norman, SCORE CEO/President. “We have been informed that the BCS government is not able to honor the commitments they originally made for the event. We have been left with no choice but to cancel the race and we will proceed with a four-race SCORE World Desert Championship for 2016.” “SCORE needs support from the various communities where races are held to make it possible to put on a race to our standard”, added Norman."

Some American media outlets are saying SCORE was "forced" to cancel. An example of the idiot media (mediots) who spew complete junk about racing in Baja Mexico! 

They literally know nothing about the subject content. continuing coverage: 

PreRunning Rogers Cancelled Race

UPDATE March 2015

UPDATE September 2013 

Baja Surenos Public Comments, August 2013

SCORE Connected to Baja Sur Off-Road Fraud

Gary Newsome, Editor

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William "Baja Bill" Fuentes said...

How sad... That which comes out first "sets the narrative"...

When SCORE made the first punch by diverting the blame with "not up to our 'standards' so therefore we were forced to..." just read between the lines and ask:

"Whose standards?"

It's their Country, not our playground... When you don't get your way, don't go to play then turn around and cry and point the finger:

"Those mean, unsophisticated Messicans! Their standards are filthy!"

That's my take on this one! The ONLY TIME IN SCORE's history since 1973 of a single CANCELLATION!