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Saturday, February 13, 2016

SCORE Racers Panic after Mango - Banning Racing Motorsports Crisis during Baja 1000 2015

UPDATED! New Details To This SCORE FAIL!
Friday, February 12, 2016>>> has learned through a confidential, confirmed, source that SCORE/Roger Norman, grifted the transaction of $30,000, that was meant as bail money, to get the Banning Mototrsports driver out of jail!

Details of the transaction have come to light, only after months of dissatisfaction over the entire affair.

Now, Trophy Truck teams, usually associated with mega-wealthy sportsmen, have lost patience and confidence in Roger Normans "New" SCORE.

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Tune In to OFF-ROAD LIVE! Monday, February 15 at 4PM WEST Witness The SCORE Panic!

SCORE Trophy Truck Racers Question the validity of the sanction in Mexico and its questioned professionalism!

What started the crisis in confidence? 
The events surrounding the Playa Blanca death



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