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Desperate Summer SCORE Plans First Gringo Off-Road Race For Rosarito

Desperation Summer 

SCORE Rosarito Race Effort For September, Desperate City, Desperate Roger Norman 

After several years of a successful "Rosarito 200", by local organizers, Roger Norman tries to steal another event. He's really desperate!

Over ten years ago, Rosarito fell apart. It started in the police department. It was common, if an Americans car was stolen, you would see it later in the parking lot of the Rosarito police department. They stole it!

Mexican insurance companies seriously considered leaving Rosarito out of any car insurance coverage for Mexico.

Today in Rosarito, radioactive doesn't fully describe the free-fall this part of Baja Norte has experienced.

"ROSARITO, Baja California - A request for an arrest warrant against former Rosarito Mayor Javier Robles, former treasurer Manuel Zermeño and former municipal attorney Roberto Perales, was demanded by the Deputy Attorney General in Rosarito before the First Criminal Court in Rosarito for their value to turn over monies collected for dues."

Things are so bad today, the city government is seeking to arrest and get back millions of pesos from the former mayor! Stolen city money!

If its that bad in city hall, you know what's happening on the streets.

On the streets

Mexico has a renewed State Department warning that was issued January 19 of this year. 'Tijuana and Rosarito' have been pointed out, an "increase in homicide rates from January to October" (2015). Noted as 'criminal activity', some incidents have involved American citizens, in tourist areas. CLICK HERE 

Human head found inside cooler at the entrance of Playas de Tijuana on the coastal Toll-Road

"TIJUANA, BC March 17, 2016 - Around 1PM this Thursday, state preventative police found a human head at the first access to Playas de Tijuana, meanwhile there are reports circulating that a human body was found dumped in another colonia in the same district. The head was found in a while ice chest, near the sidewalk. [At the entrance to Playas de Tijuana, on the coastal highway; Toll Road] It is a man about 27 to 30 years old, and investigators have started the investigation."

"Raúl Miranda Ordaz, "El Elejo," a lieutenant in the Sinaloa Cartel who was involved in the armed attack on the Póker cockfights in Ensenada, Baja California the night of Saturday, January 23, 2016, where two adults and two children were murdered, and 14 other attendees were wounded in the presence of 400 witnesses.

As a result of a search warrant, the Deputy Prosecutor Specialized in Investigation and Organized Crime and the federal police arrested the criminal March 18, 2016, after a search of a home in colonia Ampliación Reforma, in Rosarito.

The presumed criminal was arrested in company of two other persons, and they found at least 1-1/2 kilos of drugs and a number of weapons, which have not been specified, and he was charged with possession of drugs and weapons.

Miranda Ordaz is under investigation for organized crime and over the past months he is the subject of a series of open investigations for murders and kidnappings in Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada, in which he is included as being responsible."


Additionally reported on Friday, March 18, "an ex-police officer believed to be the chief hitman for the Sinaloa Cartel in Baja California was  arrested in Rosarito.

Marco Tulio “El Marlon” Carrillo Grande is also believed to have been behind much of the violence in the state in recent months as the drug gang battles for territorial control with the Arellano Félix and Jalisco Nueva Generación cartels.

Carrillo Grande joined the Tijuana municipal police in 1995. By 2004 he was suspected of having links to organized crime, specifically the Arellano Félix Cartel.

He was among 35 officers who were arrested in 2010 based on evidence given by captured drug traffickers but he and the other 34 were later released.

He was recaptured this last Friday, after officials searched a home in the Ampliación Reforma neighborhood of Rosarito."

UPDATE! March 24

""Three 'officers' with the State Prev. Police are under investigation for their presumed relationship withwith Carlos Gamiño González or Edgar Navarro Águila "El Karateca," identified as the chief of hitmen with the Arellano Felix Cartel, who was arrested last February in Mexicali.

The names of the officers were mentioned by "El Karateca" after his arrest. Questioned about that, the Secretary of Public Safety, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, confirmed that an investigation has been initiated.

De la Rosa also said that during his administration, a total of 203 state preventative police officers have been investigated and fired, meanwhile 138 municipal police have been fired."" 

After years of gang infighting and continued political establishment instability, graft, payoffs and institutional corruption throughout the state of Baja Norte, is accepted.

The former tourist streets of Rosarito are now commonly vacant of any visitors. Not even the locals visit the beachfront, avoiding the hassles of the hard-up vendors and hucksters.

The dreams of Rosarito being an international travel destination are gone with the knowledge the criminal gangs are hunkered down, throughout Rosarito. 

Late in 2015, one former mayor of Rosarito  finally realized he was wrong, when he surmised in 2006 , that everything in Rosarito was OK.

In a published article, the former mayor admitted he made a mistake in saying back in the day, that  it was an 'overreaction', for international travelers to avoid Baja Norte. 

In 2008 Debra Hall wrote: ""The government officials in Baja have ignored the problems too long, these criminals are well entrenched in their ways and the Baja communities. Pick up the Union Tribune any day of the week and look up Baja, the proof is in the print.

Our family has enjoyed decades in Baja, both with the SCORE races and on our own. While we have made many friends and had many great adventures south of the border the fun had is not worth the risk. Our family’s experience after the Baja 1000 has left mental scars that I pray everyday will end. There is no way I can put into words the how bad things are, how the nightmares keep everyone up nights, how going anywhere within sight of the border makes one of us throw up due to nerves, we have all lost weight, we don’t sleep... What race is worth this?

Debra Hall"" 

Rather than bury the information, leaves the decisions up to those who are risking their skins.

Officially, we are supporting the race in Rosarito. It's the best time to begin a new venue for off-road racing, in Rosarito. 

No one else is visiting, there's no sand on the beaches and the city is willing to do anything racers want. Lets Go Racing!

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