Thursday, March 03, 2016

OFF-ROAD LIVE! April 4, 4PM CABO 500 PreRuns in Paradise!


After nearly ten years of motorsports reporting, FOX SPORTS has resigned OFF-ROAD LIVE! as the sole source of 'West Coast' racing news. "Desert Off-Road racing reporting from our friends in San Diego has helped our FOX SPORTS1 Group ratings numbers, noticeably." "The recreational west coast marketplace of 'Mad Max' style, desert off-road racing is growing and FOX relies on the Hollywood based team at OFF-ROAD LIVE!"

FOXSPORTS1 has realized the fastest media ratings increases, year-to-date, than any other broadcast property, across the nation. "Arbitron numbers over the most recent past books, while we have worked with OFF-ROAD LIVE! have clearly reflected an under represented sport public." 

"We will be expanding our event coverage over several "RaceWeeks" this racing year, 2016-2017". OFF-ROAD LIVE! will announce next week, during Monday's regular show at 4PM new LIVE! coverage from United States racing events. The show will originate in Cabo San Lucas, as the team (OFF-ROAD LIVE!) preruns a challenging new race-course. The popular private celebration of the desert racing lifestyle, will be highlighted on the FOXSPORTS1 Network, during the Fall  ratings sweeps.



CABO 500 PreRuns ALL THIS SPRING! Paradise! LIVE! Every Monday HERE at 4PM WEST

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