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BAJA Racing CENTER Spring 2016 Rocks!

Starring David Clay of & John Stewart Cal4Wheel
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*Hapless BJ Baldwin gets a TOYOTA sponsorship. Not for racing, but maybe for endless, mindless and self ego stroking. When you have nothing else, the lead bullet becomes the answer.

*Robert Acer will not race SCORE events, as long Roger Norman is in charge.

*Checkout the Jim Ryan Interview, details on Rosarito Beach, BAJA 500 and the sale of SCORE

CLICK HERE! The September SCORE Rosarito Race Course Right Here!

*News from SCORE today, Dick Gray quits. Funny, Grihalva was seen on the stream...Back to tech...Roger Norman on his f-book today, proposed this, "My first idea SCORE "Escape to Baja", while he was on a property [known to] on the border with Mexico.

In his proposed race to cross the border into Mexico from the USA, he says he came up with the idea. ***You know he's crazy, right?!?!***

That's why he attempts to steal others race concepts...his ideas are mush.

*Spring 2015, The 'Memories' CLICK HERE

*Klausy Rash is pulling out all the stops to try to finally cover a race event! He's dropped his Class 11 entry! 

Here's Klausy at the 2014 La Paz rally finish rack-rash, we've posted the pic here...

The fans get to watch and enjoy. "The site crashes most of the week, so does 'driver' Klausy" and "he (Klausy) 'races' across the Baja and misses the podium!".

The Baja 1000 failures with BFGoodrich Tires  funneling tens of thousands of dollars into failed media attempts over the years have been a joke.

*Drunk Pirate Lance Clifford will report from Baja for
Drunk, Utah realtor Lance Clifford will report online updates from Baja.

Rehab attempts have failed for this BFGoodrich Tires, personality. Lance is a pal of Roger Norman, the embattled owner of the collapsing race organization, SCORE International.

George Antill, the former announcer of SCORE, has said, "the wheels have come off of SCORE racing in Baja Mexico".

Lance Clifford will suggest properties to buy from his Utah realty service and fall down drunk, on the road from Baja, part of wall-to-wall coverage. 


*Racers are in a PANIC over RISK!

Why? The lack of trust now, after the Baja 1000 2015 and the Banning Motorsports vs. Mango Racing Death! Some racers have decided not to race in Mexico after lots of money was paid by Banning to spring its driver from jail.

"Adds Legal Liability And Bail Bonds To Insurance Coverage; Registered event participants in a registered event vehicle are covered for up to ($*)6000 in medical insurance for stabilization and civil liability coverage. In addition, NORRA is making available legal and bail bond insurance (NEW) for accidents that may happen on the course. NORRA recommends that their racers insure their personal vehicles, chase truck, crew and/or family with insurance." 

Also means they've been running for years without adequate coverage! This is THE BIG STORY of this rally. MORE>>>

($*): Unless their using PESOS, which would roughly convert to $600US! 



*Vildosola Racing competes in Dos Mares 500
Hinting on their location, with pictures on their FaceBook account, Vildosola will race the Southern Baja Classic, next week. They are now planning their pre-run exploits, out of La Paz.

*"By Hook or Crook", Racing in Baja, Mexico

""Millard took Schlatman with him to Baja, Mexico, for three weeks, while on his company’s payroll, to be a mechanic during Millard’s rugged off-road, desert race.
It was a disaster. Just 15 miles into the anticipated 500-mile race Millard wrecked his souped-up Jeep.
Baja racing by Hook or Crook race baja mexico murder mayhem

“It was a tree that some how came up and took out the engine,” Schlatman said, eliciting chuckles from court spectators.""
CLICK HERE for a tale of Murder and Mayhem

*Do You Need To Talk To SomeOne?
 Make Out Alright, Talk To SomeOne!
Prayers for Biker Sherlock. Light a candle.

*The next story, the state of off-road and what 'has been' the "hall of fame": "a “private club” attended by “jackasses and jerks and (expletive) gangsters and crooks.”

Has it changed and why.

*The next story, the 'paramedic' Rory Ward feeding a beer to a head-injured racer, back when. We'll talk to medical professionals in his city. 

But, remember, he was stealing parts off the guys race-rig, at the time...that's why you feed beer to a head-injured racer, so he can't defend his property.


CABO 1000 2016 The Ultimate Desert Racing Fan Events

Our CABO 1000 'crash test dummies', enjoying the dust & cold beer, will be alongside the 'rally' competitors, drinking and partying all the way to Cabo.

For the rallyers, yes, those people alongside your rigs, pointing those cameras at you, are us...

Here on, you'll get all the juicy news, pics and vids, before anyone else!

That's All!
Our Online Kick-Off begins Monday April 18 at 4PM ON THE BEACH with MONSTER Mike and the Baja Crew in San Diego! 

A message from our Friends in Cabo>>>
"For those of you old timers that were around in the 90s and most of the 000s you know that Mermaids always had the best looking and funnest dancers not just in Los Cabos but in the entire country of Mexico. The original owners are back at "Maids" after taking a decade off. It has taken a little time but we have once again tapped into the mother lode of hot, young, fine dancers. It drives the other clubs mad trying to figure out how we do it. Those are secrets- we will never divulge", but you can witness and partake, come visit us, downtown in Cabo.  
Mermaids in Cabo  

The Four-Wheeled Party Gets Blow-Back All-Over

Sal Fish Street rejected by Ensenada Town Council

 [Image: 11abcc6.png]

The community which resides on the street has rejected the idea of naming their street after the old gringo. Click here for the local story


CABO 1000 Celebrity Adventures this Spring!

Viva Ensenada! One of our favorite starting locations in the world, Baja Norte, Ensenada.

Johnny 'Football' Manziel and Maria 'SugarLips' Sharapova shared our 'Celebrity Adventures in Cabo this Spring! Now the racers and chasers of the CABO 1000 are next!

CABO 500 PreRuns ALL THIS SPRING! Paradise! LIVE! Every Monday HERE at 4PM WEST

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2015 BAJA 500 Desert Off-Road Race LIVE! Replay

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2015 BAJA 500 Pre-Race Events

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2015 BAJA 500 Pre-Green-Flag

BAJA 500 2014
The Bloody Battle!

BAJA 500 2013

BAJA 500 2012 Complete
BAJA 500 2011 Complete
BAJA 500 2010 Complete
BAJA 500 2009 Complete
BAJA 500 2008 Complete 
BAJA 500 2007 Complete 
BAJA 500 2006 Complete
BAJA 500 2005 Complete 


OFF-ROAD LIVE!  Every Monday, 4 PM HERE! 


RPM Racing Apdaly Lopez, SCORE 2015 Champion, destroys spectator truck during race! The lives and property of the innocent are fair game to destroy at SCORE International racing events.


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