Tuesday, May 17, 2016

SCORE Race Director Abelardo Grijalva Run Over at San Felipe 250, Hospitalized

Jose Grijalva was run over at his own race event today, in San Felipe Baja Mexico

Score International Race Director Abelardo (Jose) Grijalva has been hospitalized in San Felipe, Baja Mexico. 

UPDATED! May 17, 2016 From Ensenada, BC
Jose Grijalva has finally been cleared by his personal doctor to race again, with an advisory.

"Any additional disturbances to his personal well-being could place his life in jeopardy", said Jose today from Mexico.


UPDATE! March 6, 2016 From Ensenada, BC.

Jose Grijalva has been transferred to Ensenada, to a rehabilitation facility. He is expected to return home in a few days. 

The race director for SCORE International at the recent San Felipe 250 and spokesman for Roger Norman in Mexcio, suffered a broken arm, severe concussion and dangerous swelling on the brain.

He also suffered deep bruising and lacerations on various parts of his body.

His injuries are not life threatening, however, a family member has been quoted in the local press as saying, Jose is seriously considering not associating with SCORE in the future.

He will make a decision after he fully recovers from his injuries. Jose was struck and run over by a SCORE International desert off-road racer, during the start of the San Felipe 250, 2016.

UPDATE 2-27-16; 9:55 AM. Incident first reported Via Twitter as it happened. This news service report submitted at 1:09 AM, Sunday, February 27.

 He is reportedly in stable condition after suffering from being run-over this morning during the start of the running of the desert off-road race, San Felipe 250.

Just one block from the start line, on the asphalt of the main road into San Felipe at the Arches at the gateway into the village, Grijalva was struck and run over by one of the race contestants. Various reports indicate Grijalva was on the street were the race was underway and he wasn't paying full attention to the race, when he was struck.

Congrats SCORE! You just proved the idiots are you in the racing community, not nobody bystanders!

 This is no joke, these races in Baja Mexico are notorious for injured spectators and numerous dead racing fans. However, when the injury statistics are looked at closely, most of the injured are the racing community members, themselves! This case is a glaring example, the race director, standing in the street, was hit and injured during the race, at the very start, today! We can't make this stuff up.

Jose Grijalva, in the hospital, after run over at his own race event!


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