Sunday, May 08, 2016

TOYOTA swallows Sin City, BJ Baldwin, Bobby Baldwin and Dan Bilzerian esperma

TOYOTA has 'chosen' to sponsor, BJ Baldwin of Nevada. More proof positive, the global, corporate and stupid-rich, have lost their minds. 

Lost in translation between Los Angeles and Tokyo? Clearly the US reps for TOYOTA have no real idea what they're doing. 

In Sin City, Las Vegas, BJ's father, Bobby Baldwin is CityCenter's mega-rich chief executive. BJ Baldwin is his only son. Dan Bilzerian is BJ's only super-rich playboy pal.

BJ has never earned a penny in his entire life. 


BJ told the press,  “I first started racing in February of 1997. It was in a Chenowth Class 12 car, with a VW engine that only made about 110 hp. I was very stubborn and wanted to learn how to drive fast my own way. I broke the car a lot and didn’t finish many races in the beginning. I competed in about 50 desert races before my first win, and that was in a Class 1 car"

BJ Baldwin, "My Dad and I were sharing the driving duties and ours was the only car in the class, so all we had to do was finish to win. After trying so hard to win for 6 years, I still counted it as my first."

This sponsorship isn't about a driving-racing record. It's about money and media. Really, it's about a very myopic corporate perception.

BJ Baldwin, desert off-road racing  in Baja California, Mexico. The record claims he was the overall winner in the 2012 Baja 1000. And something about 2013. Now we remember, Sal Fish wanted a lifetime long Vegas connect, so he chose BJ to win the Baja 1000. And Roger Norman wanted MONSTER Energy to be the title sponsor to his new Roger Norman owned SCORE International.

BJ Baldwin was chosen to win those races. 

TOYOTA didn't do its homework and is now choking on Vegas cum.  

If this is the new BJ Baldwin form of marketing, we have a question. Is she filling her cooter up with 'sanitizer' before or after the nasty?

Tells you how stupid some people are

BJ continues, "But my first legitimate win was in 2005 driving Rampage. The truck had just been finished, and I only had about four hours of test time on it. We took it to the Laughlin Desert Challenge (LDC) and won. I was a nobody, a middle of the pack driver at best. I was so happy that we kicked everyone’s ass at that race. My Dad ran from the pit all the way to the finish line to give me a hug. It was one of those moments"

For the last few years, BJ Baldwin has raced and not won anything. Maybe the TOYO Tires, Monster Energy, TOYOTA money is to pay for the guns-guns-guns social media material?

Just think gentlemen, he could have any female on the West Coast...LMAO

So why has TOYOTA chosen to sponsor this individual? How much fun is THIS going to be....???!!!  Stay tuned.

Gary Newsome is going to have so much fun with this one!

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