Sunday, June 19, 2016

AMEX American Medical Emergency Xpedition will review Baja racing events through December 2017, with government of Baja California, Mexico

            June 14, 2016 Race Bulletin! 

AMEX announces partnership with  Baja California Governor, Francisco Vega de Lamadrid to investigate safety and medical protections for spectators and racers alike, during the Baja races. 

"AMEX, American Medical Emergency Xpedition Baja racing Review Announcement"

"Amex will review and investigate where needed, in the off-road races in Baja California, Mexico. SCORE races have become known as the 'death races' around the globe."  Pre-Race arrangements and real-time anaysis will provide the government of Baja California a clear-view into why these events are producing very negative results. AMEX will also develop solutions to the unacceptable publicity that SCORE is heaping on Baja California. From the press release. 

The review will continue through December 2017.

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