Friday, October 28, 2016

American Medical Emergency Xpedition Announces Call for volunteers for Baja 1000 Civil Protection Service

Los Angeles, California- American Medical Emergency Xpedition Announced Today, their call for volunteers to serve with the Civil Protection program of the State of Baja California, Mexico, during next months Baja 1000 desert off-road race.

Crowd control, communications and Emergency Medical Response positions are being filled, to cover the needs of the racing and Ensenada public community sectors.

Contact AMEX via their electronic mail address at:

American Medical Emergency Xpedition (AMEX), commented on the 2013 Baja 1000 death of famous racer Kurt Caselli and the negligent medical response by the sanction race organizer, SCORE-International.  

This week, we'll release more information on our findings of the derelict performance of the race sanction and its related supporters. SCORE and its owner have failed the Baja racing community.

The American child that was run over and killed was also mentioned from this years Baja 500 deaths. 

"The lack of race organization protecting innocent and exposed spectators is an ongoing issue with our efforts to bolster the local community in protecting itself. No longer can the people of Ensenada rely on only the race community to properly oversee itself".

How many will die at this years Baja 1000?

"The people of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico have spoken and demanded more responsible efforts to protect life and property during these out of control racing circus". Otherwise, "racing by gringos in Mexico, is going to disappear", said the AMEX spokesman.


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