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The New Death Races; Preliminary Review Report from American Medical Emergency Xpedition. Released prior to the 2016 Baja 1000

AMEX Report To Governor of Baja California, Mexico; October 30, 2016
The report contained herein is the first within a review of Baja racing events in the Republic of Mexico, by the race sanction, SCORE International. Released prior to the 2016 Baja 1000

The New Death Races; SCORE International, Republic of Mexico Off-Road Desert Racing Events

""Major factors contributing to event participant and spectator deaths.

*SCORE International negates participant assessments. Failure to address obvious, critical medical factors. Failure to address preexisting conditions or use any available clinical information. Complete failure to adhere to motorsport participant norms.

*Participant factors. No bars to anyone participating. Numerous reports of participant use of alcohol, illegal drugs and prescribed medications. Non-adherence to any rules or established motorsport protocols.

*Communication among emergency service providers. Complete failure to communicate prior to and after race events. Poor professional relationships/rapport. Ineffective race event performance and follow-through.

*Insufficient or complete lack of documentation. Failure to record civil protection, emergency response or event disaster information. Ensenada, Baja California and La Paz, Baja Sur governments claim the race sanction has been neglecting the public, for years. Language barrier issues.

*Lack of planning and community communication for civil protection, emergency response or event disaster between all sectors of the racing community. 

*No comprehensive civil protection planning. Numerous deaths result simply from the complete lack of any civil protection measures.

*Use of unqualified volunteers. Numerous reports of SCORE International using people within its organization , during races in Mexico, who do not qualify to perform the duties given to them.""

More to be released in the days prior to the 2016 Baja 1000, here on Baja Racing News LIVE

Gary Newsome Editorial
Lets look honestly at Roger Normans SCORE record as a race organizing sanction. (Click the Links)

*The Death of Kurt Caselli

***Kurt Caselli Points Responsibilty from the grave, at Roger Norman!***

CLICK HERE KURT CASELLI INTERVIEW PART 1; General Information, Team Setup, etc.

CLICK HERE KURT CASELLI INTERVIEW; POINTS FINGER AT ROGER NORMAN [starting at 7:07 on recording; DEATH REPORT; Incident circumstances known in 2013 (KC PART 2)

*The felony mishandling of race emergency medical responses and tracking responsibilities.

*A child drove over and killed at the last Baja 500. No SCORE acceptance of responsibility. Though the course was not marked correctly. The racer in question had no business behind the wheel. Roger Norman personally accepted the race conditions, on site, as acceptable for his "race sanction".

*The government of Baja Sur called him a 'LIAR', in the public press. A record low for SCORE.

*Roger's Baja Sur 500, not on the schedule for 2017 and written off for good by the government because Norman lied about the race failure.

*The Mango Racing Death Fiasco. Gary Magness team lost one of their favorite team members in a horrible incident at the Baja 1000. None of the racers wanted to admit at the time, SCORE failed to support the impacted racing community after one racer went to jail and Roger failed to handle the situation in a timely manner. Charges of 'bail money theft' were also leveled against the race sanction.

*Spectators butchered, one team has multiple spectators killed.

*Roger Normans "SCORE" doubles race fees and slashes services, to parlay for profits

Baja Racing News History covering Desert Off-Road racing disasters

*During Sal Fish's SCORE Emergency Medical Services were BAD and Drugs and Alcohol were Rampant! Under Roger Norman this situation is WORSE!

*The Award Winning "Sanctioned Slaughter" Ongoing-Updated Reporting*

* started "Death Race" coverage, February 5, 2010. On August 14, 2010, 8 people (innocent bystanders) were killed at a desert off-road race event in the USA, the infamous California 200.

This Editorial Content First Published September 20, 2016


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